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  1. Found something that is a little bit old school. ;) OST cover by Eagle Heart
  2. Great marshmallow and chocolate honey syrup sandwiches! Good to see these developments. :thumbup:
  3. Whoop Whoop! :bounce: :joystick::pilotfly:
  4. Very nice work guys! :thumbup:
  5. My guess is this issue could be due to sounder file configuration. Since v 1.5, new .lua files were added into the sound directory, located in the sounders sub-folder. Sounders files for naval vessel weapon systems can be found in your DCS World's sound folder in > Sounders/GroundUnits/WeaponSystem/Navy. There are lua files of the ships respective of their GT.Name. Copying and renaming a sounder lua file to the GT.Name of your ship mod will do, but considering the weapons are different, the sounder code in the .lua file will have to be altered.
  6. Already 1040 posts in this thread awaiting the Mirage 2000 since two weeks ago? 1040/14 = about 74 posts a day. On average of roughly 3 posts an hour. This bird is really anticipated like blazing low on the deck at full afterburner! :shocking: ::props dropped jaw up:: Well; when it is released, have fun. :joystick:
  7. In such a situation, pressing the key combo for launch permission override could do. But I tried and the Kh-31P's exploded right after launch. :doh: :P
  8. [joke]Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/sa +++![/joke] ;)
  9. Getting better and better. Looking forward to next release! :)
  10. I've got a portable Vornado I can stick on my table in the meantime. :P
  11. Cadarth

    NVG Mod

    No worries. ^_^ I'm glad that it worked out well for you Skull. :thumbup: Happy flying. :pilotfly: - Cad.
  12. Cadarth

    NVG Mod

    Alrighty, lets roll our sleeves up: First download the nvg_mod_1.0v4b3.zip found in post #147 of page 5 on this thread. It is the latest version and should be sufficient to use for both the A-10C and Ka-50 modules. You will need Notepad++ for part of this mod installation. If you don't have it, you can find it here: http://notepad-plus-plus.org Second, unzip the nvg_mod_1.0v4b3.zip to a location of your choice, the resulting folder has the following sub-folder structure: nvg_mod_1.0v4b3\DCS World\Bazar\shaders\PostMotionEffect\NightVisionGoogle nvg_mod_1.0v4b3\DCS World\Bazar\shaders\MaterialFactory The NightVisionGoogle sub-folder contains the nvg_mod.hlsl and nvd.fx files. The MaterialFactory sub-folder contains the laserbeam.hlsl file. It also has the NVG Mod Setup.exe program. This utility will calculate the Size, Centers, and Blurred Rim values for you to replace in the nvg_mod.hlsl file in this extracted nvg_mod_1.0v4b3 folder. As with other mods, it's always good to backup these folders found in your main dcs world folder. Third, we will use the NVG Mod Setup.exe program that was extracted. Run the program, and input in your desktop resolution (1920x1080) into the Total Render and Main Device fields beneath the Monitor Setup label in the utility. Then auto calculate the values by clicking on Calculate. Next copy the resulting following line from the Centers field: const float2 EYE_CENTER = float2(0.50000f,0.55000f); const float2 MASK_CENTER = float2(0.50000f,0.55000f); Run Notepad++, and use it to open the nvg_mod.hlsl file found in the nvg_mod_1.0v4b3 folder you extracted earlier. Go to lines 18 and 19, and select the following: const float2 EYE_CENTER = float2(0.25000f,0.55000f); const float2 MASK_CENTER = float2(0.50000f,0.55000f); replace it by pasting the Center lines that you copied above. Then we do a similar procedure with the following lines copied from the Output field: const float2 EYE_SIZE = float2(0.63281f,1.12500f); const float2 MASK_SIZE = float2(0.63281f,1.12500f); Go to lines 39 and 40 and select the following: const float2 EYE_SIZE = float2(0.29779f,1.05882f); const float2 MASK_SIZE = float2(0.59559f,1.05882f); and replace by pasting with the Output lines copied above. Now comes the last part, similarly we copy the following lines from the Blurred Rim field: const float INNER_RANGE_MIN = 0.800f; const float INNER_RANGE_MAX = 0.867f; const float OUTTER_RANGE_MIN = 0.917f; const float OUTTER_RANGE_MAX = 1.000f; const float INNER_RANGE_DIST_MIN = 0.850f; const float INNER_RANGE_DIST_MAX = 0.917f; Go to lines 114 to 119 and select the following: const float INNER_RANGE_MIN = 0.850f; const float INNER_RANGE_MAX = 0.900f; const float OUTTER_RANGE_MIN = 0.938f; const float OUTTER_RANGE_MAX = 1.000f; const float INNER_RANGE_DIST_MIN = 0.887f; const float INNER_RANGE_DIST_MAX = 0.938f; and replace by pasting with the Blurred Rim lines copied above. Then save the nvg_mod.hlsl file in Notepad++ and that is it. Take the Bazar folder containing the sub-folders with the modded files and replace in your DCS world folder. :)
  13. I found a program that is an alternative to Google translation's voice speech: http://mary.dfki.de I haven't compared the quality with Google's, but there is a demo page to test out different voices. :) Here is a secondary website of the above mentioned program: https://github.com/marytts/marytts Also a tutorial video:
  14. You can install BS1 as is. I did so out of box. :)
  15. Sweet Swooshing Sea Flankers! :D I'm pretty sure that It's still in the works right now.
  16. Based on the installer download for DCS World 1.2.6, the version number should be updated to Did you try a force update or repair using the shortcuts found in your Start Menu DCS World folder? If so did you try force running the updater using Run as Administrator? If you can't get the updater or repair functions to work, I think you might have to download all the 1.2.6 installer files for DCS World and the modules which you bought for a re-install. :( If the official torrents are the faster option, then I recommend getting the files that way. Glad to help. ^^
  17. I had a similar problem of finding my Eagle Dynamics folder gone in my windows 7 start menu. But this was due to me not being careful and unintentionally deleting the folder in start menu while in the process of cleaning up after uninstalling FC2, BS1, etc to free up harddrive space. :D I did the following as a quick go around until I have to download the installers at some point in the future: 1. Copy your desktop shortcut called DCS World, right click that copied shortcut and select properties. 2. In the shortcut tab of DCS World Properties in Target that is beneath Target Location is the following "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe"or something similar depending on your customized install settings. 3. Change by adding update a space after DCS_updater.exe" like this "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" update 4. Click the Apply and OK buttons. 5. Rename the copied shortcut to Update DCS World. 6. Also make another copy from DCS World shortcut as above Change in similar manner as above from "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" to "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" repair 7. Click the Apply and OK buttons. 8. Rename the copied shortcut to Repair DCS World. Run Repair or update and see if this works for you. ^^ I also made a new Eagle Dynamics Folder on desktop with a DCS World subfolder and added those modified shortcuts as well as the copied unedited DCS World and DCS Multiplayer Shortcuts, and moved them into that DCS World subfolder. I then moved the Eagle Dynamics folder with said subfolder and shortcuts into Start Menu by dragging them. But this may be unnecessary. Hope this helps. ^^
  18. Peace be with you, JuJuman. :(
  19. Why the Mi-8? Well... This is why. ^^ I know its not an Mi-8MT/Mi-17, but close enough. :P Note, embedding was disabled by request of the uploader so youtube tags couldn't work.
  20. Ah, its good to have the Friday update, kinda like the roasty nutty smell of freshly ground coffee. ;) A-10A works nicely now. ^_^ Edit: Ah well, still a little to iron out from what others say, but otherwise still good. ^^
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