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  1. Pretty sure every A10c pilot has dropped two or three 87's and said "Well, that was worthless" The CBU87 visual effect is one of the best in the game. Im going to use this to great effect. Thanks for the Fix! bart
  2. Why does The DCS Server Boot up and Crash? This App works fine for a week, then stops. Now everytime i boot DCS my settings are deleted, video settings, audio, special settings. This all happened at the same time. PLaying DCS.. App quit, Display monitor quit, sim went wild. Now Server wont load, and settings in DCS are messed up
  3. I just reinstalled DCS on new SSD, use ihopiworks export app. tonight, my exporter stopped, my export display, sim went crazy. When i rebooted, the Options settings are blank. My video settings, reset. the App boots and quits. Every time i boot, again, its resets. (i changes audio, rudder trim, cockpit specials, video settings... every time i boot up) This is the second time ive had this problem. I cant afford 200 gigs worth of data to reinstall again. Whats the problem?
  4. Im still unclear how this works. I found old keybinds in the saved games config folder. Now i save to the planes key or joystick folder, as needed. but for years i saved to a single file, not in any folder. And it worked. But looks like the file only saved the last changes made, and was then written over. I still dont get it.. why it worked, when i did it wrong. Or why it went wrong under some circumstances but not others. Makes my pucker hurt.
  5. alright. i assumed they were all saved to a save file, since i was prompted to do so, instead of each individual keybind folder. i guess keys and joysticks are separate too. and all in different folders. Clunky. Thanks guys ill just start saving each category to a new file
  6. I constantly lose Keybinds. I save to the same file, anytime i need to use that file after an install or error.. it doesnt work. Example, i just reinstalled onto a new SSD, i saved the LUA from the old game, loaded it, nothing. (The file itself is like 10kb, contains hardly anything) How does Keybind Saving work? I use the same file for all modules. Ex "DCSKEYBINDS.lua" Reprogramming 300 keybinds everytime i have a problem with DCS is affecting my mental health.
  7. Got a new SSD. I "cut" then "pasted" DCS from my HDD to my new SSD. I sometimes run IHOPIworks Device Server. Screen Exporter Every MFCD in the game is now blank. A10cii, Ka50, Harrier (with export app not running or not) Im Constantly losing my Game Settings. (Once a day i have to change Audio levels/Music off, change cockpits to english, turn on rudder trim in Special, driving me nuts) The Export App, starts then disappears. I cant run it, even if i wanted to. I deleted, SCRIPTS folder in the Users/SavedGames I ran repair a couple days ago, no change. This morning, DCS is crashing just trying to boot fast-game to take screenshots I pay for data.. so id rather not re-download 200 gigs. I spend more time trying to fix DCS than playing it.
  8. I just purchased a 500gb SSD, installed the card in the computer, and have booted up the computer. HOW DO I: 1. Initialize the new SSD to run ED's DCS the best possible way 2. Does windows need its own partition to speed up ops? 3. Can DCS be copied to the new SSD (without download hundreds of gigs of maps and modules) 4. Any special tips and tricks, for a smooth game thanks for your time.
  9. When i start a mission, i take off in the back seat. I engage 4 AP. level off on my approach. when i switch to front seat.. back seat AI, slams the collective down, then slowly pulls it up, then down, then up. it doesnt stop. constant bobbing. I cant find out what its compensating for. Is there a way to make the platform stable, for proper ATGM use?
  10. sometimes i can fly mission and see my wingman on my tads sometimes i start a mission, and they arent there.
  11. I Love Manual... *break in voice* I Love Manual..
  12. ATGM camera wildly misaligned? Battle Damage, Bug, AI conflict? - DCS: Mi-24P Hind - ED Forums (eagle.ru) Is this what happened to your ATGM?
  13. The camera is tilted at 45 degrees. The Chopper is upright. Full left camera, starts at 30 degrees RIGHT. The Camera Cone doesnt seem right. The slew and scroll is funky, doesnt go where i want it. Didnt want to slew downward. In these images you can see the rock formation. This means the Camera field of view is somewhere centered around 90 degrees, and potato shaped? Anyone?
  14. I see it now. There is an entirely different key set, not related to SIM binds. Thanks Man! This is perfect. Hey, do you know any good cheat sheets with all the AI commands on it?
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