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  1. Just watched Wags' video again and 'DMS left long' seems to be what I need. Thx all.
  2. Anyone know what the keybind is called for the HMCS power switch? I dont seem to be able to find it.
  3. Pardon my ignorance but can anyone explain the major differences between this and the P-51? I own the P-51 and i like flying it from time to time to scratch the WWII itch, but is this plane different enough from it that it would be worth a buy or would i be better getting something such as the spitfire or a German plane?
  4. I've been looking all over the forums for this, same exact thing is happening to me. The HSI is showing the correct flight path for the missile (first heading to the wp then turning on the bearing) but when I fire it doesn't go to the wp first, just immediately turns on the bearing. ..and i just noticed the edit in the above message. Sorry, but glad to hear its a reported bug.
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