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  1. Based on Mission Editor inputs, the air and or ground support available, and user discretion please add or allow: - Fuel consumption calculations for platform T/M/S of aircraft to aid in mission planning. - Weight and Balance trim calculations for field/ carrier departures and recoveries. - Kneeboard generator that develops basic flight information such as: -Airfield, diverts, weather, waypoints, units of support, comms between units assigned, trim, SPINS. I know flight planning tools are available, but integrating a little bit of flight planning for mission objectives and safety of flight would be pretty cool to see. I have built something for the F/A-18C that helps as a planning tool for missions with online flying groups. All the flight data is relevant to weight and balance, fuel consumption, ID when is best to tank, weapons to use, trim settings to make etc. It would be nice to see something like this incorporated into DCS to have an all in one combat flight simulator. https://sites.google.com/view/fa-18c-flight-planner/home ***FOOD FOR THOUGHT*** Fuel density: The change in density being dependent on the weather; temperature specifically. Can the weight of the aircraft change based on temperature? The NFM states the weight of the F/A-18C can vary upwards of a 2k lbs from the change in fuel density. Flight performance: Fuel used in the climb, time to climb, distance required to climb. All attribute to performance characteristics based on temperature. Please add to the model of the aircraft if built into the sim weather environment. Its not just about flying and dropping bombs (well it kinda is :) as there are some people who really want to learn to fly by picking up the books and understand limitations of the aircrafts they fly. If one does not look at this as a game but a tool to learn then there is so much more that can be added to simulate real mission planning and flight requirements.
  2. If your not on your drop line at a constant rate at the time of release in AUTO then you can always correct the bombs fall by manually boxing "trig" and squeeze the trigger which will manually turn on the laser. Helps update the trajectory of the falling bomb. Next on the overflight of your target... Take a look at your FLIR and watch the position of the diamond in the FLIR as you fly over and you will see that your now trailing your target VS leading your target. You can always slew your FLIR around to keep updating the impact point. Something advantageous of the LGB vs GPS. 10 seconds from TTI is a lot of fall time for corrected flight.
  3. Thera is a great network of power transmission lines. Without utilizing triggers and controlling emissions that way what if we were able to use the powerlines or sub stations to power EWR systems, SAMs etc. Say I knocked out a power station that feeds Shiraz airbase that in turn could blackout the area by downing the EWR. If a backup generator system was also placed there could be a temporary power outage and recovery from the use of the backup system. maybe also allow the lines to be repaired after a set mount of time there on after as if the airfield had a repair truck or repair crate dropped near the demolished infrastructure. The infrastructure built into the game creates endless wartime possibilities.
  4. I set search for 60nm and destruct for 80nm. The harpoons were fired to allow search past the blue (my) fleet and they flew past the blue fleet as expected, but did a complete 180 and did not seek the red fleet dead ahead. 4 harpoon: 2 with medium flight and 1 term pop, 1 term skim 2 with low flight and 1 term pop, 1 term skim. track saved to google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HCHxRjg8A3mnPOHIUYt9ObyMxmc4ltzH/view?usp=sharing
  5. It should timeout after one minute of both 2 and 1 online. Which it does. A single left or number 1 engine start is not reason enough for APU to timeout.
  6. A momentary button would make it more lifelike in- sim functionality. Maybe their button is not wired properly and has a push to toggle on. I.e. latching push button. My problem was that exactly. I did not use a momentary switch. I used and still use a mechanical latching switch that sends a constant signal. Its my own fault of this occurance. IRL the APU ECU would chop 28VDC to the latching coil of the magnetically held switch by removing a ground via "I believe" the "spool down relay". Been a minute...
  7. I am having really good success with this. I9700, RTX 2080S, 16 GB RAM. HP G1. Textures High Water high Vis range low Heat blur off Shadows high MSAA 2x SSAA off SSLR off Bokeh Dirt & flare Sliders all mid range Ground shadows off. Canopy and MFD statics on. Big kicker PD = .5 Steam SS 250% The visual quality is that of shadows off, PD 1.0, MSAA 2x. Difference is by using Steam SS I am able to get really good frames with no stuttering by having shadows on high. The test was the Syria free flight. Pretty pleased. Motion smoothing enabled in Steam GUI. I overclocked my GPU with Nvidia performance Auto Tune. Next to come: fine tune the SS value to maximize use. See if MSAA 4x will offer better visuals with SS turned down. Once visuals are about as good as comfortable with no noticeable changes from settings I will increase vis range or heat blur to see if it adds value or kills performance. ***Update. MSAA at 4x and Steam SS at 200% is great visually, but performance takes a hit. I like MSAA at 2x and Steam SS at 250% so far.
