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  1. Hello all, I was getting somewhere on my original thread and it got closed due to something about "race". I didn't see it, but please keep the race comments out and lets try again. I was advised to contact the U.S Store (Good idea!) but I see no contact info besides FB. I did send a FB message, no responese yet. A link to anyone who represents Winwing in the U.S would be VERY helpful. As for the UPDATE: Winwing is now continually asking me to "close the case and we will send the parts". Paypal of course says do nothing of the sort, and basically they should not even be saying that. Paypal told me that, by closing the dispute, I would have no way to get any recourse. Winwing also claimed, the dispute will effect their record somehow, but Paypal says there is nothing like that. I told WInwing no matter what, they need to get in touch with Paypal, and all I am asking for is what I literally just got done paying for (Pay in 4). It very much seems like they have no intent on replacing the part. I literally am going to be stuck with a bunch of switches and no throttle. Please share any links to the U.S store. Thank you for your sympathy and help flight sim fam, This is actually surprisingly stressful Fang
  2. Thank you man! I responded up top where I am at with this, still no luck. Either way, the kind words go a long way!
  3. UPDATE: I was looking forward to coming on here and praising Winwing! BUT IT GOT WORSE. Recap: Winwing got in touch with me after the vacation, things were looking up. I put the throttle together and I realized, I somehow do not have the left throttle handle. I thought I had everything, but honestly things with Fed Ex were so bad (the packages got trapped in both customs, seperated after customs and sent all over the U.S by Fed Ex, instead of the targeted 4 days, it took over 2 weeks, arriving separately) that Fed Ex offered a full refund. Winwing was not interested in it, so I never got it. None the less, Winwing REPEATEDLY assured me, they have my back, and they will send replacements. The tech team then handed me over to a shipping lady who, in a day gave me a new tracking number for the replacement parts. I literally felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders, I was so ecstatic. Then the "REPLACEMENT SETS" arrived. Screws. They sent, Fed Ex, International Priority me screws. Screws for a problem that I already was able to fix with the tech guy. I had translated the message in Chinese that the tech guy sent to the shipping lady. It said basically said, "please replace the SETS and screws for the customer". I figured, okay, well they must have messed up. I wrote them back. A day goes by. The shipping lady apologized that her English was not good (despite the message the tech guy sent being in Chinese) and she asked me to RESEND PICTURES ALREADY IN THE EMAIL. (This is the 3rd time they asked me to upload something already in the thread). She also was nice, and confirmed that, I have the screws now, I am just missing the handles. She asked to send me a picture of the box, which I did. A day goes by. The next email the tone shifts. She says that that is "impossible" and that I need to check around again. Also that she "wouldnt know what to tell her boss" or something along that matter. I instantly replied back that I had been assured multiple times not to worry about this, AND even IF I HAD LOST the handle, THE OTHER HANDLE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED BECAUSE THE SWITCH FREAKN HURTS MY FINGER! (After 2 weeks of fiddling with the switch issue, I mounted it to the levers to find that when the switch grinds the sidewall, the spikey grips of the switch rub jaggedly across the tip of my finger!) I told her, tell him I needed a replacement either way! Tell him I have been going back and forth about this since September, multiple people assure me dont worry! No response. I even reluctantly offered to pay for the shipping (despite Fed Ex already owing me a refund). No response. Today, I opened up a dispute with Pay Pal. My final payment and exchange window ends in 3 days. This was literally the last thing I wanted to do. I was so excited about Winwing, I think I even sold an Orion for them. And thats my Winwing Experience. I have no idea what will happen, but I literally give it a 0% chance that I will ever see a whole Orion. Attatched is snippets of the hell I have gone through. I've tried to be as fair and understanding as I can. I WANT to love Winwing, but its almost 2 months now. Thanks all for your responses earlier, Fang
  4. So I am writing this for 2 reasons: 1. To share my experience since following this thread, so others may possibly avoid going down my path. 2. Is to get answers and move on. Since August I have been trying to purchase a magnet sensor for my Cougar. For whatever reason this whole time I have been unable to get either a link to purchase, an ETA, or anything but a random response, every few months. Rel4y apologizes, says he was on vacation, asks me to either specify what I want to order, or just doesn't mention my requests to a purchase link. Then he disappears. Yet I see he was on here just 4 hours ago... I have a broken Cougar that has needed attention for months, and I cannot help but to think that I am being avoided on purpose, for whatever reason. I especially think that becuase the last email I sent was 5 days ago. In it, Rel4y said he somehow didn't understand what part I wanted to purchase, despite literally having a picture of the part, in the prior email he responded to. Plus, I have an email thread going back to at least August, of me requesting a way to purchase. Eachtime, the response gets sidetracked, when I request a Paypal Link, or way to purchase. If anyone can help me find a magnet sensor like the ones pictured in this thread, please let me know. I need them for 2 Cougars. Desperately, apparently.
