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  1. Hey Recon, This all seems to have gotten a little out of hand over such a small thing such as the settings we like. I can however see your point. I guess we shouldn't have claimed that they were "Full Realistic" but should have said that "We aim to have Full Realistic settings and these are what we feel achieves that." Obviously, that then means that our settings are up for debate, but they are the ones we like and feel gives us the best realism. We came to that conclusion from hours of ingame play and that is what we liked. It's a shame you dont like those settings but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe swing by and have a game with us some time and hopefully your opinions of us will change. Cheers
  2. Here is the network config file on its own. config.lua Put the config.lua in your > Lock On/Config/network folder Dont worry about overwriting the original as it has added the extra setting and all the defaults are still there untouched. All you do now is make sure you have the xDSL 90/90 option selected before joining a server. (if you are unsure disconnect from the server and change the setting and then reconnect.)
  3. a very valid point Roman. i guess you are talking about mulitple presses in close together. this is almost the same problem as having the same key do both up and down and it registering an unwanted key stroke. perhaps if they only allowed the flaps to move one stage at a time regardless of key presses, then once it is down and fixed in that position the next press would move it to the next stage. that way you could press the key as many times as you like while the flaps are in a transit position and it would still stop at the next notch? having said all this, i doubt very much we are going to see it implemented so i guess it is all just food for thought for the devs.
  4. i find it odd that the objects in the TV monitor only come into view at the same time as when they come into view for the aircraft (albeit magnified somewhat.) we were doing a mission where we had to blow up buildings and i couldn't get a lock on them at the maximum range of the missile as they hadn't been drawn at that distance yet. Using 23x magnification they should have been very easliy seen?!
  5. rofl .. that's every clans dream! good luck and i hope it gets off the ground. if you need any help with web hosting check out estyles.com.au i know they have a special package for clans.
  6. the only problem with that coldcrew is that it is possible to get out of sync with the flap position using a "toggle" switch (ie "f") you get in a situation where you press f thinking your flaps are running up from stage 1 position but infact they were up and are now running down. should you have seperate keys for up and down that is minimised to an extent. you would never inadvertantly raise flaps when u meant to lower them, which can be quite a dangerous situation to be in if done at the wrong time.
  7. awesome work zillion. however, i cant seem to get the download link to work? do you have another link for us to download from? thanks again for all your hard work on this!
  8. i'd like to see two keys for flaps. one to run them down in stages and the other to run them up in stages. ie "f" for flaps down. press f once and u get stage one flaps, second press and u get stage two flaps. "ctrl f" for up in stages, same as above, but reversed direction.
  9. Olgerd ....... can you tell me which file I can change the properties of the smoke in. I would like to change the density and display time of smoke as at the moment the smoke is very dense and lasts a very long time before disipating. I personally perfer the smoke to be a little thinner and then fade out in about half the time it does now. Thank you in advance.
  10. rofl .. even the beastiest comps out there can stuggle to run lomac on maxed out settings all the time. sure you can get over 100fps in some instances but go near a town or airport and most systems are reduced to 30fps fully maxed out if even that! i'm running an AMD 4000+, nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra, 2x200Gb maxtors in RAID 0 and i dont get those fps over towns etc and my settings aren't fully maxed out (very close but not quite) so try not to get any false hopes of a card alone making such a huge improvement especially with only a 2.4 cpu holding it all up.
  11. a few guys from the 169th have been toying with this as well. Helix or Rabbit may be able to help you out. Again this is a plea for ED to build a Dedicated Server Tool!! Please ... pretty please with cream on top! :)
  12. so what sort of range can u expect with full main tanks (no external tanks) and a descent payload in the Su-25T? 200km round trip with a little bit of loiter doesn't sound quite right. thats an awfully limited aircraft lol.
  13. i think i saw him post in the Area51 forums over at FighterOps.....so he is around of sorts. *edit* yep ...he definately posted there within the last few days.
  14. Fighter Ops Here is the list of privledges Area51 members get. (i was a little sceptical at first but i ended up joining and it has been well worth it.) - 1 Year Exclusive Access to the Fighter Ops Area 51 Secret Website - Immediate Promotion to the Rank of Colonel in the Fighter Ops Forum - Access to a Special Area 51 Discount off the first full release of Fighter Ops totalling $25.00 off - Access to Area 51 StopWorks Discounts that include 50% off Falcon 4 cockpits - Access to the Secret Area 51 Forums - Access to the Secret Area 51 Team Speak Server - Access to the Secret Area 51 Live Guest Chats with the Fighter Ops Team Members, Real Fighter Pilots, Special Guests, Etc. - Access to Highly Classified Information, Screen Shots, Demos, Discounts and More--Several Weeks before the General Public.has such Access - Access to the Fighter Ops Demo Many Weeks before the General Public (with updates that the Public Demo will not get) - *just added* Developers Diary now posted in the Area51 Forums, includes the very first in-game screenshot ever released! Whether your an Area51 member or not the devs are very active on the boards and answer questions very quickly from all segements. Check it out as this sim is gunna rock.
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