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  1. Hey peeps! Its been a while. Stuka for sure.
  2. hey CHPL, just wanted to say I wish you would remove the Ka-50s from the mission 5-1. Getting killed by their 30mm on the top LZ3 and LZ4 needs also a smoke marker. That is all. Thanks
  3. I wouldnt hold my breath, I would just locally disable it and remove the files...
  4. I dont know if I am right, BUT, if you bolter, establish a clearing turn from BRC then climb 500 feet for 7 miles and parallel BRC for 10 miles ahead of the boat, then turn downwind and contact ATC. The holding pattern differs for II and III but if you are briefed to the marshal, this is where you want to start contacting ATC. I am sure I will be corrected.
  5. Absolutely not! Maybe give the option to disable but I like it. A 2D guy like me likes it.
  6. The campaign does not update air to air kills count of player.
  7. Voted. I really want to see the RWR buffed up. The CMS suite with towed decoy fully implemented, and the GM radar.
  8. that is tire grip - a ground behaviour feature, in a new module, not basic flight characteristic of a supposedly old module still getting its fixes since release... The worst part is I am saying calculating NRAS, not pitch carets. I am sure both are valuable, otherwise, it would have been etched on the HUD regardless of weight or be changeable in the ODU to begin with.
  9. This is nonesense considering the change of CG and weight and loadouts change happening every second...
  10. Its been 9 years and still no definitive means of getting wind correected munitions over a few vehicles dead center, with emphasis on wind corrected
  11. VREST calculation stuck at 60° nozzle regardless of weight, wind, conditions, and pressure. Inability to change NRAS because you dont know how to calculate NRAS because it is not written in the first place in the manual how to calculate it. Not even type it on ODU from scratchpad. Basic, plane specific calculations... Similarly, pictch carets could numerical value change on ODU but you dont know how to calculate it in the first place. And to top it off, you are not sure about the flight model response to these numbers...:mad:
  12. And here we are 2020, and this is basic functionality unresolved...
  13. Look at all the threads discussing NRAS and pitch caret and not a single word from the devs on how to do a proper RVTO/STO/VTO after all the changes to the flight model. Not even bothered to change manual to reflect that the NRAS is now changeable.
  14. Would you care to explain how this is different to say the spitfire?
  15. I clicked my name top right and about find threads started by to see last poster and reply. Once again, thank you. Besides that I have been on and off lately.
  16. Well I am not part of any squadron but registered. I assume that is alright for singleplayer or multiplayer traps?
  17. Makes sense, but what is your stick? Do you have a centering mechanism? What is your equipment, virtual pilot brother?
  18. Oh my god, so sorry.. :huh: Didnt notice it until well over two years..
  19. This should be included in the manual... Scratch that, this should be officially endorsed and added to the game. Thank you.
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