  5. Thank you! Very well written I appeciate that, and all the replys (even the slightly snarky) I most certainly will give Winwing sometime. I'm no spring chicken to the sim world, so I know these things happen. Just FYI they are the 2nd company to disappear on me during troubleshooting this month, hence my concern. I'm glad to hear they are vacation honestly. They were very responsive up until then. I was also impressed with the quality of the product otherwise. I'm glad to hear your issues were minor and fixable! Thanks all Fang
  6. 1. Yes I see that it says they are now on holiday, this was not the case when I started the conversation with them, and this is why I came on here to ask what I am missing. 2. I live in the U.S. Here in the U.S we have to pay shipping, taxes, and sometimes even import fees. I was literally qouting the total off of my Pay Pal account. 3. Pictured is HALF of the joystick and products I purchased in the last 2 months. The other half is underneath it. ALL of them have problems and ALL of them the seller or manufacturer want me to open up and take a look. Some of them are brand new items, (not just Winwings) and when you are a serious simmer like me, who sinks $1000s on sim hardware this adds up. I have already opened Winwings product up 3 times and I have not even plugged it in yet. Lastly, another simmer thinks there may be a casting problem, which was secretly my opinion but I wanted to be fair. Sanding will do little for that, and my issue is not yours, which sounds like metal sanding would work fine. I am happy to wait for them to get off vacation. I would prefer to work it out with them, and hopefully make future purchases. I'm relieved to hear it, but my return window is closing.
  7. Hello all, Its with a heavy heart that I report this but I am finding my relationship with WinWing is starting to get sketchy. I just purchased My Orion (I had plan on buying the Super T and Collective as well but now I am putting the brakes on Winwing). I have been in contact with their tech support becuase the Ant Elavation switch on my $600 Orion purchase is hitting the side. I also had a very late delivery that Fed Ex offered to refund but WinWing keeps ignoring those emails to get that started. I haven't even connected my Orion becuase out of the box I was having this simple QA issue. After making a few suggestions of sanding the side, etc, I simply asked them to replace the top piece of the Throttle. I tried my best to fix it but I am literally spending $200 every 2 weeks for this and I just feel that me having to sand my new throttle is not a $600 controller experience. I even went on here to see if I was being picky but other users reported no issues and a possible casting issue with mine. WinWing has now disappeared for days. If I do not get an answer today I am opening a dispute with Pay Pal. I really have no other options since my window for return is closing. Anyone in contact with them please let them know, I am trying to give them every benifit of the doubt but this really shouldnt be what a customer goes through for such pro grade purchase. Its a simple replacement on the least expensive part in the set too! Definitely not the experience I was expecting. Fang
  8. Thank you so much for your input. Its hard to tell if its normal or not, but yes when I scroll up I fell it is slightly grinding on the side wall. It is very slight, but noticeable enough that it was the first thing I noticed when I opened my box. If I keep the scroll wheel centered with my finger it doesn't hit the side, but if I casually use it scrolling up lightly braises the side. It doesn't get stuck, I just feel it rubbing the side. I think I am gonna ask for a replacement. At first I didn't want to ask for a replacement out of fear of being accused of being picky. Thank you for helping me feel less crazy. Fang
  9. I received my first WinWing Purchase a week ago and I have been struggling with this. Its hard to see. Look at the video in the link, my Antenna elevation on the throttle rubs against the side of the throttle body when pushing up. The "teeth" on the wheel somehow bump along the sides and it kinda feels like a saw blade bumping up against wood. I have been in contact with WinWing and they want me to sand some of the paint off although it feels like its hitting the whole side. Is anyone elses Antenna switch not smooth when switching up or is it just mine? I originally though it was missing a washer on the left side but I guess not. Its really starting to bother me and I need to figure out if this is normal. Thanks, Fang
  10. Hi Rel4y, I have tried emailing you, messaging you, etc, for months about your throttle sensor (And I am interested in the FSSB). I figured you were just gone but Maxsenna tells me you are still around. Please respond if you see this. I went with the Viper Gears TQS and I cannot get a single one to work. I have the later board. I would like to purchase asap if you are still here. Fang
  11. Thanks Max I'm gonna try again. Yeah I figured he wasnt around
  12. I actually tried to get in touch with Rel4ys before I got the Viper Gear. Do you know how to get in touch by chance? Thanks!
