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  1. This happens to me quite a lot. If you go to the WPN page you can see the hellfires are not selected. I usually get George to cycle weapons, disengage, cycle master arm, George comes back online but i'm not sure exactly what fixes him.
  2. You want symmetry from a helicopter?
  3. What confuses me in DCS is that when you trim coordinated, in external view you clearly have a massive crab, as opposed to NTT where flight looks "coordinated". How does flying crabbed be classed as "aerodynamic" and more fuel efficient?
  4. yeah id like to get a friend in the CPG seat, trial would be sweet.
  5. Def worth it! I fly 90% online but solo. I fly pilot & George does fine as CPG but needs a kick in arse sometimes. That being said, other night had a random human CPG join my Apache and what a hoot that was
  6. Aerobatics server is always populated, great free flight server.
  7. But the Apache has all the wiring installed so fitting the AIM9 would be easy
  8. George is typically mapped on a 4 way hat switch. Just map the usual Left Right Up Down. These are your SP & LP keys. LP is initiated with a LONG Press (0.5 seconds) of the SAME hat switch key/button/hat switch button thingy.... I cant make it any more simple for you.
  9. George does just fine with LOAL HI launches.. Just tried in MP with success, target sitting behind tree line. You are correct though if you have a human CPG.
  10. It hasn't been released yet. But very soon, possibly.
  11. I've never used Target either. You can still short or long press without using mapping software. SP/LP is nothing new, it's been with the A-10C since release. Edit: To clarify SP is basically an everyday key/hatswitch bind, a quick press initiates the bind. LP is simply holding the key or hatswitch for (usually) 0.5 seconds which then initiates the LP key bind. No need for mapping software.
  12. Don't worry your not going crazy. I had this issue repeatedly a few patches ago. Not recently tho. Only in the F-16. It seemed to me like DCS would recalibrate my throttle 5-10% forward so i'd have to unplug & plug throttle USB back in. Im using a TM Warthog. Absolutely no issues with my stick glitching or whatever
  13. I did not request anything. I was simply showing how i set up my counter measures through the UFC so i can dispense one chaff OR one flare via CMS fwd & CMS Left. That's all.
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