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  1. Whoa whoa lol. This wasn’t intended to be a dump on ED post. And I apologize I procrastinated and haven’t posted a track. Was on vacation
  2. It’s a sim, we don’t need certification. Just go into a night time mission and fly under PNVS. Taxi, take off, pattern, land, taxi, park. Then do it again and go fight. edit: and tbh if you want to git gud, you need to experience a multiplayer mission (public or private) where you have to juggle radio comms with multiple aircraft and ground controllers in combat. It’s eye opening.
  3. I’ll definitely buy a future module built as a variant that uses 120s. I’m also very much looking forward to the E. thanks fellas
  4. You can tell George to set zoom by highlighting a target and doing a long up or down press on the ai wheel. i don’t know if you can command him to change zooms after you select the target.
  5. Will get video evidence and track later. CPG LRFD digital readout I believe should display 9999 when attempting to range at 9999 or above. After the patch it is not doing this anymore. The TDU seems to be showing your previous range value. So if you ranged something at 3004m, then tried to range something exceeding 9999m, it should I think display 9999 but instead it’s showing 3004m in this scenario.
  6. it’s probably easier and faster to find someone to fly with on a discord server
  7. It IS an area effect weapon… go watch some YouTube vids
  8. The question was raised to members of LLH so I’ll restate and add on to my response here, in regards to the current feel of the aircraft. Note I’m not a pilot, just a regular sim dude who tries to fly this aircraft like the pilots tell me to. i had been using instant trim with a regular spring-in stick and simply dealing with the controls jolt associated with this option. This was getting too aggravating for me during transitions from high speed to slow speed, especially landing. When central trimmer was updated awhile ago I switched. It works great. I hold my control surfaces where they need to be, press trim button once and release immediately, I release my physical controls immediately to return to center, and the general act of trimming works fine and is stable When I trim the aircraft out it never seems to be as trimmed as it should be. The aircraft still is climbing significantly or drifting left or right yaw. It seems to me a good trim shouldn’t result in this much deviation, but that’s just a guess. The excessive crabbing and the uncommanded left roll with forward cyclic input are still present and contribute to the feeling of instability in this flight model. Now with hold modes activated, using FTR to change the hold mode position does work but it’s very unstable. So to spell it out I’m flying with hold modes, but I want to change the direction a bit and altitude. Rather than canceling modes and reactivating, you can hold FTR, get a new speed and altitude, then release the FTR button and the modes will keep you there. It works. But when you’re holding FTR it’s like the stability system turns off entirely, not just the hold mode. You go from a fairly stable helicopter to a wobbly mess. But it “works” to a degree. Is this realistic? I dunno. Just commenting. When transitioning to an OGE hover the aircraft behaves fine to my knowledge. But when transitioning to an IGE hover something does change in the aircrafts characteristics and you become very wobbly. You can regain control of the aircraft and stabilize it with gentle inputs as long as you stay ahead of the sim aircraft, but it’s odd. Further this IGE oddness can be avoided by transitioning to IGE hover at like 10ft, just before landing, and immediately land using the beefier landing gear. There’s definitely quirks being ironed out. Mostly what I want fixed is the crabbing and left roll. Edit: had an afterthought. The aircraft feels oddly unstable above 120 knots, like it’s about to start barrel rolling.
  9. Hey BN, so this “settling of crosshairs” drift looking movement, that’s intended? I thought I might be a bug but wasn’t sure. It’s to make George more human I assume?
  10. They’re working on the ai IFF feature. Should be soonTM.
  11. I mean, raptor can chime in, but I don’t think ACQ source has anything to do with it. It’s just reference info telling you where to point. Maybe TOF as well yeah but I’ve hit stuff as human CPG out to like 9800. The missile lofts a predetermined amount with Hi mode then looks down for the laser. Especially at that range and angle I’d make sure to aim at the ground beneath the target. I dunno how real life works, but the laser energy will spread a lot at that distance presumably. As to dcs gameisms I just find that No matter really the angle or distance I’m more accurate if I laze the ground just below the target. The manual says you can continuous laze right after firing the missile. I think I’ve read elsewhere , pertaining to using George and firing missile as pilot, you should wait 10 seconds before lazing Edit: Not sure if this is relevant but here I hit target at 8500m using George. Starts at 1:47
  12. Submit a job application? I dunno lol. Seems pretty amazing to me already
  13. Also, as some of the pilots explained to me, not all lasers are the same. The Apache laser isn’t of the same type as a jet laser. They can carry I guess a higher wattage laser. While in DCS we may be able to use LOAL and hit targets around 10km depending on variables, and while there’s information we aren’t privy to regarding the ballistic limits of a hellfire, what the Apache pilots explained to me is it’s actually more difficult to keep an accurate laze on a target beyond like 8km.
  14. Congrats on it. Even if it’s “WIP” with bugs and some desync. It’s impressive, lads.
  15. It does work if you add the waypoint to the active route first. I can’t speak to accuracy of the real thing but it won’t work if you set Dir to on a waypoint that isn’t in the RTE
  16. Left roll with forward cyclic is a known FM bug. They have lots of reports on it and SMEs. Just gotta play waiting game now
  17. Well that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the info!
  18. I'm confused. When you guys first started the Free Trial program I was able to participate as a Steam User. I know this because for the past two years I've continued to get a "authorization denied" dialogue box popup at launch for the modules I tried lol. I went to the Free Trial program on the website on my account and activated a trial module. My account is linked to Steam. But when I load up DCS I don't see this module available. Heck I don't even see it greyed out as a possibility on the module bar at the bottom. I assume I'm doing something wrong, or the program isn't available to Steam anymore? Thanks
  19. All of these "how do I dogfight" questions boil down to get a wingman (or several) and learn how to coordinate in a fight. All of the 1v1 discussions between aircraft are almost entirely foreign to reality.
  20. Forward cyclic causes uncommanded left roll at 100+kns. It's reported. If you mean just general SCAS stability, it's still very WIP according to ED. Give it some time.
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