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  1. Looks good mate, I always wonder why those Stream Decks are so popular for $200 AUD, when you can build this. Maybe I am missing something, nothing against Stream Decks but they seem really popular and are not cheap, perhaps its the tactile feel?
  2. Yeah, that is awesome, excellent work!
  3. Have you tried running the second monitor off your onboard graphics, being that its not 3D (or some old grpahics card you have lying around?)? Possibly in response to @HawkEXO
  4. Agree with your assessment on throttle, I wonder if the airforces will carry meteor for BVR and AIM-120 for medium range to get that rapid acceleration, that said, they are both apparently Mach 4 but 3.5 is easily rounded up to M4 for sales advertising!
  5. I recon they mean they know what the screens look like and how they work theoretically or realistically, but as there is no Fuel Computer (for example) as such, then you need to find out how to get the correct data to represent the aircraft fuel modeling using DCS code. Although this sounds like reverse engineering, I would have thought it would be built the other way around or it seems a bit hit an miss? ISTR that the very first production aircraft sent to the Luftwaffe was given to the ground crew training team who took it apart and it never flew again, perhaps they sneaked it out piece by piece? Of course, European rivalry stories are not always to be believed so its probably just made up by BAe guys to have a laugh at the Germans without any basis!
  6. Not doubting your expertise but wouldnt it be preferable to have all the engines at a different cycle, that way, you only have to change one engine rather than all 4 or 2 at the same time? I suppose the detail is in the cost modelling, ie. taking an aircraft out to do 2 or 4 engines at the same time is relatively less time off line than bringing it in twice to do smaller amounts of work? Great book, his descriptions of the Flechettes (spelling.) made my toes curl.
  7. No all good mate, I appreciate your support, wouldnt want you to do mine, I will fix it up and share it with the usual thanks for you doing all the hard work and creating and mapping the buttons, I only resized it! Thanks again
  8. First off, thank you for introducing me through your thread, to spacedesk!! Set it up and had you profile on my iPad and got it working. Obviously, your profile is for a monitor so I started hacking it to get the left MFD only on the iPad, cue I didnt realise (my mistake) you have done a tremendous job with helios and combing the gunner (CPG) and Pilot and at the moment, I am only being pilot (learning curve on the -64) so I am there pressing away, its not working and can only see the CPG MFD. Realising the error I activate the pilot panel and was able to use the buttons and the export onto the iPad but I have no idea what I did messing around and DCS just started to project over the top of helios and the MFD export so I ended up with a black screen. Can I get it back, can i heck!! I have deleted everything after 3 hours and will probably try again next weekend. I will try and get two ipads working bust spacedesk claims no, so if that doesnt work I will buy that dual view app you also mentioned on one iPad. Incidentally, and sorry if I am being obvious, I have all my keyboard mapped to the little input computer using the modifier on the hotas, you could reduce the need for the keys as a touch button and make your MFDs bigger, of course that depends if you have a keyboard nearby or care about the displays being bigger! Will report back this week.
  9. Thanks mate, I had a quick look through on my phone just now, if this Covid knocks off tomorrow I will try and follow the thread with an iPad and then 2 with the desktop, been lucky this year with folk leaving work and iPads coming up for cheap so I grabbed 2 just for this!
  10. See people making actual hardware for the MFDs, but I have a few iPads knocking around I would to configure as a Left and Right MFD if you could export the view lua. It was done on the A-10 IIRC, anyone know if anything is happening on the Apache front? I have a few iPad controllers with the software to make panels but it’s the live screen view I would like.
  11. Well sorry to resurrect an old thread but we have no Easy Monitor Config, lost a great opportunity with uMFCD and DCS/ED don’t seem to be interested in a paid DLC for this type of product. Is there any hope on the horizon for something like this I have missed?
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread but my TM Warthog is so heavy and the force needed to move it from centre is annoying me in the Apache, would a simple extension make it better?
  13. Reiser have a number of replica Typhoon displays too, they are not aimed at the civvy market, probably not licensed to sell them to anyone who doesn’t buy the Tiffy. Hotas controls though, as they obviously have aluminium tools, I do wonder why they can’t sell blanks?
  14. Typhoon had what they call get-you-home instruments under a hinged door on the right hand glare shield, in case of failure of the displays or electrical equipment. The aircraft also have a reversionary mode which allows some simple data. Aside from that I hear its all PVI controlled and Hotas. On the tactile though, if you look at the Typhoons left and right side panels the tactile switches all have different shaped switch tops.
  15. Good question, it would only have been on the early Development Aircraft, I dont recall them being used though. We were scrapping them when I started on EFA but DA2 had been flying for years before and the AMLCD units were still new and failing frequently.
  16. Awesome idea, you might want to line the vice grips with some neoprene if you have a nice desk!!
  17. When I started work the EFA2000 had CRT displays, children that is Cathode Ray Tube (Cathode-ray tube) an old technology which was not more advanced than the first production televisions I think, perhaps a few less valves! We upgraded them to AMLCD, Active Matrix LCD. I have been out of that business for many years no so not sure if they are still the same Smiths Industries (GE Aviation) units or something different, I do recall hearing much smaller and therefore lighter units were developed but perhaps someone else may know. Now they are looking at touch screen tech, single wide displays, awesome!!
  18. Are there any plans or mods to build better looking and more ground assets in the modern day? Improved FOBs, Hardened Shelters, Haciendas, Drug Labs, Training Camps etc.? I know nothing about coding but it would seem a relatively simple task to make hundreds of destructible props for mission scripters?
  19. This may help? https://imgur.com/a/P3cxe
  20. Wow looks awesome, what are you using, 3D printer, CNC etc?
  21. There are some older threads on here where a couple of guys did cube builds and others, I think it was @BHawthornewho knows a lot about projectors who gave a lot of information, if it wasnt his build and also I think they were using simpit.co.nz. The A-10 Cube projector project?? Perhaps a thread search, but there is definitely something on here similar to what your picture shows.
  22. Any updates on it? I know when its done but I havn't been following DCS news recently?
  23. Not sure what my 4 year old post that is quoted adds to this but I am not sure you own any of the IP that is claimed as being plagiarized, the measurements of the A-10 would surely be owned by whoever commissioned the design, certainly every military contract I worked on the IP was vested in the counterparty of the contract and not the manufacturer. Selling a Hawk to Indonesia didnt give them the right to measure and profit from publishing that data. That said, your time and effort and expense in obtaining the equipment that allows you to share such information should be compensated be that monetary or by recognition, whatever you feel is a fair repayment, but as I said, you are publishing someone elses IP, if it were worth the legal fees, by rights, you should offer a percentage of that back to the actual owner of the IP so they can consider what is fair payment?
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