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  1. Thank you @razo+r, hadn't came across this video.
  2. "Advanced Auto Fill" in the ME, can't find any info on it, or anything in the change logs. Just wondering what it's function is?
  3. Thank you @toutenglisse, my search didn't bring across this topic.
  4. Is there a way to add multiple static objects to a single static group? Like when building groups of active ground units?
  5. Is 6.8.2 still the latest version? Don't know if I have missed an update.
  6. LOL..for sure @AG-51_Razor, no I'm just making a simplified panel to mitigate some of the mouse clicking I have to do in the cockpits. I'm going to have a simple panel underneath the MFDs and UFC, that will have some pots, a few toggles and more tac buttons. I definitely don't have the talent or funds to build a full pit.
  7. Once everything is finished. It won't be nearly as good as "the warthog project" which is incredibly sexy. But for function, flexibility and simplicity. It should fit the bill. After it's complete, I'll of course share a zip with all the files for edit and print. And the non print hardware pieces.
  8. Just peeled my first rough draft/prototype part off of the printer bed. I'm building a rudimentary, universal front panel for DCS. I'm finishing up on designing the MFD housing. The recessed, through hole perf board will hold my tac buttons and hopefully have my small displays centered on them. I'm just getting started on the UFC, not sure what all I want to include on the up front control. Want to keep it fairly simple, fairly portable. And, universal for all the modern aircraft in DCS, especially the Apache Mod. Not a big deal, but I'm pretty excited for my first 3D design and print....and it's for DCS!
  9. Does anyone have any ideas of what causes this, or how I could remove it or at least reduce it? The big diagonal lines along the clouds. It doesn't seem like aliasing, it is visible in every map. It's worse in clouded sky. And it's a lot more obvious in game, this screenshot doesn't show it as good.
  10. These models are awesome, thank you for doing all of this and sharing it with everyone!
  11. Awesome mod, thanks to everyone who contributed to this bird, and thank you for sharing it with the community!
  12. Wow, great findings, thanks for all of the information!
  13. I noticed this also. Wanting to make myself some particular liveries, I was looking for the m-818 model in DCS and couldn't find the actual truck. But, I found a livery folder for m818 and .lua description files pointing to a vehicle that isn't in the install. Everything led back to confusing the m939 straight truck version for the 818 tractor version. Would definitely like to have an 818 and a trailer for it though.
  14. Would be nice to be able to link/unlink (group/break group) deployed ground units, into a single group after deployed, while in the mission. When transporting ground forces, every piece of equipment is a group. Setting route for each individual unit is aggravating when they're all going to the same point. And, they usually get separated really bad, you have to adjust all of their speeds to keep ammo and slower units close together, etc.
  15. I've thought about this a lot, and I know it's unreasonable and a daydream. But, could you imagine how incredible that would be, to integrate a ground warfare simulator with DCS? One that had about the same level of fidelity and attention to functionality as DCS. Well, created by ED. Actual players as the majority of ground forces. Comms calling for CAS, CAP, SEAD, etc.. That would be phenomenal!
  16. Hadn't heard of Helios, @Leonski. But, checked it out and it looks really handy. Thanks for turning me on to that. And thanks @feefifofum, for the quick lamens instructions, wish I'd have had that a long time ago.
  17. Can't get MGRS coordinates to match location in Syria map. Is it not available for Syria yet, or is it a known bug? Couldn't find any info on it.
  18. Thanks for the reply @LeCuvier. I've searched for a solid answer, but there are so many different posts about it. I don't know which one to use. Thanx again for the help.
  19. I've been trying to learn how to export cockpit displays for a while. I've searched both ED forums and basic Google searches. There is so much content on the subject now, and a lot of it contradicts the other. Could someone please, either point me to a column or post that explains the basics for exporting MFDs, etc. to my second monitor? Or, post a tut or demo .lua on which file and what lines need to be modified to do a basic second monitor export? I'm wanting to export to my second monitor for now. But, I'm scratch building a universal panel and would like to learn this, so I can export to the small monitors I'll be using when it's finished. Here is my display setup now, it's a really basic stacked. Thanks for any help
  20. @CalderoOh, good deal. I didn't read about it. No biggie, just wanted to see if I was missing something on my end troubleshooting. thanks
  21. Can't get floodlights to work in cockpit. Red comes on, but only the bulbs light, doesn't illuminate the cockpit. White doesn't come on at all anymore.
  22. really bright even after adjusting, having contrast probs to, really can't get a usable image over 10 miles
  23. This would be so great, been wishing this would be implemented since I started DCS. I don't even use VR and it's still a hassle to write coods in my notepad then enter them for targeting or man SP.
  24. Anyone know what causes this? I've tried a repair and removing user mods, and it still does it, a lot. I have to do a complete restart.
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