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  1. Negative G's, the Mig does not like them at all. Engine shutdown is the immediate side-effect.
  2. There is a bug with the ARC needle where it does not rotate after passing the station, it will continue to point in the same direction unless you either cycle ARC channels or turn 45 degrees away from it then back again. It's been reported but didn't make it in to the previous patch.
  3. Fix is here > http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2207115&postcount=8
  4. Skulleader I have added a fix in uboats thread for you guys.
  5. This will fix it temporarily until it is either removed in a future update (as Rudel said don't think its an official skin now, as its x2 the size of the other skins and also does not have the low resolution version) or fixed by LNS. Unzip anywhere and copy description.lua MiG-21Bis_LOWREZ_1.dds MiG-21Bis_LOWREZ_2.dds To: Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Liveries\MiG-21Bis\Factory Test\ You will have to let it overwrite description.lua but the two texture files needed for distance are not included in the original so it will just add those. Mig21FactorySkinFix.zip
  6. Seems the gear can become damaged, brushing the tail on the runway during takeoff or as others have said having too high descent speed on touchdown can both break the gears ability to retract.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but fixing it is as simple as copying the "Custom" section from the version that Colseg uploaded into the new updated input.lua from this previous patch.
  8. And done lol: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2205098 just pick one of the 4 versions.
  9. After seeing a few request for it I made a very simple mod replacing hud and cockpit glass texture for the Mig-21 with one of 4 versions to choose from: v1_50 - 50% reduction in hud glass and/or cockpit glass dirt v2_100 - 100% reduction in hud glass and/or cockpit glass dirt v3_150 - 150% reduction in hud glass and/or cockpit glass dirt v4_clear - Almost full reduction in hud glass and/or cockpit glass dirt This simply reduces the visibility of the dirt in the alpha channel of the original textures. Install: Extract zip file anywhere and Copy MiG-21_Cockpit folder from the version folder of your choice into: Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Textures\ (final filepath once copied should look like this: Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Textures\MiG-21_Cockpit\CanopyGlass2.tga.dds Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Textures\MiG-21_Cockpit\Hud_Glass.dds if you don't want clearer hud or cockpit glass remove either CanopyGlass2.tga.dds (for canopy glass) or Hud_Glass.dds (for HUD glass) from MiG-21_Cockpit folder. Uninstall: Remove MiG-21_Cockpit folder from Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Textures\ DL LINK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/916762/Mig21_Cockpit_Hud_Glass.zip
  10. Yep its Toby's not the low & slow version but the normal version. Thanks guys, it's really nothing much though, I'm no texture artist at all sadly, All I did was spend an hour or so cutting out anything that wasn't panels onto new layers then desaturated what was left and then applied colour as overlay to that to change the shading, this is why it's still the same texture, just a different hue basically. I did mess with doing a green one before, but the trouble is without repainting the texture (ie. doing it properly lol) it's quite hard to get the correct shade of green, not to mention I would need to cut out and layer some extra stuff that didn't matter so much in Grey. Here is the green version as it is: (as you can see some of the stuff needs seperating onto another layer, such as the nose gear beak level etc.)
  11. Not quite the same but I have the 970 with the 344.16 drivers and have had no issues at all. CPU is i72600k @ 3.4 if it's any help.
  12. Nailed it :) Yeah, can't live without those 3 lol. Cockpit is just a re-colour for fun, also love the blue but just playing with different shades for the original texture. Would love to see somebody do a modern re-texture on the interior.
  13. Tetra

    SPRD-99 problem

    Have had the same issue also, jettisoned them shortly after takeoff and a while later had an unexplained boom sound followed by the frame shuddering as described. Never seems to occur unless I have had the JATO's equipped.
  14. Good stuff, haven't tested much so far but have gained about 14fps in the cockpit just sitting on the runway at Kutasi :) Also a significant reduction in load time too!
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