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  1. Any update about the russian birds? The A-10 and F-15 mod is great! Tnx
  2. Same questions here. Also, I deleted the original .scn files and left yours instead, for all three detail levels, so I hope I will be able to install your new mod. S!
  3. Thank you very much!!!! Its amazing!!!!!
  4. I was a big fan of GR1. I bought all its expansion discs and I played hundreds of hour online and offline. Also I installed lots of mods, new textures, sounds, reticles, etc... I really enjoied the game. My hope was that GRAW could be the same game as GR1 but with updated graphics, or even the same idea with lots of aditions on gameplay. I installed this piece of garbage. I played two times and uninstalled it FOREVER. Not only is a shame for the franchise that its supposed to belong, but also is a bad game, and even a bad "casual" FPS. First, UBI killed Rainbow Six franchise for the PC with that console port named "Lockdown". Now, they killed "Ghost Recon" too.
  5. Thanks a lot!!!!! Very appreciated. S!
  6. Any link? Those german forums need registration...:-( Tnx in advance.
  7. That mod was great. A lot of us would love to have the "frame" of the mirrors but not the reflection, but sadly, that mod needed, among changing some textures, the "hack" of a .dll file, but this file has been changing on every patch so, now that mod is useless. I hope ED could allow that "placebo" in the future, but for now.. :-( S!
  8. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! A must have mod for everyone and IMHO, the best mod for LOMAC. Great job, birdy!!!
  10. I think we are talking about different mods, Rug. There are two mirror mods. One that keeps the frame of the mirrors and removes the reflection (needs a hacked .dll) and one for (I think) cleaning the dirt from the mirrors. This last one still works. Its just a texture edit. S!
  11. I asked hundred times the same q. Never had an answer. Seems that who made that mod is not in the modding bussiness any more, and also, that mod was based on a graphic .dll from Lomac 1.0 and does not work on newer Lomac versions, because ED has modified that .dll on every patch. The mirrors are huge fps eaters, but I would like to have them enabled just for the "look" of the cockpit, althought dont reflect anything. Maybe a smart modder can update that mod? S!
  12. GREAT!!!!! Thanks Birdy!! I was really looking forward this. S!
  13. Tnx for consider it, Birdy. S!
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