  8. The only way I have been able to get the button box / HOTAS to work with the sim for all switches to work is if the switch is a latching switch in game and will not hold magnetically but mechanically then mapping a two position latching switch works fine. If in game the switch is magnetically held I.e. APU, DUMP, LTD/R, CRANK then I must map a momentary switch or one that springs to center/off position. The signal commanded by the button box / HOTAS switch seems to always take priority and prevents the sim from making switch position changes in cockpit. Even though the APU turns off after a timer the switch is acting as if it is physically held so kinda makes sense how it functions. Just map them to momentary switches. Easiest way to solve it. Lots of switches
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I am going with your comments in option 1. Best way for now as I am building a button box that way. I am also interested in the single/cont. pulse in TM. And yea that would be more of a headache unless micro and full digital..... Hardware Developer thoughts.
  10. I have a 2080 super, i9700 and 16GB RAM HP G1. One thing the guides always do to make the game better, run smooth etc is mess with NVIDIA panel settings. Last night I defaulted them all to original recommended settings. With the exception to max power and always selecting my GPU (not auto select). In game I turned off MSAA. In steam I have in game SS set to 180%. I have textures to high, shadows to high, vis range to low, static reflections in and PD set to .7. In the steam "default.vrsettings" file I commented // out the "motion vector smoothing" line to allow the steam VR app to take control of changes. I now have motiin smoothing on "enable" and I could not be more pleased. Although MSAA 2x just looks amazing in quality for line sharpening and colors I just dont like the shutters and lag time. To anyone debating utilizing steam to SS and having issues double check NVIDIA and try without no MSAA.
  11. Those are nice but I don't see how a SPST switch will be any different than what I mentioned above. The only way around the issues are with switches that when are in a "relaxed" state will have open contacts. DCS should be able to override command task executions for next logical process no matter what switch position. The only reason why people do not experience this is because they have keyboards and flight sticks/ throttles with momentary press and release style buttons. The best way to solve this outside a game is to have a switch with a built in holding circuit that will latch the switch with magnetism and when the game unlatches a switch the signal will be sent to a relay for that holding circuit to be broken. I challenge a manufacturer to build a button box with magnetically latching button boxes/ panels for this very reason. I'll leave this thread alone as my point is over driven. Thanks for your time.
  12. I posted about the APU switch not turning off after 60 seconds in another post of the F18C, but did not have the correct information published. I have identified the issue. Say I have a two position manual switch in a button box or thrustmaster hotas throttle and I set the APU up to that switch (APU START/OFF on TM HOTAS). Unless I engineer in a magnetically held button box switch I will always run into this problem: I have the APU switch on (TM HOTAS) and in game the APU is on as normal. If I let the APU time out after 60 seconds the APU switch in game will be held on due to my TM HOTAS switch position being 'ON". Is there a way that DCS execution commands can override my button box and cause the next button execution change in game to take priority? Although the APU TM HOTAS switch is on, there are a couple switches that will not work as the game intends The same goes for LTD/R switch whish automatically switches to "OFF" and also the Fuel dump switch which switches to "OFF when BINGO is met. If I have the TM HOTAS in the "ON" position I believe it should be overridden upon the next in game execution vise the game allowing the switch stay held in that position. It causes me to have to cycle the switches, but it seems like simple line of code could prevent that. It is the APU start on the TM Hotas that causes the issue. I have not yet tested the Fuel Dump or the LTD/R, but I bet they have the same result. My only way around this right now is to use a momentary switch like that of the ignition switch of the TM HOTAS. I use that for crank and it works flawless. Am I making sense?
  13. Hey DCS team. While your waiting to release the ability to flight plan i.e. plan missions with coordinates, Pre Planned, loadouts for single and multiplayer missions is there a way you can temporarily explain how it is done, or maybe allow a KML file, maybe even a JSON file to be uploaded as an option? I really liked the snapshot progress click hereI found in a thread, but would like to be able to plan with less in game preflight i e punch in a ton of coordinates. I have created something of sorts to help with fuel planning click here . My planner helps with fuel planning and loadout trim planning, but still does nothing for in game autonomous use. I do know that a couple files like the GeoJSON or KML might be able to eliminate some of the time struggle if incorporated. Thanks for your time.
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