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  1. That was great-awesome to hear Kevin miller on the podcast. Re-listening to Raven One now, so i am ready when this drops. You worried about it potentially coming out the same week as ...a very big flight sim game i can't name?
  2. Finished the campaign and loved it. That last mission..wow it put everything i'd learned to the test! When i finally managed to find the meeting place in the dark and get a point track on the vehicle, i felt like a total badass :D
  3. Youre right- after he says target not destroyed, he shifts and paints next target. All went well there. But then after that when enemy armour is advancing on Axeman, i started to loop about to go help them but was told i failed as they were not protected. But that was less than 20 seconds after getting the radio message for help
  4. Had the same issue. Just cant destroy those houses with the cannon. Both are always on about 20% health
  5. Having an issue with mission...8? The snake trap one. When i arrived on station and contacted Axeman, he lased the target , but when i said " In from the South" he said Abort Abort...Not sure why. Second time the missile blew up something but he said target not destroyed.
  6. Hey BD, cant WAIT for this! Love the books, love the VO actors you have lined up. Reading back over this thread i saw a lot of discussion about including AAR or not. Maybe a compromise is doable? In the newly released "The Serpents Head 2" campaign for the Hornet, there is an option to play missions with simplified AAR-meaning you just need to make contact with the basket, rather than maintain contact. That might make thing easier for newer pilots in your campaign? Either way , really excited for the chance to fly with Flip, Olive ,Psycho and ...Saint i supose ;) Quoth the Raven!
  7. When i went back in to the campaign, it moved me onto the next mission :) I must have just missed the ending message or something
  8. That may be the issue....I went out for a smoke while it was rearming so i was sat on the boat for ages :D
  9. Actually, thats a good idea. Have the frogfoots turn tail and sprint for the border, or for SAM cover or something at low level. You as the player have to chase them down and gun them from their 6 before they make it to safety
  10. I got the message saying "thats both of them" and was told to head back to the carrier/tanker if neccesary. Went straight to the carrier, but got no welcome back message. I'll try it again tonight. Was just a bit frustrated as i had failed 3 times previously. Usually due to crossing the southern line or running out of gun ammo. Ended up cheating a little and rearming at the beginning to take 2 AIM9X with me :D :D Could that have caused the issue maybe?
  11. I shot down both of them, but when i landed back on the boat the mission wont end..And so i cant progress. Done it 3 times now.
  12. Thanks. Should i log a support ticket or just wait it out? When does the preorder deal end do you know?
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