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  1. The Jetseat has been sold!
  2. Hi, the Jetseat was ordered on 01.09.2019 and I haven't used it much at all. In the last two years zero times actually. The software licence works with my email address and a licence key and should still have four activations left. Of course I could contact Andre for a replenishment if necessary. You can send me a PM if you are interested and we can exchange details.
  3. For Sale: Gametrix Jetseat FSE in great condition with SimShaker - Wings license. Price: 80€ Location: Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany Shipping in Europe. Payment with Paypal possible. Let me know if you need more information.
  4. For me it took about a week to travel from Russia to Germany. In Germany it took about one and a half week to process and for the customs to notify me of the arrived package. In total 5 weeks from order to receiving the package.
  5. Tracking worked perfectly on DHL website.
  6. This! I'm actually glad that I have the first version now. It seemed like a compromise without the analog stick back then but with the VKB stick my HOTAS isn't lacking anything now, including detents even if they aren't reliable. The V4 looks like a crippled toy in comparison despite some improvements. Each to their own but the throttle placement is excellent actually. It would be really difficult to access any buttons or other controls in front of the throttle. I'm glad it's all in the back where the hand easily reaches everything. The throttle handles are in perfect position ergonomically. Only two of the knobs on the bottom are analogue. I haven't mapped them to anything yet but the possibilities seem awesome especially for multiplayer comms. The three other knobs are fantastic for all sorts of brightness, contrast or anything that requires such adjustment. I'd take yet another row of those if I had the choice! Right now I'm too limited with three and they perform six different functions with shift modes.
  7. CH Control Manager should work on Windows 10 if you download it from here: http://www.chproducts.com/13-29170-Downloads-and-Community.php.html Most importantly, follow the instructions of the second post in this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33087-enabling-ch-products-joystick-control-manager-in-windows-10/ This should allow you to get into mapped/direct modes providing that you start the Control Manager immediately after boot. After a couple of minutes they stop working if you don't.
  8. Thanks mazex, great stuff! I'm glad you shared them in such format that everybody can edit them as they like.
  9. I just got a X470 Taichi with a 3700X and a QVL RAM but I can't run it on XMP 3200CL14 so YMMV.
  10. Congrats! Which plane was it?
  11. True that. I seriously considered the 3600 but decided to future proof with 8 cores since even the next console generation will have 8 core Ryzen. That will hopefully create a situation where every game will scale seamlessly to higher core counts and maybe one day will be reality even in DCS (Dual Core Simulator?). I hope my logic is worth it. I'll buy the 3700X in morning. You have 9 hours to convince me otherwise. ;)
  12. There is no point in paying extra 70€ for 0-1 fps gain.
  13. I'm seriously considering moving back to Finland as a climate refugee. I thought the short cold summers in Finland sucked but this heat sucks more!
  14. Just received my Gunfighter + MCG Pro + extension. Ordered on March 21st, paid on Monday, received on Wednesday. The wait wasn't so bad and seems like Virpil customers have also had to wait around two months for some of their orders. I did receive my throttle in a couple of weeks though after waiting for the release for two more. Now I'll still have to wait for the Ryzen 3000... Damn this waiting. At least I'll get to play with springs and cams for a few days.
  15. Fantastic! :thumbup: I'll surely support and will try the Gaz as soon as my new rig is running. Seems like the Gaz has problems but if some real helicopter pilots barely notice them, I sure won't and will enjoy it. The main thing is that you keep improving your product and give us hope here once in a while.
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