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  1. Seems weird to me. One of the Vipers missions is AFAC and the IR pointer is an important tool to mark targets for aircraft not part of the Vipers D/L network. The alternative is a manual walk-on either visually or sensor.
  2. I'm aware of this. What I'm referring to is the IR pointer, which is used to mark targets on the ground. This pointer can only be seen with NVG's. Does your sources say that the IR pointer isn't on the F16 when the F/A-18, which carries the same TGP, does?
  3. My understanding is that the IR pointer used to work on the TGP by pressing TMS Right short twice. It doesn't appear to be working. Has the button to access it been changed or was it removed accidently? Thanks Mirage2425
  4. Some feel as you do and others, such as myself, do not. I don't think the Viper should be the worst jet in DCS at BFM. The Viper should out rate a Hornet. The Hornet has great nose authority. They both fight different fights. The Hornet shouldn't be able to out rate a Viper. That's my opinion, backed up by testing from other members of the community. Everyone can have their own opinion. Let's see how ED handles it.
  5. I just got a chance to watch the whole video with Mover and Gonky (I was relying on the opinion of people I trust) and it's not just Mover's observations. Gonky was the one that brought it up and said that if Mover was in a real Viper it wouldn't be going this way. He also told Mover that now he knows how the Hornet guys feel when going up against a Viper. That combined with Mover saying he would not be at 3G's at 200kts and should be accelerating at 9G's is pretty conclusive to me. I also respect Mike Torrealday's experience in the Viper and his contribution to the authenticity of the DCS Viper. I'm confident they will not let this go unaddressed. I'll be patient and wait for what is to come .
  6. Thank-you NineLine, this is exactly the transparency the community has been looking for. You will always have haters but I'm not one of those. I appreciate everything you guys have done. I've always been a major supporter of the military. I wanted to be a military pilot myself but it didn't work out. Anyway, the comment rubbed me the wrong way but I think it was just a matter of interpretation. Please keep talking to us and providing us this detail. We all appreciate it!
  7. BIGNEWY, have you or or any anyone working for ED flown the jet? I suggest you don't discount those that have. I'm not good enough at BFM to provide the track data you ask for but I will try to work with someone that is. Until then I suggest you approach Mover's impression of the Viper with a little more respect. Mover had proven he's a SME for the platform and what you've said has discounted his experience with the Viper. I love the Viper and all of the work you guys have done. Please keep this in mind when you read my response.
  8. It's not immediately clear from any previous messages. Will we be getting bullseye for the radar cursor displayed on the FCR and HSD or just the ability to change the steerpoint the aircraft references for bullseye?
  9. You are both correct. I could swear that HUD was SOI last night but since it worked today I must have been wrong. Thank-you for your responses.
  10. Before the update we were able to recage the TD box to the FPM with TMS Aft. After the update that's not possible. You have to switch to PRE and then back to VIS to get the TD box caged to the FPM. If you need a track let me know. It should be easy to reproduce though.
  11. All the weapons in the world will not give us the ability to actually use the Viper. Everything is so frustrating to use. Getting the TGP pointed the right direction requires the use of snowplow mode. DTOS should be easy to implement because, as someone mentioned earlier DTOS is partially implemented as part of the Maverick and JDAM's. Also, the TGP seems to drift even I'm INR mode. We need mark points as then we have coordinates. This means on lofting you have to sweeten the lock when you should be focusing on pickling and going defensive. Also, both the TGP and Maverick are difficult to see on the MFD, making it even more frustrating. Finding targets with the TGP is very difficult without a steerpoint as it's like looking through a soda straw. A2G radar and DTOS would help with that. The lack of bullseye makes it difficult to communicate the position of targets or other members of the flight. DEST and CRUS can wait, though they are nice to haves. Tuning the flight model and improving the A2A radar is also important. A2G radar is also a nice to have. Beyond that in my opinion everything else in my opinion is a nice to have. Also, saying most planned for later doesn't tell the community anything we don't already know. What comes first? No time lines, just what are the priorities other than weapons?
  12. At this point in the development of the Viper I feel we have plenty of weapons to work with. My preference is that ED move to bug fixes and adding core features to the Viper. My hope is that the following be made a priority after the release of the CBU-103 and CBU-105. Bullseye Flight model update DTOS Mark points Target steerpoints DEST and CRUS page These features are sorely needed. I often feel like I'm fighting with one hand tied behind my back. Right now it's extremely difficult to attack anything unless there is a steerpoint near or on top of the target. The only time this occurs is during strike missions. When doing CAS or DEAD you have to rely on your systems and without the above features I'm fighting the systems more than I am the enemy. Anyway, I wanted to put this out there, for what it's worth.
  13. DTOS mode is awesome! I just saw a video on it and it solves the issue of the steerpoint not being anywhere near the HUD when you need to designate a pop up target. Question, this is a SPI, correct, meaning that we can sweeten the designation with the TGP? I am eagerly awaiting this feature as well as mark points. Thanks, Chris
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