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  1. Same issue; the above method seems to have solved it, thanks! I've copied over my Config (and Missions, Liberation), that seems to have carried over my controls and settings.
  2. When you start getting frustrated, stop trying, shoot down the tanker to make yourself feel better, and try again in a few hours or the next day. Also: the Hornet's built-in refueling mission isn't very good - make your own, simply set a KC-135MPRS (I find bigger tankers much easier than the tiny S-3) going in a nice straight line, 20-25kft, 250-300kts. No wake turbulence, no turning tanker. Or make it part of a mission - go blow up some tanks, grab some fuel, and land. But mostly keep practicing - I could do it within perhaps two weeks of daily practice, albeit very badly, but after that's it's just improvement, you've cracked the hard bit.
  3. After taking battle damage to internal fuel tanks - i.e. fuel drains out -, land, repair, refuel and restart. Indicated fuel on the IEFI is then Full Tank + whatever actual internal fuel is. After a few minutes of runtime, the engines cut out, as though they have run out of fuel - even though I just refueled. Refueling again repeats the cycle - fuel level then goes up to ~30k lb, until the engines cut out. Below fuel level is impossible, even with external tanks, and I have none. I do have a track file, but it's hours long, happened somewhere in the middle, and is nearly 200MB. I can post it if needed, though.
  4. Boresight on the ground, with a nice taxiway signpost (those yellow things with "A" on them). Ds are normally quite happy to lock them.
  5. Razbam's apparent total lack of documentation is very disappointing. A Wags-style video when things change or new features come out ought to be the minimum. If you can make the changes you can at least document them. This in particular, refusing to help Chuck Owl with his guides - WTF, guys? If even he can't keep up, how are the rest of us supposed to cope? For dropping bombs, there's the video above; for manipulating the TPOD, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5kk8dFcyBA&ab_channel=GrimReapers, along with a few other of their recent videos on the Harrier.
  6. The way JDAMs fly changed a few months ago. If you spend a lot of time watching them you'll notice. They used to follow what looked more like ballistic trajectories, now they spend a lot of time at high AoA, frequently until very close to target, then suddenly remember what they're doing and start guiding, but they do it too late and miss. They also seem to waste a lot of energy. Toss bombing - launching at about 45 degrees - is not very useful, as the IN ZONE indication appears when the bombs cannot hit the target. Recently I dropped a GBU-54 from a Harrier, from M0.85, 28k, when the HUD said 100 - supposedly hit probability. It overflew the target, tried to turn back, failed and missed by a huge margin, perhaps 50m. I've just done a bit of testing, and I'm getting much better results than I do in MP -they seem to glide as they used to, rather than what I describe above. Is MP different? Perhaps there GPS jamming? Although that shouldn't alter flight profile, only accuracy. Or there's a mod on the server affecting things, or wind, or...
  7. It's pretty annoying to have trained myself to do startup a particular way, and then have to relearn it. Forgetting the chocks is infuriating. Seems that something like rolling on idle power should have been the case long ago - isn't that what SMEs are for? Please, Razbam, don't go making me learn things and then change them.
  8. I told my A10C wingman to attack a ground target. Instead, he flew 200 miles west to Crimea.
  9. I zoom in, radar displays normally. Zoom out, the top of the radar screen becomes black, as though it's obscured by mountains. No trackfile because multiplayer. Could be related to https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/279231-reported-f-a-18c-ground-radar-sli-abnormality-openbeta-2-5-6-50321 but I don't use SLI. CPU = R52600, GPU=1070Ti, can supply settings, HWinfo if needed.
  10. See And Wags' pinned comment on the comment:
  11. I use the slider by pushing with my thumb, while still holding the throttle with my other fingers, if I need to manipulate it. I've got fairly small hands, so most people could do this. Only time I don't is for the Harrier, because I need it bound to the nozzle angle, then I use TMS Up and Down - which I don't really like, but I don't have a better solution. My old T.16000M had a yaw axis on the throttle, which has a spring on it - made the perfect zoom axis.
  12. Hey, it could be worse - there's a Harrier mission where (last time I checked) the wingman takes off from Tarawa and immediately crashes into the sea.
  13. I'm still struggling with this. China hat aft long should slave TGP to steerpoint, as above and as I've always done, and yet it sometimes simply refuses to do so. If I've finished at one STPT, set my HUD to the next STPT, then china hat aft long, the TGP doesn't do anything at all - I have to go to standby and then back to AG.
  14. If you designate a waypoint as target it can set the HUD to AUTO mode - I don't know if this is a bug or not. To fix, set the bomb to CCIP again and they will be in CCIP.
  15. Twist problems seem to be very common in the T16000 - mine had it. I took it apart, fiddled with it and put it back together, it seemed better than but I upgraded to a Warthog anyway.
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