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  1. Pre-purchased as well. Cannot wait. I remember fondly playing Jane's Longbow 2, scanning the area for targets, assigning targets, launching Hellfires in LOAL mode, then popping up one more time to get good locks with the missiles on the way. Gonna be great!
  2. Yesterday my Reverb (G1) broke (photo below). Good reason for me to upgrade to the G2 now, should be here by the end of the week.
  3. Stunning details on these latest screenshots - thanks for sharing! Cannot wait for this one to be available to purchase.
  4. What I have done recently was rather simple and quick as well: Installed the brand new & empty large SSD drive while keeping the current small SSD drive as-is Booted from a Linux live USB stick Using the "dd" command with the necessary options, I cloned the current SSD drive onto the larger SSD drive Powered the PC off and removed the old SSD drive Booted back into the same Linux live USB stick, using "gparted" to resize the cloned content to take advantage of the new SSD's larger size Rebooted into Windows now running on the new SSD drive with plenty of space to spare Done It's always a lot more fun (and less stressful) when you don't have to reinstall anything and everything just continues to work as before.
  5. Didn't we establish before that modules of this magnitude take about 3-5 years to be ready for the consumer? How long has it been since the DCS: Eurofighter was announced? Just wondering why we need constant reminders that patience is a virtue.
  6. Ah, roger that. So we *only* get MWS then. Bummer.
  7. So just to pick up on what Skysurfer said above - the latest screenshots no longer show the President-S system. Can anyone from ED shed a light on that? Below is a screenshot that's several months old that actually looks a lot more advanced/further ahead than what we see in the most recent WIP shots based on today's newsletter:
  8. Keeping oneself informed with the patch notes, esp the Known Issues with the 2.7 release, might help manage expectations when no timeline is given:
  9. Been a while since I used wingmen along with the Ka-50 myself, but I do remember that you might have to either have the wingman "scout" ahead in order to generate a target list for them to have, or you might have to share some targets via datalink with them before they are able to engage. Others might have better advice, but I remember vaguely that's what I did back then...
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