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  1. The maps are quasi fictional anyway are they not? I just read a thread where the OP complained about incorrect terrain and roadways surrounding a particular lake area. The response from (I want to say Ed but may have been 3rd party) was maps were never supposed to be accurate. add to it a nice valley flight through the caucuses where every 3 min you fly over an identical town with identical temple and houses. Unless they go full tilt MS FS type deal, its all McPlayland. Interesting how some would like things more realistic while some would actually like it less. Almost as if different people might have different opinions but thats a silly thought….
  2. Exhibit of pompousness noted. Thanks for clarifying my point to the op. One more for my ignore….(Rhyme??)
  3. To the OP, While I for one appreciate your opinion and thus don’t think you a heretic, you have entered bizarro world where fantasy meets reality and the words you speak may very well have you nailed to a virtual cross. This is a world where some actually think they can fly real planes based in this simulator. A world where some think it’s cool enough to mention to a girlfriend. A world where some actually strap up in flight kit and think it’s cool. In this world, some choose to overlook obvious differences from actual flight such as being able to turn ones head an inch and see your six, yet cannot get over themselves enough to deal with a vR experience where a head can go through an imaginary cockpit window. Some are “real pilots”, that ignore the lack of g forces and can manipulate a dial or switch without having to compensate for motion. That’s realistic! But use a snap view?, rookie!!!! Btw, I keep getting shot down so the F18 (or Bug to those in the know) is Nerfed. (Slang for I suck). To some, their scores make them feel good and even feel as though they must cheat to run up kill statistics that mean zip to anyone but themselves. We have Rivet counters that fly with a keyboard, how does that square?? Ignore the fact that you don’t actually die so you can pull maneuvers your body can’t actually handle. G’s? Naw, not in this hyper realistic world! Did I tell you that I landed the F14 on the Stennis my first try? (That would be the “turkey” if you please, oh and not land but rather “hit a wire” ) What's with these Navy wussies? its a piece of cake…. Folks here complain left and right about free servers, where dedicated guys spend countless hours setting up complex scenarios. How dare they take half their free time and create a scenario thats “unbalanced”? Where I can’t load what I want on my aircraft from any farp! What gives with the gall of always allowing blue the advantage?? Here, Capt. Is a looser because his website makes more money than mine. So don’t follow his advice… Yes the list goes on in this bizarre world. BTW, Don’t you dare call it a game, it’s a study level sim pal, where only the mighty and most dedicated hold their heads up high. Where the procedure is the actual life like procedure, THE ONLY WAY TO START AN AIRPLANE! (until the next instruction update anyway) Wish list! Naw, people here will tell you what your wishes should be. Choose acceptable wishes or be chastised!! Performance issues? Hell, it’s buttery smooth pal, and if you choose VR, well that’s unacceptable and performance is your fault. Flat screen is the way to go here because its more realistic than a 3d environment. (Because “they” say so”). Hey, btw, your not having stutters because my screen looks awesome… Just remember, if you choose to engage one of the “experts “ in a ear of words, they are skilled in the art of twisting words, the use of the popular term “straw man argument” And lastly, if cornered will not hesitate to go after your speling, grammar and punctuation.(catch what Indid there?) Yet, here WE are and you will find that the silent majority want to just have FUN! (Blasphemy!!). It’s far from “plug and play” Learn at your own pace, ask questions, ignore the know it alls and use your ignore feature. There are many normal folks around, they just have learned to have fun and stay silent. IT’S A Game! Enjoy! safe skies!
  4. Copy that. My apologies yet again
  5. All this begs the question. Capt. And Wags used to be tight(maybe still are?) Makes a guy wonder if somebody with a W in their name is icing Capt. Due to click jealousy….. Purely a hypothetical
  6. Just one more attempt for a player to become a “star bellied Sneech”. Einstein had a theory, no need to probe that here either….
  7. Sorry misread. I thought title was Russian credibility gone. my bad…..
  8. Yet another shining example of the Does this mean you are the whiner in question?
  9. Wow, just wow… You guys are right. What an awesome stack of improvements!!! Just took a while for me to get through them frame by frame at 30fps to notice. My bad. But your right, ultimately I’m not being forced to be a consumer of your product. Oh, and they’re just military drills…..
