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  1. Salut, Hier, l'équipe du Air Combat Sim Podcast a publié une interview de Wags à l'occasion de la sortie de l'Apache demain, le jeudi 17 Mars 2022. J'ai consacré un peu de temps aujourd'hui à la retranscription et à la traduction de l'interview afin de la proposer en français pour les non anglophones - il n'y a aucune raison de passer à côté de certaines infos très sympas. L'interview aborde bien évidemment l'Apache, ce qui sera livré à sa sortie, ce qui ne le sera pas, ce qui viendra plus tard ou ce qui n'arrivera tout simplement jamais. En plus de ces informations qui occupent une part importante de l'interview, Wags aborde également d'autres sujets en rapport à DCS comme la gestion de l'IA et sa refonte, la météo dynamique ou encore l'équipe de développement en charge de recréer l'intégralité du globe pour le futur de DCS. Vous trouverez la traduction de cette intervention en suivant ce lien [redirection vers le forum de la 3rd-wing] Bonne lecture !
  2. Hi @Ansirial ! I was wondering if you could add a pop up window in the calendar page when your mouse fly over a flight to read the first few words of the "Notes" case. I use sometimes the Notes to record a particular event and/or the name of the mission flown. Currently we have to click on each flight to open it on a new page and read the notes associated with it. It's a bit cumbersome when you try to find a specific flight among hundreds of entries. Also, did you have a look at the possibility to add an option to mark a flight as a multicrew experience to count how many hours have been spent in a shared aircraft ? The Apache is a few weeks/months away and I surely would appreciate to track this stat when the module is released. Thank you again for the work you've done on this project !
  3. Having a Monster Tech setup I'll stick with it as their ecosystem is already vast and highly customizable.
  4. In the very first post of this topic you'll find a map with blue markers on it. These markers are the airfields from the PLAAF and the ROCAF.
  5. That's an odd reply from ED if that's the case. We already have in DCS some theaters that are hot political topics ; the Georgian/South Ossetian/ Abkhazian conflicts and the latest paid DLC map, the Syrian theater that includes also the Cyprus issue. Should I even mention the upcoming South Atlantic map that is named South Atlantic instead of Malvinas or Falklands to avoid any controversy ? Time will tell, who knows ?
  6. What about the "Event Notes" space ? This is exactly what I use it for.
  7. Logbook is down at the moment, there is some database issue with the website. Hope everything is okay.
  8. It's been a while since you asked and you probably found out that these new pilot models have been released in the latest stable branch release.
  9. I experienced the same problem this week with the Mistral variant in multiplayer. Strangely enough, I tried the same mission in a single player session and the Gazelle worked perfectly.
  10. Hello @Ansirial ! Something strange happened to me yesterday. I had to use Combined Arms as a Tactical Commander during a multiplayer Liberation Campaign. Shocking, right ? Well, I was wondering if you could add "Combined Arms" as an aircraft in the dropdown menu ? Thanks !
  11. I doubt any official ED partner would use a mod to sell a campaign on ED's store. These assets, like others pickups/VBIED mods have to be integrated into the base game if a campaign maker wants to use them in its campaign. You can't expect ED selling a campaign that includes a mod that could be not up to date after a few months.
  12. With the introduction of the new lighting system in 2.7, flying by night is now way more tricky - as it should be. If there is no natural lighting source, aka the moon, your NVGs won't do a thing. Did you check the weather condition before hoping into the aircraft ? If there's no moon or if there is a thick layer of clouds hiding it, you will only be able to fly with the help of the Vivianne system - requires a bit of practice.
  13. Just a qui k note about this one. The mod creator shared on a french forum that he will not share his work with ED to be implemented in the game ; apparently he could not find an agreement with Eagle Dynamics.
  14. I'm surprised my gunner didn't complain about this last time we flew on the Minigun. I will ask him how he manages the minigun in VR.
  15. Sorry for replying this late, I did not have time to fly until today. You were right and your solution worked for us, just had to go back to spectator and rejoin the operator seat after a second request. Thank you ! --- Thanks for taking some time to reply to my question @RedHorse
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