  13. Hello all, I am writing to see if anyone else has had experience with Viper Gear's Throttle Quadrant sensor for the Cougar. I have tried 3 different sensors and none of them will work for me. The first was DOA with a short, the second does not see the full range and the 3rd is just wildly inconsistent. I manage to get the second one to work by using only manual calibration but when I use it in sim it is FAR from smooth. The throttle moves in increments. I tried shrugging it off, until I realized my Mad Cats X-55 works WAY smoother than the Hal sensor "upgrade" I purchased. I actually feel the stock Cougar throttle is smoother as well. None of the sensors I have are consistent, they even function differently when you trade one pairs magnet for the other. Sadly I cannot even get any sensor to be flyable anymore. Its not my intent to bad mouth Viper Gear, in fact to their credit they were VERY responsive and sent the replacements quickly. That is of course, until the last few weeks where they seem to have fallen off the planet. Can anyone way in on this? I have been working my butt off in between work for the last month and a half, and I am at the point of saying they are just faulty sensors. I have already checked and I have the LATER VERSION BOARD, so I should be fine. I was also going to get the FSSB that they have over Real Simulators, but honestly I am having doubts now since I cannot even get a single Hal sensor to function properly from them. My stock pot currently works fine. Thanks Fang
  14. (Mods thank you for moving this appropriately if needed) Hello all I have a problem that needs assisting with . My X-55 broke the throttle and I bought a new one. I realized the 2nd X-55 makes a great panel for my virtual Viper Pit. I have already mounted it, and just plugged it in to find out I cannot get both to be recognized at once. I was shocked since I have 3 Saitek quadrants and each one has its own running shortcut on the task bar. I didn't think there would be an issue. Is there anyway to get 2 working with the MAdCat/Logitech software? If not is there a way of just using a virtual driver and using the inputs on the 2nd controller? I tried Vjoy and JoytoKey but I don't understand the software and I just want something simple to emulate the switches and axis. I'm on Windows 11 I have already invested alot of blood sweat and money in the current setup so I am hoping there is a fix lol Thanks all Fang
  15. Hello all, I own almost every campaign in DCS, and I am having issues understanding the flightplans for this specific campaign. I understand you are to use the mission planner, but for me in VR this is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. I am on my 2nd serious attempt of Mission 1 and I STILL I dunno what steerpoint the target is on. I am not the most apt player in Mission Editor anyway, but in VR I cannot highlight MY flight AND zoom out, so I CANNOT SEPERATE MY FLIGHT PLAN FROM ALL THE OTHERS! Can we either get a waypoint breakdown for this campaign or can someone please provide something I can put in the Kneeboard for all the missions!? I enjoy a little homework, but I am not gonna spend 30+ minutes for every mission trying to figure out which flightpath is mine and picking through steerpoints like a "Where's Waldo?" book Its such a shame to see all this detail, and it all is useless becuase just BASIC info like a FLIGHTPLAN is non-existent. Thanks Fang
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