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  1. -Bump- Looking for a solution especially for MP-missions - I want to have the client looking at a different object than what is picked currently by DCS from my miz.
  2. Thanks for the event. Unfortunately red suffered a lot from DCS crashes and disconnects. After my 3rd DCS crash I had to leave. I think the scale of that event was too much either for the server or for the clients who had a lot of Tomcats around. Several Tomcats got DCS crashes just after takeoff from Kish at the beachline there. Others during engagements.
  3. REAPER 31 | Painter REAPER/ Lonewolf (it's only Yink and myself from REAPER until now) Germany Ping: 136ms-185ms 1. F-14B pilot (Jester) - would fly with a human RIO as well Red Side
  4. After we are on page 12 in this thread you can bet your money on "it is not the gamma nor screen setting" ;)
  5. confirmed regarding ext. lights: - fuselage lights don't flash at all, - flash pattern does not adjust according to the knob setting, - Wing/Tail switch toggles the fuselage lights on/off, - Fus-switch doesn't do anything. I guess we got an earlier version with the update than the one in Wags vid.
  6. Is the DL of the Viper compatible with the F/A-18, A-10 and others (which?)? In a way to have Hornets, Vipers and A-10s in the same flight for example? Or to see on which bandit a Hornet is locked-on e.g.?
  7. (No mods active, metashaders and fxo folder deleted after update, NVIDIA & Oculus Rift driver current) Is this intensional? : https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=221259&stc=1&d=1573990469
  8. @CaptHawk: If it is regarding like "bug description: rearm countermessures in MP does not work at all" - seriously - Yes, people are questioning the need, especially the need to ask customers to produce such. If it is regarding some "unable to reproduce - please provide trackfile" - No, I would never mind to help out in such a case.
  9. Seriously? You needed a trackfile from Bignewy to convince the team internally that rearm coutermeasures in MP doesn't word?
  10. I guess you will have to wait for the implementation being complete.
  11. @Emmy Sorry for causing confusion - that special option is not there (yet?) in the ME. Stored heading alignment works for any F-16C currently though without the need to have that non-existend special option ticked. For the Tomcat it is that one like in this screenshot attached:
  12. Sedlo, thanks for that mission! Very immersive with all that voice-overs. I liked it (and died 3 times due to "easy"-SAMs before being successful :D the flares appear to do shit :D ) !
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