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  1. You can add this to your skins so it wont interfere with Hawk missile texture add this part to your skin description.lua {"Hawk_MIM23B_Main_Metal", 0 , "hawkmim23bmain", false}; and the dds file also to same skin folder
  2. Anyone working on optimized cockpit textures?
  3. Yes it is, we have export and none export variant of Mi-24P
  4. Currently Sri Lankan Airforce Operating Mi-24P Hind none export variant I have created high quality livery of SLAF skin Link Sri Lanka Airforce Mi-24P SAH4412 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320199/ Thanks
  5. I tired it didn't work, i end up resetting windows, thanks for the help
  6. I have enough space and ram i guess issue with lua, im gonna reset windows and see, thanks for the help
  7. I did a full and slow repair no fix yet dxdiag.txtdcs.20220310-132122.log
  8. I reinstall my drivers it still crashes
  9. I did mess around with Lua in the my laptop, i was working on a mission scripts and all, ill try reinstall my graphics drivers thank you for the help
  10. I have removed all the mods, i was working on a mission, today when I try running dcs again it keep crashing on the start. Thank youdxdiag.txtdcs.20220310-034357.log
  11. When is the next apache video thanks.
  12. Can we get key binds for jettison tanks for jester, if it is possible thanks
  13. Hi @BIGNEWY, Found the issue, i switch back to windows 10 and it works fine thank you for the help, sorry for the trouble.
  14. I have attached pictures of my mod folder, and did another slow repair still the same
  15. I have latest NVIDIA Driver, I have attached the track file and log file as well video recording https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yjD1ma3zUTQU4833Vu80sXjzNnNJss4q/view?usp=sharing F-16 RWR.trk dcs.log
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