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  1. My translation is quite old and I can't even find link to Chizh's post on Russian forum, but here it is anyway: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Patch v1.12 will be cumulative, i.e. - it will include the whole v1.11 patch and could be installed over both - the original version 1.1, and patched to v1.11. There are not many changes, in essence we just touched bugs reviled after the release of patch v1.11. No conceptual changes will be introduced until v1.2. Now Betas 6 is being tested. Here is a list of corrections: Removed errors and added special features of v1.12 • Target search algorithm for SAMs depending on range to target been corrected. • The probability of the appearance of a "black" screen in multiplayer is been reduced. • Incorrect intermediate position of the flaps of A -10 multiplayer been corrected. Incorrect intermediate position of the flaps of Su-33 and F-15 been removed. • Corrected sounds of aircraft in multiplayer. Now sound of will depend on engine revolutions. • Corrected the animation of the louver of the upper air ducts of MiG-29 at the start. • Corrected synchronization of the animation of opening-closing of the cockpit canopies as observed from the computers of other players in the multiplayer game. • Antitank mine is introduced. Look for it in the list of static ground-based objects. • Sometimes appearing stuck target designator on the HUD F -15 been foxed. • Range to target HOJ regime on F -15 will no longer be indicated. • Corrected indication of the bearing of target on VSD of F -15. • The width of the F-15 radar scan zone is not longer discarded after the target being locked. • The display of the range on the HUD of F -15 with the selected AIM-9 missiles been corrected. • The targets assigned in TWS are no longer tracked beyond the limits of the narrow radar zone of scan in F -15. • Corrected ranges of target detection in front hemisphere for the radars using medium and high frequencies. • The display of ping in the window of net statistics for the observers been corrected. • Corrected error resulting in warships firing at friendly objects. • Corrected error leading to hanged PC when new object in the mission editor with the active window of "Sum" been selected. • Removed vibration on the takeoff of the aircraft with standard flight model in multiplayer. • Farther tuned resistance jamming of the air-to-air missiles. • Removed occurrences of “hanged” campaigns and missions at the end of the month because of the error in calculation of the position of the sun. • Introduced the new system of profiles for the joystick. Now it is possible to use several identical joysticks, unique configurative file will be generated for each of them. • Corrected the algorithm of the smoothing of the axes of joystick. • Reduced drag coefficients for the external containers of electronic countermeasures "Omul'", L-081 "Phantasmagoria" and ODAB-500. __________________ Chizh Eagle Dynamics
  2. Ice, please, look at the mp_log file and put an end to all the speculations. Paulie, Vosxod deserves nothing less. Thank you for the kind word. S!
  3. Gentlemen, I had been a privileged for me to be a member of the same great squad and fly with Vosxod for some time. I actually was the one who recruited Vosxod in 609. I would want to say that there is nothing farther from Vosxod’s mindset then cheating. Any kind of cheating, anywhere, ever… It is just not in his nature to try make any tasks easier to achieve, just the opposite – he is always the one who drive our whole team toward harder and more demanding goals. Because of him we are involved into countless discussions of proper tactics, radar and ECM usage, weapons deployment with the goal for our squad to finally be able to provide dissent opposition to well know and respected pilots and squads on Hyperlobby. I understand – those screenshots look incriminating, but I can assure you – my squadmate Vosxod had not cheating in the past, not cheating now and will not be cheating in the future. Special thanks to bSr.L()Csta – it take big heart and an open mind to apologize the way you did.
  4. Here: http://www.richard-seaman.com/Movies/Aircraft/MilitaryAccidents/F18TopGunMidAir/
  5. Thanks Alfa, While waiting for your reply I was playing with MEInit.xml and now have my very own mode of “Islamic Coalition” country with all the planes, ground and naval objects :) Now when I see them flying their B-2 of Tu-160 it just does not look right for them to use standard US or Russian paint schemes and markings… Now I need to make all those skins… and sure soon after all skins are created - I will feel the need for “logs, medals and artwork”… O joy of modding… :)
  6. Alfa, Please, I would settle for less then perfect county with no pilots or logs, artwork and custom aircraft skins… So what’s left? Flag to display for the countries list and the way to create the entry for it to place all the aircraft, right? Can any of those “several people” or you post your MEInit.xml with the entry for that non-existing country? Please, please, please???
  7. Gentlemen, Just by looking at the Alfa’s explanation it sound possible to create another “country” entry in MEInit.xml, let say “Confederation of Islamic States of The Greater Middle East” and make possible this side to fly all aircraft in the game. Does it look actually doable? I am tired constantly sparing US vs. Russia or Ukraine if I want to make F-15s fight Su-27s, Ukraine vs. Russia for Su-27s vs. Su27s fights, or US vs. Israel if I want F-15s fight F-15s…
  8. Once again question of what that slider does had been answered by ED here: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=9773&page=3&pp=10 Here is my puny attempt to translate it: -------------- We actually set the middle position of the slider as the starting point. All the missiles characteristics been optimized for it. This slider only adds artificial “noise” to the accuracy of the missile guidance. For example in the middle position of the slider point of aim of the missile “floats” within the +-5m limits. In the leftmost position limit will be (approximately)+-20m, in the rightmost position missile will fly precisely into calculated point. As you understand, ideal missiles which fly in the ideal undisturbed atmosphere do not exist, each differ within its variance limits, tolerances and assembly quality, all this leads to some deviation from ideal characteristics, which is imitated by the middle position of this slider. --------------
  9. Not being a pilot, missile developer, military annalist I can only suggest – it make sense to trust ED developers who invested a lot of time investigating the meter and stated their opinion quite clearly – the Real Life setting is %50. But in support their decision I would like to remind that from 1958 to 1982, more then 2000 air-to-air missiles firing resulted in 407 kills, mostly because targets were not aware of missiles being fires at them. Sparrows missiles fired to kill ratio was about 11%, Sidewinders – about %30. Interesting to note that only 4 (four) of those were BVR kills and one of those four was fratricide (F-4 kill F-4)… During Desert Storm in ideal conditions of total domination in the air, Coalition forces achieved 23 kills out of 67 Sparrow missiles fired and 16 of those were BVR kills. The only Iraqi kill (MiG-25 vs. F-18) was also BVR. Sidewinders scored 6 for 11 firing. In my opinion, what people used to see in other sims is not necessarily correct representation of RL missile effectiveness.
  10. Присоединяюсь к предидущему оратору. Спасибо AndrewWw!
  11. S! Ice, all 169th and S77th guys, We are just trying to bring people of our squad into LockOn world and it make a lot of difference if your missile effectiveness settings are %50 or %100 to us. We need a lot of help and practice to be able to fly effectively in LockOn skies and just as Vosxod said – we “like to fine tune my missile evasion maneuvers” - that is the reason we care so much for those settings on LockOn servers. And no – we are not interested in padlock, icons and alike stuff. We practice a lot on our server for the reason of getting someday on your servers and not to “overly” embrace ourselves :)… We would appreciate any tips you can give to us, relative newcomers. With respect.
  12. ED guys, can you please help Rel to figure his state?
  13. Site is great, but we need more of your amazing tutorials for v1.1… Need them bad – my friends and I are trying to convert to F-15 and having hard time… Help! Need tutorials, Help!
  14. Gentlemen, My friend is having strange problem with TrackIR in Flaming Cliffs.\ His cursor moves in the menu screen with TrackIR in FC, but TrackIR does not work in cockpit in flight. I tried to give him my Config folder, but it did not make any difference. There must be some obscure line in one of the view config files, does anyone know what it should be? Thanks!
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