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  1. It does stay in position in the real jet, but it will go into that mastermode directly when you put main power on and switch MMC, MFD and ST STA to on. In DCS this doesnt happen, so you can be in 2 master modes at the same time, which is impossible in RL
  2. Those figures tell you nothing.... those are altitude, weight and speed depended, hell, there is even a difference between a GE and a P&W engine as far as indicators goes. The real throttle has a physical detent, which you need to bypass by lifting the throttle handle and pushing it passed the detent.
  3. Not directed at Uberick directly, but it is also DMS DOWN to hide/show JHMCS.
  4. +1 for me. Woud be perfect for the Warthogs throttle
  5. You can change some settings and save them if im not mistaken. It uses the numpad keys on your keyboard and by pressing a key combination, it saves them for that particular module. Try searching in your keybindings under view control
  6. Make sure that when you enter the mission, your "Dogfight/Missile Override" switch is in center. It happened to me a couple of times before and i *think* this is the cause
  7. Its not a problem that the weapon is pointing nose down, however there is an alignment issue on the right inner pylon There is a difference between the inner right pylon and the other pylons
  8. Hello I dont know if its just cosmetic or not, but i noticed a minor bug. The bomb on the inner right pylon, is hanging to much nose down in comparison to the left pylon. If you look closely on the first picture, you can see that the bomb doesn't even touch the pylon.
  9. Hello, last night i noticed that the scan envelope lines are missing in RWS and TWS mode. The radar scan zone is adjusted accordingly, indicated by the sweeping bar in the bottom of the radar screen, but the bars are not shown The radar scan envelope is only present on the HSD
  10. Yes, when starting you should put it in Main Power
  11. In RL pilots are moving the throttle constantly, there really is no sweet spot. You always have the wind and when the tanks are getting fuller, the Viper is getting heavier, so you need to compensate for that aswell. Best is to make tiny adjustments and compensate 1 move at a time. So forward and back, up and down and left and right. Try to maintain a formation with the tanker instead of focusing on the boom. And use the director lights on the tanker to stay in formation. And practice, practice, practice
  12. Normally on the ramp or in shelters, there are always chocks installed So, i think you have a valid point
  13. All your question are answered here: Wags does an excellent job explaining all the systems in his tutorials
  14. That would be correct, the first seconds of the bombs falling are identical and *can* do wierd things. Like Frederf mentioned earlier, it can be caused by different reasons like airflow, G's, stuck pistons of MAU12, you name it. I think a logical reason is to look what's behind the TER, when it's mounted on sta 4 and 6. There is a big old horizontal stabilizer right behind the shoulder station of the TER. When you have a TER on sta 3 and 7, than the inboard shoulder station is also infront of that stabilizer and for that reason, they don't carry 3 Mavericks (in RL). So if anything goes wrong (and it happens even with smaller BDU33 training bombs) that stabilizer gets hit and damaged It's not an A-10 No, you can't as stations 4 and 6 don't have a 1760 interface, which is used to communicate with the bomb
  15. According to the manual.... Only launchers which holds the missiles are considerred "jettisonable stores" and only those are shown when you enter S-J mode. Jettisonable stores are loaded in memory in the order determined by the stores and racks list In E-J and S-J, the stores are always in a safe condition, so no fuses armed and no motors ignited
  16. Gbu-12s fall like any other unguided bomb. That is until the seekerhead picks up the laser signal and the fins are used to steer it on target. In case of the gbu-12s, it's a bang-bang system, meaning the fins gets slammed to one side or another. The ccg can't steer smooth or make small adjustments like a gbu49 for example. I'm pretty sure that carrying anything other than fuel tanks and unguided bombs on stations 4 and 6, are not for our F16's (MLU) even so, in all my years in the airforce, only fuel tanks are carried on stations 4 and 6. There are books (country specific) which says what can be loaded on what station, configuration wise and weapon employment
  17. You are correct on this. Its because of cooling issues for the seekerhead. The limited battery part, comes into play when the maverick is shot over (too long) longer ranges (Orginal reply edited)
  18. This is sound like a bug. When master arm is not in arm position, there is no firing voltage being applied to the breeches which hold the cartridges As for the firing missiles in "selective jettison", i cant imagine the missiles are being fired... and its pure safety reasons. You as a pilot always want to know where you can jettison your payload. You simply can't just random shoot a missile somewhere. Maybe i'm wrong, but i'll look it up to be sure
  19. Not when pressing emergency jettison. Then the missile and rack are jettisoned. As for selective jettison, im not sure and need to look it up
  20. What is there to wire for a gbu12? There is absolutely no interface between aircraft and a laser guided bomb. Its just a simple dumb bomb body with a guidenance unit mounted to it. All guidenance and steering is done from the CCG (the head) without any input from the aircraft. Even the laser codes are set on the CCG itself, which is also strange, why you can change the laser codes in the F18 from the cockpit The fuses and tail are activated by lawnyards, which are nothing more than a steel wire, attached to the pylon, which pull a lever (in case of tail and battery activation CCG) or a safety pin out out the fuse. As the bomb falls away from the aircraft, the other end of the wire breaks off and goes with the bomb. Again, no interface with the aircraft here. Hope this explains it a bit on the laser guided bombs part
  21. Because electro/optical sensors like the Maverick for example, needs to be cooled So if you power them on at startup, the missiles seekerhead gets to hot after a while and can damage the seekerhead, rendering the missile useless
  22. Thank you ED for adding these new keybindings
  23. You have a message, sent through the datalink. Press the "warn reset" button on ICP panel to clear it
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