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  1. Hello I am sorry if I mislead you I use VR not track IR and I do not know anything about it other then People LOVE it and it works very well for flat screen flying. Sorry I Did get my answer to my Question and I thank You Very much for the kind offer. I am good Thank you
  2. I UPDATED FIRMWARE AND PEDALS KEEP RESTARTING ( PLUG/UNPLUGG SOUND ALL THE TIME) You loaded wrong firmware for your pedals version ! Electronics for V1 and V2 are different and have safety feature built in to protect electronics from such event. To determine which version of the pedals you have take a look at the following picture However, no reason to panic. You can revive your pedals with correct firmware. All you have to do is open Mikrobootloader application directly from software package/firmware upgrade... and click connect untill you see pedals connected. Then proceed to upgrade firmware ( with correct file, you have firmware changelog and explanation in software package). V4.xx firmware is for V1 pedals V5.xx is for V2 pedals V7.xx is for universal joystick firmware, all settings unlocked. We don't provide support for this firmware and it is intended only for advanced users and cockpit builders !
  3. Is your Motherboard a X570 x Gaming? Old or newer? Firmware up to date? If it is a X570 x Gaming, most of my issues from Joystick issues came because of this Motherboards USB ports. I had to install a internal PCIE USB port Controller to solve my conflicts. But I don't think this is a issue for you after all this time. Best of luck to you. Also make sure your Power Supply is not under powered with the new gear added. I run a 1000 Watt with a AMD 6900xt red devil Virpil Stick Virpil Button1 Thrustmaster Throttle MFG Crosswind Rudders are on the way to replace my Logitech G Flight rudder pedals.
  4. Thank You I did and was told it could not be reproduced My Random System Failures is not Checked I sent the mission the TRK file and a log file but I think it must of been the wrong log file. I did a Clean install going from Standard Version to Beta Version. Both Stand alone Versions not Steam. To this day The mission in question on my Computer will start 3 to 4 times with only 1 AI plane at start. I have the conditions set to End the mission when this happens but according to Tech. They have no issues starting it every time with 2 AI planes and it works fine for them so I have just gave up on it. Thank You.
  5. I just ordered this same kit with Damper Yesterday. Why you selling it?
  6. Thank You All. Lots of good input as I try to deal with this. I do a lot of the things that are talked about but still need more exposure to doing it as best I can. I hold the Switches open for at least 15 sec. but will go 20. I never use much rudder other then when needed to keep my slip as close to middle as I can. I do the best I can and will keep trying to get better. Again Thank You ALL for the help as I will keep working at this. I'm thankful to you all.
  7. thank you both I don't understand a lot I know. But like just now both Radiators wide open ONLY 40% Fuel start time 0:00 and at 02:47 sec at 95% Rpm and Throttle (So the time was even less by the time I got the Radiators open and trim set and Wingman told to engage. Then I went to 95% and my engine is damaged beyond repair at 02:47. This happens more times then I can count. lol The TF I have flown and you are right to a point of it does fly without the crazy stuff of the P-51D but I still am having a hard time with this. the planes cant be that FAR apart I will watch the videos and will pay close attention to them Thank You. lol I'm puzzled.
  8. I can't help but feel that the P-51 in game is not modeled correctly when I left wingover stall at just above and at 200 mph and 2g and under in turns and climbs when in this video they climb stall at 90mph till the air frame shakes and the plane is on rails. and never leftwing stalls in a wingover. Yet in game you baby this thing to keep high speed low g turns and climbs and in real life the plane is not like this in game. Tell me why the real life video is not real. The title of the video is MUSTANG Training: Warbird Aerobatics P-51 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63Cwn4Gb3qc
  9. The Kindness of People can fill you with Happiness and a gratitude for the time and education they are willing to give you. I truly thank you @edmuss and @Nodak I had no Intention to offend anyone with my use of Caps and Question marks in the title or my total ignorance of the topic of vrnecksafe. I apologize for my profound lack of understanding. I am thankful you both have reach out to help me. Fly Fast and Be Victorious Thank You Very Much.
  10. Lol No Idea what your talking about but if it is humor GOOD JOB
  11. Can someone tell me if SNAP VIEWS can work in VR. Then Hold my hand and tell me the walkthrough procedure for making them work. I already know how to make the SNAP VIEWS and have them made and key bound, They just don't work in VR. When I am out of VR they work fine. WHY? because I am 66 years old and cant turn my head around 180 like an OWL to see bad guys on my 6 that keep smoking my old ass. Trick IR can do it so WHY THE F not in VR lol remember I'm a grumpy old guy.
  12. Go in game setting in the Plane. ***NOTE*** will not work in VR no idea if it works with Track IR. Once in game in the cockpit setting on the tarmac not moving. Use a combination of keys to move the Camera to the position in the picture. To move a camera Forward RShift+RCtrl+* on the NUMPAD Move backwards RShift+RCtrl+/ NUMPAD Move Down RShift+RCtrl+2 NumPad Move up RShift+Ctrl+8 NumPad Turn Left is just 4 Numpad Turn Right 6 NumPad 1,3,7,9, are Up Left and Right Down left and Right So after your in Position with the Camera You Tap hit the Key bind for a Snap View on the NumPad by Tap hitting LEFT Win NUMPAD 1,or2or3or4or6or7or8 NOT 5 that one recenters the snap view THEN when you tap hit your selected key you hit RIGHT ALT NUMPAD 0 ZERO to save it to the tap hit keys you just picked to save it to. DCS just saved the new Snap View to that selected LeftWIN+NUMPAD# you picked.so hit 5 NUMPAD to center your view then hit/HOLD Lwin+NumPad# and it will now change to the saved camera view. If I did not explain it well just look up DCS Snap Views on YouTube.
  13. Yes The Collective does move with the Cockpit collective stick my X 56 Rhino Throttle had twice the movement at takeoff lift giving me far more input control then the Thrustmaster and Thank you My settings are just like yours. I really appreciate the info on the Throttle lights as I am not using TARGET and had no Idea they only work with that software. So if I pull the throttle back towards me to the point of my nose just starts to spin move from torque I then only have 1 1/8 " of throw in the stick for usable control that makes the Huey liftoff and set down I have also did this with both side of the throttle sticks left and right and they both act the same. Thank You Very much for your help I do feel better about the lights now. I just need to work with the amount of input throw to get use to it.
  14. I have the same problem with my UH-1 flight not willing to use rockets on ships HE in a Huey (working on it) not sure about Mossies. I would think if you have set ROE to Weapons Free for both Ship and Mossies and to insure the Mossies live make them invulnerable that alone would give them the ability to attack. If not try a Set task in the mission editor with a F-10 Radio item added to attack Group 1 or Ship 1 then same for Group 2 Ship 2 with the Radio menu F-10 If you need some of the Mossies to get hit add more without the Invulnerable tag. I have never done this with a Mossie so keep that in mind I don't want to give the impression I know this will work. I have done this with other units and I seam to always get it to work. Make the Mossies ACE or VETERAN in skill.
  15. What Bomb load out are you using on the Aircraft What type of bombs?
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