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  1. HI harrier with mk82 and air bombs enable ccip, ag mode. like I have done for years, the ccip fall line will not show, has something changed? at a loss
  2. Not sure if it exists but would modern tanks/ground units have some sort of ID cooks system taht the Apache can id as friendly???? Ahh question answered, blue force. tracker, will it be in the game?
  3. Na mate even when the sun shine on us first, cant go bloody anywhere….. Yep my sat is booked out…… Told the mrs i am outside in the shed taking care of pests
  4. F-4E phantom Issue I downloaded al of the vsn mods and i can add them in mission editor and fly them as a client or player. they A4E works in multiplayer as well. However the A4 phantom i cant not be selected after adding in mission editor as a player or client or in a multiply game( when added) it just acts as aI anything amiss i need to d with the mod. This is the first time i have added them
  5. KiwiOz

    Hellfire II?

    Will you be adding hellfire2 semi active radar version?
  6. Can we disable/remove the fan like we can with cyclic, person blocks a great view
  7. please add Amines Prison to reproduce the prison bombing raid, sadly not on the map Operation Jericho
  8. Pre 2.7 seemed to be ok by selection SEAD side arm on the HOTAS and the broken circle in the hud will come up. however now it does nothing now selecting SA works but this also seems to not detect radar Has something changed?
  9. HI taking off the pitch, alt and ban hold do not engage. not sure what it is but eventually it does but there is no clear button press Ses i can lock down. makes it impossable to fly he ka50. i there anything that i am missing, not issues 6 months ago
  10. Will the old girl be reliant on 2 players in MP ? assuming not?
  11. So the FA18 is not the same as the a10C2 if you depress TDC designate when MAV is soi you cant slew which makes no sense considering this could be done before? turning off TPG or un designating you can slew in MAV page Would it not be ideal to find a target, un age to TDC mark, soi to MAV then move the MAX seeker head. this will help with adjustments?
  12. Hi Baltic mission 2 your wingman has a fuel truck under the wind and blows up or becomes stuck
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