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  1. Is there any update on any of this?
  2. grant977

    The Bag

    I saw a screen shot in the screens shot thread with a Japanese ah64 with the bag. Does this actually work or just texturing?
  3. Spotted the deck and slow I close with not enough power and taxi 1… Not bad for the army hahaha.
  4. Bell 407 would be the better civil model. Similar rotor system.
  5. Wow. Just for curiosity if one was to have one made how much?
  6. Airspeed call outs are very important for me. He does ok calling bandits but if I go no joy we’re probably dead soon anyway.
  7. I won’t launch on fighter aircraft with phoenix until 45 to 50 nm with the mk 60 motor and will wait till 40 to 35 if it’s the smaller motor. Bombers have at it 80nm and in with TWS. These rules get me usually 3 in that mission.
  8. Hopefully at some he will be able to target more than at my LOS.
  9. Is it possible yet to have George search for targets at a waypoint, target point or caq?
  10. Where is dimmer for the engine gauges on the B model cat?
  11. The very fun thing to watch is if we get the Air Force variant with no guns and only wired for the aim4 falcon and aim 7s…
  12. This looks awesome. What’s the procedure for moving it to different maps.
  13. Why you using flood lights anyway when on approach. You want the pit as dark as possible and the gauges just readable.
  14. Boat speed affects 2 things. 1. The burble 2. How much costs wind component. The more own wind the boat creates the more this will be. Assuming that if there is natural wind the boat is turned to put that down the runway. Other than that there is no different between a 30kt natural head wind and a 30 it boat head wind to you it’s the same. Your approaching the boat at the same Ground speed for the on speed air speed your on. Don’t over think it.
  15. Cool thank you. I did not recognize it all.
  16. Love this ahaha. Off topic but Old Dog what aircraft is you FE panel pic from?
  17. May I be the devils advocate. Any BFM in peace time of course they won’t use it and they will have g limits to abide by for airframe longevity sake. With that said you are in a real life or death engagement any pilot will utilize whatever he has there are no rules or restrictions. Who cares if the jet breaks if your alternative is getting shot or trying to live.
  18. Just a question from curiosity. Why is it considered cheating to us paddle? Does the flight model not bleed enough energy when that is utilized? Ya it gives you more Gs but that should be at a cost. I don’t fly the bug much in BFM the cat is my primary ride. I ask this as information for when I go up against Bugs.
  19. Is there a way for this to work via webpage interface as I have an iPad and would love to find a way for this to work. This looks like the best of the ufc apps.
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