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  1. Great job Razbam! It is amazing how the M2000 is efficient! This new radar is a key changer
  2. definitively, this is a must have. Community produce great tools, like overlordbot, and having an API woulb be great.
  3. with pre alignement option in settings, you do not need to enter jumber. WPY 00 is automatically setup with startup position. You need to launch alcm, wait few minutes and it is ok. So you do not need to wait 8 minutes.
  4. IRL, WPY 0 is not editable. Other can be modified. So you have 2 solutions: Quick alignment enable in settings (in sttings/special/M2000): WPY00 is configured with current position Normal alignment: As IRL pilots do, you have to manually enter the current position in a editable wpy from 1 to 20. Usually, 20 is the one used Last update had a lot of improvement to fits to IRL. And seems Razbam will continue in this good mood. Edit: Error in the list of modifiable WPY
  5. I confirm. the tips is ok at server start. The server load the mission having "listStartIndex" as index. But then same behaviour... @BIGNEWY , could you confirm this a a bug or if there is a know workaround or solution? The only workaround I've found is stopping the server, edit the serverSettings.lua to modify the current or listStartIndex line, and restart the server. Not very useful..
  6. As @speed-of-heat said, same perfs as 2.5.6 with Kegety's mod. Now, with a vanilla install, it is OK. 3090 + Pimax8KX, high settings except water -> 55-70 fps, depending of the maps and the mission.
  7. yep. Had to remove VPC objects from mission, and then it is ok
  8. I got a strange behaviour on my dedicated server. Whichever mission I choose in the list, it is the "mission 1" (according to the numbering of mission list in optionsServer.lua) that is launched. (Look at the current mission on server details, and the one which is tagged as running in the server list...) If I modify myself the [1] mission in the list, to change the mission, the behaviour is the same. I cannot either remove line in the mission list. I can only add... I have fully reinstall the server, including the saved games, top start with a clean setup -> same behaviour. Everything was OK in last OB.
  9. Sorry for the delay, but I had many issues. Now it is fine. First issue, everything seems ok, no error, but no sound -> it was the windows UAC that block the run of DCS-SR-externalaudio.exe (in fact a pop up should raised, but as it is "minimized", no popup). 2 solutions, remove UAC (not a good idea) or replace "cmd start" by "cmd /c \"set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start". Second issue, only male/female with US-EN is ok. With DCS-SR-externalaudio.exe --help, I also can have GB-EN male, but I didn't succeed to generater message with this voice. Still on it.
  10. Any idea for a Pimax ? Neither "VR Wave" nor "VRopticians" have a solution for Pimax
  11. My godness! I didn't expect such sort ETA! I'll be glad to test it (allready installed many voices for DATIS )
  12. Any ETA for this? I'm using a lot STTS, so it would be great to have different voice for each emitter
  13. i found that there was a conflict between dice and vaicom. I completly solved my isuue by removing dice. I was again able to contact tankers. Very weird.
  14. unfortunatly, it is not efficient. The « texaco select » switch radio to the right freq, but when just 1 second after I tell « texaco approaching for refuel », Vaicom keep invoking the « nearest tanker when vaicom started ». I think the issue is Vaicom recognize the right callsign, but do not use it when creating the command.
  15. OK. Noted. I'll test it tonight and let U know
  16. one example here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier_Strike_Group_8 You have the CVN75, the CG-66 and the Destroyer Squadron 28. you'llfind all the detailled , nd the CW details in this page. You can search from there other CSG
  17. After several test in dedicated mission, it looks like Vaicom retrive the nearest tanker at spawn, and where/when ever you call for a tanker, it is stuck on this tanker... I did a test spawning near arco, fly 100nm away, 1nm from texaco, switch on texaco freq, but Vaicom still have the same behavior. (ie: generating command on arco, not texaco) If I restart vaicom inflight, then the "default" tanker is switch to the nearest tanker when vaicom starts...
  18. Old post, but I got the same error... Having a mission with plenty of tanker, no easy comm. When I select the freq of Texaco1 (cf picture), Vaicom logs confirmed I'm on the good freq, but "Texaco approaching for refuel" is generated to match another tanker, not the one selected on frequency... I tested both VSPX on and off, several modules, regen export.lua, reset keywords... I do not know what else I could do Any ideas?
  19. i don’t think it ws intended for VR. In my team, light visibility in night was difficult for all. VE enhance visibility issue
  20. and as a VR user, I can confirm this improvment is great
  21. got mine few month ago. not fully satisfied with dcs integration. so stopped using it. will retry with lastest beta.
  22. fyi, i received mine without any issue in december.
  23. No issue to center, as long as you put the max spring strength (50+40). I use the cam provided with the gunfighter base in december 2019. Not sure of the name. I’m very happy with the F18 grip on vkb. Same as the warthog base. I swap depending on my aircraft. And using the 20cm extension
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