  10. Maybe I misunderstand the definition of core improvements and with all due respect, every single one of the items you listed resulted in worse performance in term’s of fps (in a vr environment admittedly). Not sure I’d be so aggressively attacking the op and tooting your hooter…..
  11. Thanks. That’s what I was looking for. Hadn’t gotten that deep into any of the planes before I unplugged.
  12. I’m still confused. If it “magically works”. Then why is the op asking for it to be added? I get it. Older aircraft never had it, some had transponder’s only, some the full montie. Are you asking that every aircraft have its respective systems functional as original or are you asking for a generic “everyone has it” function? As for as how complicated it would be, thus increasing team kills that seems illogical. Something is always better than nothing and remember its a “study level sim”. Seems to me if you can learn to start the engine, radio or work the radars IFF would just require the appropriate learning. And yes I understand the whole visual ID thing but thats a doctrine not “the way the systems were designed” thing. Not trolling, just can’t figure out what’s being asked.
  13. Having a functional IFF will increase friendly fire??? How so??
  14. Go take a bubble bath dude. Who are you to tell the op what his opinion is or if it’s valid… True to some degree and admittedly VR is a smaller slice. But for me as an example. I have the money. I could get that 3090. Move up to a faster I9 than the one I have. Heck, I can go by multiple cpu’s if need be but if it doesn’t make a bit of difference, why would I. so maybe there is additional revenue to be made simply by optimizing the product? Can’t say for sure naturally because I can’t see the whole picture but….
  15. Opinion heard and respected. That said, I can crank my index and DCS setting to the max and as long as I don’t move, it’s absolutely stunning( not 4 k but ya know…) In order to get it to run remotely smooth it looks Like a dirty proctoscope lense in an unclean colon! The goggles work’ Yes the PC tech needs to catch up but if I throw a 2080ti at it, and it runs the same or worse than my old 1080, That to me SEEMS, like it’s the software. As much as I love it, and I am just one guy I realize, no money until they fix the roof and foundation. I’m not putting any more paint on a leaky house and I just can’t do the Monitor thing…
  16. On the subject of new revenue, I haven’t bought a module since the release of the super carrier. After that, flat out quit flying because of performance in VR ( and my system is no fluff). Want a 3090 and the Phantom soooo bad but not a single penny of revenue from my wallet will be transacted unless Multicore, Vulcan or whatever program improvements it takes to stop the slideshow without turning my VR resolution down to “beer goggles” are completed. Maybe I’m the only guy, dunno…. And yes,I’m sure your “that guy” who has butter smooth VR performance that’s crystal clear, so you can skip that reply! (Generic “your “ not referring to Norman99 or anyone in particular:)). It could be so cool!! Fingers crossed, wallet closed.
  17. Fair enough. Should have left that part out. I think the experience of flying an F4 off of any carrier far exceeds the non realistic portion of exterior animations. Although, over time they would make a great addition, they shouldn’t create a delay in getting the planes on the decks.
  18. I guess to adequately answer your question in the clearest and “most general terms” you first have to let us know what “clarify “ really stands for…. Didn’t even get to page two before the first circle jerk about timelines started….
  19. Must y’all be reminded that what we have here is code that creates pictures and code that creates actions. These are not real planes or ships. IF one of the manufacturers decides that they want their aircraft to launch from any of the ships we have coded, all they have to do is write more code. They don't need bridal catchers and different shuttle’s ect….. if you look close, most aircraft wheels don't even touch the surface of the ground…. So many people keep saying “you can’t “ just to hear themselves type How much waisted bandwidth did we have with the “you can’t have more than two engines” crowd? Viola, c130 mod, go figure!! Now realism? Thats a whole different argument…
  20. If it was easy, every pilot would be trapping on a carrier. I guess my point was that yes, it’s a high end sim, but flying fighter jets off carriers can’t be this easy. That said, I will never have the ability to compare(because I would end up dead).
  21. I jumped in day one, launched from the stennis, flew around for a bit and landed albeit a tad ugly first try. What does that tell you about accuracy??
  22. You want a smooth map? Better get a trip tik…..
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