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  1. Whilst, I see what you are getting at. I'm a great believer of the team spending more time fattening the pig and less time weighing it.
  2. Interesting thread. The above OP does need to be addressed. In SP, mod until your heart is content. In MP however, ask yourself, is the mod giving you an advantage over the other players running vanilla?
  3. Would love to see this in DCS one day.
  4. Preload Radius is on max. Above around 6.5k ft looks ok. Once below 6.5k ft, massive triangle slab appears. Follows the cockpit view until you approach land again??
  5. Hello Noticed in the viper on PG and F18 on Cauc, with water on low, there is like a massive triangle of water which is one shade and out in the distance is a darker shade. Have deleted fxo and metashaders folders, also done a bin cleanup and repair. Triangle of water still there? PS setting water to high, resolved the glitch, but lose a lot of fps. Also, was no issue pre this latest patch today. Diff view
  6. This is an old issue (UXO had this issue on BlueFlag in Sept, tacview below). Again, the culprit being the CAT. If an aircraft radar has lock and tracking, why is ECM still a factor in play?
  7. Can see from WAGS update there is still quite a lot to be completed before release. From his list, I personally would prefer to have the Apache before multicrew is complete, as majority of the time, I will be flying it with AI gunner.
  8. Make TGP SOI and adjust the Gain value. I find it easier on something like 6 instead of 4.
  9. This post should read ... "Guys Ironmike just explained it some posts up" and maybe link the post. No need to be rude with "can't you read?".
  10. Can see the AIM-154C is the "Navy only" variant. Will we get the AGM-154B (BLU-108) variant for heavy armour, APC and Trucks? Did the Block 50 carry the AGM-154B?
  11. I love them both, because they can both strike ground targets very well. However, should enemy CAP show up, I'm more confident in the Viper, therefore Viper has the edge.
  12. It could be a multitude of things. Lighting, Clouds, Glare or Canopy cockpit reflections.
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