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  1. 4 minutes later... all gone! I had two in my cart but changed my mind when I saw the total with shopping being a bit over 3400 CAD! Sticking (pun intended) with my trusty Warthog + F-18 Grip... for now.
  2. I'm number 19 999 and 20 000... hopefully.
  3. Installing this worked for me. "The latest supported Visual C++ downloads" https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads-2647da03-1eea-4433-9aff-95f26a218cc0
  4. This issue resurfaces here and again. It would be nice to be warned, while binding a key, that a General or UI Layer binding already exists.
  5. DCS Open Beta Animations of the stick's pinky (NWS/Undesignate) switch and A/P Disengage paddle are criss-crossed.
  6. I thinks you're gonna love me; I do! For a few weeks I had a problem with TDC down not responding (up or further on the radar). I came across this thread but wasn't satisfied as I will not use anything else than my Warthog throttle's view hat (index finger position). The SOLUTION for me was: Go the the General command binding category and clear all 8 positions of the hat switch (that includes diagonals). These command have precedence over mods (i.e. Aircraft) key bindings. Go back to the F/A-18 Sim (or Easy :lol:) category and remap TDC directions. While at it, get rid of those camera commands mapped to the diagonals.
  7. Salut Boudreaux, This is most likely a bug. The VR mouse cursor (i.e. small while circle) is not visible after displaying the voice chat window alone, using LCtrl-LShift-Tab. As a work-around, open the interactive text chat using LCtrl-Tab. Then the VR mouse cursor will show.
  8. Since the latest patch, I've noticed a major improvement in framerate (Rift S VR). Have you guy noticed something?
  9. Hi Rolds! I don't know if it's a related issue, but there seems to be a sign (+/-) problem with the weathervaning torque: the aircraft will turn downwind (the nose tends to point the same direction as the wind sock!) instead of into-the-wind. Very confusing when correcting on roll-out...
  10. Let me explain - Rift S: Cons: - Hand controller excessive battery drain - I think they drain even without any VR app running. - Fully charged NiMH batteries report low battery and PREVENT from using the headset even if I don't want to use hand controllers - bug in firmware? - Narrow sweet spot - Periodic static "click" in speakers - Without earphones, one can hear surrounding sounds - Inside-Out hand tracking is better for full room (the reason I "upgraded"), but is shakier than CV1 and loses tracking of hand close the headset, like when shooting a virtual rifle (the other reason I "upgraded"). - Noticeable fresnel lens artifacts in peripheral field of view. Looking sideways the brain has a hard time combining both (different) images into a single coherent 3D picture. - Framerate lowered from 90 to 80 which is irrelevant (unattainable) for most users in VR. But from 45 to 40 in half-FPS mode I find is noticeable. Pros: - Better image clarity in the sweet spot - A bit less screendoor effect - Much less God rays - No cumbersome external sensors required - Requires 1 to 3 less USB 2.0 ports. I'm not saying the Rift S is bad, but I don't feel I much improved from CV1 for the amount of money paid. I will admit I have used almost exclusively the S since getting it, I guess because of novelty and I want to give it a fair shake given I've been using CV1 from countless hours.
  11. DO NOT downgrade to S from CV1. Especially for DCS. Keep your money. When your CV1 is broken, you could consider the Rift S or other.
  12. I find this Mission Editor laser code interface a bit awkward to set three digits. :joystick:
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