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  1. Just flying along, not interacting with anything at time of crash. dcs.log-20220513-224724.zip
  2. dcs.log.old Here it is... Mine is dated May 11... not sure if that's a timezone thing or it didn't post one. @Flappie
  3. dcs.log Log starts going on about module not found dcs.20220423-205645.crash
  4. I also see that it's been reported in the bug section and they requested a short track.
  5. Seems correct; the jammer is only active when it's receiving a "sweep" so you forget that it's on until you've locked someone else and then they sweep you with their radar and blammo JAMMER.. DOH
  6. I'm not sure if this is set as intended so ED would be good to chime in here, but it USED to work that once soi on mav you could undesignated and slew right away the mav... now it seems stuck to target. Even when I soi back to flir and undesignated it refuses, i see the VVSL blink on then off right away and it won't unlock... very bizarre behaviour.
  7. Seems to be; it's weird now, as it won't be activated until you're in an aircraft. But it works fine when flying.
  8. Force Feed Back is enabled in settings; but everytime DCS opens now with forcefeedback is disabled? The joystick goes limp; axis are still recognized. Tried unplugging and replugging joystick while dcs is open, but doing so makes dcs not recognize the stick at all. Tried while dcs is closed; you can feel FFB on when dcs is closed as the joystick has tension, once dcs opens, blip it goes limp; close dcs and ffb back on. edit: also, have run repair several times, as well as update through folder.
  9. Anything at or below 0c and the huey as above needs ground power. Probably like discussed it has a weak/small battery; and or was designed for use in jungles or optimized for vietnam temps.
  10. It sounds like you have a bind issue with your throttle, or whatever it is you're using for throttle. Start by making sure you don't have multiple binds to the throttle and ONLY to whatever it is you're using. Then calibrate your throttle used to replicate the WHOLE curve on the the throttle (maybe you've calibrated it and it's only using a portion...).
  11. Technically you don't clean up on carrier bolter; you simply as above max power and climb away on AoA. Once at 600 you re join the downwind for another pass. IRL they would vector you away from the pattern if it was busy, but i think they time it so an aircraft can bolter and rejoin immediately. It's a lot of workload on the bolter and yes it will pitch up but you deal with it and settle on climb out. Just remember to make your downwind turn at or before 600'.
  12. As above, use FPAS and RANGE options; endurance is usually used for holding, or perhaps if you are BAR CAP or CAS and need to loiter for a while.
  13. Thanks for the reply; I agree it seems... unfinished... like it's still in Beta. Unfortunately I don't think the the uptake and interest is enough to devote more resources to it... I really enjoy it as well, and can be very useful a lot of times; even more useful if it worked flawlessly! I think there are no winners here... like I said above if there was much more interest than there is they might put more resources to it.
  14. The above I mentioned is from not fist person use but while doing helo ops and using CA to move units from the F10 map and fire and aim them from F10 only. Pics would definitely help... 1000 words and all.
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