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  1. Hi there, Friends and I, flying DCS, are having fun. But we have a request to see improvements in AAR radio calls. What we ask for is described in AJP (NATO documentation) We should get to tanker in echelon left "area" prior to be clear contact. Then we should request to proceed astern, then request contact and, post refueling, we should ask for echelon right then request to leave tanker. In addition to that we wish to have "rolling" calls. ROLLLING IN and ROLLING OUT seconds prior actual actions. What do you guys think about that? Is that something we can expect one day? Thanks for any remarks
  2. Nothing happens when i click Start Button. As you mentioned this is not the lastest version, and i'm upgrading it ATM. I'm checking for port 8088, where it can be used other than on the server.... EDIT: Port was the actual problem! Thank you for helping me
  3. Hello, I use to run DCS Dedicated Open beta server, but since a month or so, it crahes every time i launch it. Yesterday i uninstalled it and made a new install, deleting everything from the previous install. So starting with a "brand new" install, i launched it and this time the server is not starting. As you can see from the screenshot attached to this, I have the DCS Dedicated OB server window, Local Web GUI up and running. Once connected, there is no way to make it run. In addition to that, in the task manager window, the process for DCS is showing me CPU load to 0%. I'm not an expert and i will appreciate some help please. Log attached dcs.log
  4. Hello, i'd like to install DCS: Marianas via the "DCS_updater.exe" command but i can't find the correct name of the module to install. Do you know where i can find it please? Edit found it : DCS_Updater install MARIANAISLANDS_terrain
  5. Understood what you mean. I fly the Hornet and I change my settings 5/6 times per flight. QFE then crossing A/D CTR i set QNH as per mission briefing, then crossing TRANSITION ALTITUDE i set standard, except if we brief to be QNH all flight long. What is missing in my statement is an example: So I set a Tanker at 21000ft MSL So with QNH as reference. let's say 30.85 all in ME. Flying the mission: I join the tanker 1000ft below so typically flying at 20000ft. So I set 30.85 in my Hornet, and as i reach te tanker, LotAtc sees it at 21000ft, F2 view sees it at 21000 and in cockpit flying along with the tanker my alt is approx 20200ft. But we are 21000ft AGL (remember MSL in ME) As long AI aircraft do not respect input in ME if we can have a choice with SAS everybody should be at the right altitude if everybody respect SAS. I want it at 21000ft not at 20200ft. if we can have the ability to set every AI assets at the same setting it would be easier.
  6. Hello It might be useful to have the ability to choose the altimeter settings in mission editor. We may have to choose AGL, QNH or Standard Altimeter Setting when we create the mission.
  7. Thank you. This is exactly what I was expecting in DCS doc files. You made the job and this is looking great. I will try fighting with this For my knowledge just one question, do you remember when you did assess all those numbers?
  8. I totally do agree with your statement but we might have some default values depending on altitude block. Regarding a flight I made a few days ago I can aassume a tail WEZ Aim-120b block 2, 0.8M, is approx. 9 Nm. So I can estimate Mar etc... Thanks anyway for answering
  9. Hi. Does anybody know where/how to get numbers within DCS of A/A missiles? Mostly Aim-120 (and other F3s if possible) I'm looking for MAR or Tail WEZ... I didn't find it neither on the forum, nor in DCS docs folders... Thanks for helping me
  10. Thank you for your help, it works fine now. I didn't realize i had mods except officials one, I think i just copied and pasted my Saved Games directory from release to OB. As I didn't install mods manually, i didn't expect to have any. Sorry for that
  11. I will once I'll be back home Envoyé de mon VOG-L29 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Repaired twice before posting my issues. Specs are : Intel I7 9700 Nvidia RTX 2070 32go ram SSD for both install Envoyé de mon VOG-L29 en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Hi everybody. I'm starting using OB. So far I was only flying on stable version and since Syria came out I tried OB. Now what's my issue?! Everytime I try to connect a server, DCS crashes. Back to desktop. That's it. Stable works fine. I tried twice a repair for OB but still crashes. and I have a second issue. Sometimes, IC are not OK and OB is full stock. I didn't add any mods. Maybe these are linked? Don't know But creating my own server everything is OK. Thanks for your help
  14. Thank both of you... You were right. I did apply different filter thinking it was the good one. Sorry for that. Now, I will enjoy that KC10...
  15. I checked it but no joy... Thanks for the answer
  16. Hello, Having same issue than some of you have posted here. Since last release update I can't select MAM aircraft in ME for AI flight. Mostly looking for KC10... I can fly a mission with MAM aircraft scripted in it, but unable to create one with them. I did follow every step described to install it. If anybody can help, I would appreciate...
  17. Hey everyone Finally I did find solution to my request thanks to this thread. Many minor changes on script and I'm good to go. Thanks https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=153967&page=2
  18. Hello, For the context: I'm using scripts - CTLD for my AFAC to lautolase. - MOOSE mainly for airboss script I made my own training mission and i'm looking for any help to make a single tanker having two orbits on it's trigger. So for my help request: I scripted TEXACO11 1 KC135MPRS with 5 WPTs including the spawn one where the only commands are set for freq and AIRTAC and task TANKER. On WPT1 set orbit race track fl230 spd 370kts WPT2 nothing to allow the race track to be done On WPT3 set orbit race track fl230 spd 370kts WPT4 nothing to allow the race track to be done Triggers for tanker are set for tanker to switch WPT3 and a second one to WPT1. Mission trigger are set with radio item with flag. FLAG xx ON - AI TASK SET - TEXACO11 SWITCH WAYPOINT3 FLAG xy ON - AI TASK SET - TEXACO11 SWITCH WAYPOINT1 In the mission the tanker switch from first orbit to wpt 3 but on a circular pattern despite it was scripted for a race track. So I can't use my tanker after switching to the second orbit. If needed i can attach the mission. But at least any help would be appreciated. Mitchos
  19. Hello, thanks for your advice. I did twice because of my inputs I wasn't ready to loose. The second time I left it clean and that's working now. I still have an ALERT but it's not the same as the log I posted, but it's working Thank you again
  20. Thanks for answering. I'll check right after work. I'll let you know when I'm good ????????
  21. Hello, Since re-install of DCS release, i'm not able to connect any multiplayer server. I can't figure it out... See log attached. I can get to servers but when i tried to connect i'm back on Windows desktop without any message. If anybody can help, it would be great. thanks dcs.log
  22. Hey, just found out that with this tool "updated" with the very last version (see first post of the thread) you can add any module to your dedicated server. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2666866 I'm currently looking at my Dedicated to see if it this is working properly.----This is it!!!!! Enjoy guys
  23. Hello I do have the issue with RAMP start or Parking Hot. No matter what i choose, only on my dedicated server i spawn airborne . With my own computer launching a new server i spawn cold or hot... So dedicated server without SC is not working...
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