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  1. I finally got all my issues ironed out at the moment, just a small ghost to work out. But all my TEK panels are working excellent at the moment without any crashes. Still looking forward to the Flight Panel switch over.
  2. Ok, thanks that will probably solve alot of problems.
  3. Did you ever find a soulition to the problems you where experincing? I'm starting to have the same problems now with my TEK Creations controllers also. I have all the recent firmware updates installed, but the panels freeze about 20 mins of use. It's my understanding his F-18 controller will not work in the DCS Flight Panel fork either. Maybe he is working on a code up date for his controllers.
  4. Nice review very informative. I own the Plus version and modified it with a damper to control the friction and it works great. I also believe the internal friction controls is a weak point of this controller and eventually wear out, and force others to seek their own remedies. On the throttle topic it's ok, but I wouldn't purchase this version if I had to do it over. Again nice job!
  5. I've been using the instant/FFB option ever since the release of the Ka-50 with my Warthog and now with my VKB Ultimate controller. I never could get use to the return to center option.
  6. I have a VKB Ultimate Pro on a 200mm extension and like earlier post I can't imagine using it as a side stick but I did give it a try for at least 2 minutes. It's very comfortable and precise mounted in the center.
  7. I'm having the same problem, I have several Arduino board running, and lately it appears that sometime the BIOS just shutdown and all the Arduinos just freezes along with the DCS-HUB, my other button boxes continue to work great. All my Arduinos are connected to powered hubs and as mentioned power saving is not the issue. I tried the DCSFlightpanels but wasn't able to get any positive results from it maybe because I'm using DCS open beta. Maybe another look might be in order, unless an update to the BIOS is coming.
  8. I will agree with many others here I fly single player mostly, and this module is going to be a good one, after I get over the learning curve, and a few more patches.
  9. Cold Start up procedure, roll and air taxi, and just getting use to how it feels in flight.
  10. I agree the Hornet FM do need so seriously over due attention.
  11. No one really know when (except for VKB) it will be released, it's just a wait and see situation at the moment. VKB is keeping all info about this product very close the their chest. Check out their forum here http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=26&p=52318&sid=36769bf9ccb195a655012ae761acabcd#p52318
  12. Yes, several years and many products later nothing, some kind of update would be welcome, other than the wheels are turning.
  13. I don't know if I can help but I have the IFEI panel but I don't have the Video Record Panel, and my IFEI panel is working great. Are these the only two TEK Creation panels you have connected to your rig? You stated that DCS BIOS was crashing after 16 mins of flight, when this happens do your other panel (if you have any) freeze and will not receive input? Are you running windows 10 or 11? I had a similiar problem with DCS BIOS and found out the Windows 11 set all of my USB hubs to allow the computer to turn them off to save battery power after being idle for a while. I changed the setting back in the device manager and no more problems with the panels freezing. I also had to install a new plugin for the F-18 to get the IFEI to work properly, and no problems with it.
  14. Late to the party, but I hope you enjoyed your day!
  15. Ordered and waiting on the UPS delivery.
  16. Congrats to all the winners, outstanding job!
  17. Nice idea and implementation, would like to know more about the upper mounting bracket if you are willing to share. Good job!
  18. I'm also getting the crash at the end of the mission after hitting the ESC key.
  19. Same here I hope they release a fix soon, but for now everything is in ground stop status.
  20. Outsanding job on understanding the dcs.log files.
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