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  1. The problem I have with Jeff is relearning all weapons and avionics from 0. AIM-9 and AIM-120 are engrained in many player's minds for decades. The Viper has another unfair advantage by being around for 20 years, where everyone could learn everything about it for basically free. This all transitions to DCS, where it's almost pick up and play for me.
  2. I always have to move the view to the right, backwards and down a bit to center the boresight rings.
  3. When you have TADS selected as sight, you can freely move it around or slave it to other ACQ sources. You see its image in the HMD, that's how you know that's your sight. Making it look onto itself doesn't make sense. You can slave it to a fixed position, your or pilots line of sight, or to a waypoint. Not sure why you'd want to slave it onto itself, which cannot be done. TADS as ACQ source is more for the pilot, for him to see where to point the helicopter. If you're already looking and aiming with TADS as a CPG, you don't need to know where it's pointing anyway. Pilot will turn the helicopter to point at the target. EDIT: Plus you can always see where TADS is pointing on the TSD map. You'll always see a line from the helicopter to where you're looking.
  4. Don't try rendering on both eyes. It's good for looking ourside, but looking around the cockpit It makes you go cross-eyed and hurts your brain. It's the same with George AI interface, I wish it could be rendered the same, just on one eye.
  5. It is streamlined, slave your HMD to TADS and you'll see the guide dots and dashed crosshair where TADS is pointing. You can also do the other way around. Slave your TADS to HMD (GHS) and it will follow where you're looking. Slave button is the connecting link in the Sight-ACQ system.
  6. I confirm this works. In the pilot seat, I always have to raise the camera a bit to get circular rings when I look into the BRU. This with automatic ranging works very accurate every time.
  7. After a bit of tweaking, this is how I use it now: Look for targets out the window using HMD as sight with a spyglass zoom help. Once targets are located, switch to TADS as sight, so you see its image in the helmet. Set you HMD as ACQ source (GHS). This is where the key script comes in super handy. Set GHS as ACQ source without removing your view from the target and clicking around cockpit. I have this mapped to the joystick hat also for George AI. When it's not active for AI, it can still be useful. Slave TADS to where you're looking, bringing it straight onto targets. Deslave. Use the thumb controller to fine-tune the aim. Lase, store, attack. You can keep looking at the helmet image or turn it off and look down onto the TDU. The whole thing from spotting the target to firing takes just a few seconds. The point is, do not use TADS to search for targets. Only move it around once you know where the targets are, to lase and store them. I find this way much faster.
  8. I use a very simple AutoHotKey script to switch between gunner and pilot sights as acquisition sources, when I play as a gunner. + represents the Shift key, 6 and 1 are the R6 and R1 buttons on the right MPD, where I keep the TDS display. ;up PHS 3Joy6 ::Send +{6}+{1} ;down GHS 3Joy8 ::Send +{6}+{2} It's just about which string of keyboard buttons will particular joystic button "press", when you press it.
  9. Dashed diamond on top of the HUD also represents the middle of the aircraft, you can see it on the top of the hud, both screens. When we get animated George, you can use that.
  10. I used the 'Save cockpit angle' with RAlt and Num0. Now it's better, don't have to fix the view everytime.
  11. CPGs default view must be placed in the center of the seat, that's the only way to get proper HMD boresight alignment. TADS being a bit to the left is a non-issue.
  12. When CPG is firing a gun, sighting through TADS, he can lase the target for accurate range before firing. You cannot do this as a pilot. For the OP, I think the problem is not properly boresighted IHADSS.
  13. From the manual: "The EGI alignment process uses the aircraft’s previous position and heading stored in the aircraft memory from when it was last shut down. This stored position, aided by GPS position signals, shortens the alignment process considerably, allowing an AH-64D to takeoff within minutes if necessary." Looks like ME does not input the last postion into the helicopter when you load it up, so you need to wait for the complete alignment. F-16 has this stored alignment option and that takes one minute to complete.
  14. Not sure how startup on idle power and no torque would cause any extra wear, compared to the required full power performance over a few-hour flight. For a mil-spec engine designed to fly the whole helicopter alone, I'd say it's neglible. Regular maintenance on flight hours would take care of it.
  15. This is my experience as well. It works great for ICP and MFDs, but that's it. I wish there was a way to limit leap only to the front panel and disable unnecesary inputs on the side panels. In combat you should have everything on the HOTAS.
  16. Clarity is most obvious improvement, followed by smooth performance without jitters and lag. Also gone is the headache and vomit inducing flickering when the mission is loading. This is a must have for the Reverb owners. I really reccomend this. Use the Skatezillas DCS Updater/cleaner. DCS native cleaner didn't remove the Reshade files, which caused the game to crash at start. After cleaning the DCS with that tool, everything worked as by the manual.
  17. Make sure your IHADSS is boresighted and range is set to Auto. Then you just keep staring with your LOS cross right into target and yaw the helicopter to line up the Rocket Steering Cursor with your LOS cross. Works every time. I do this all the time in free flight. Pick up a road, crossroad or a building in the distance and aim for it.
  18. That's the Linear Motion Compensator. Only use it in singleplayer.
  19. Do you use a modifier to switch between cursor and TADS movement on one physica thumbstick? That's how I have it set, plus using the flight stick axes for fine TADS movement.
  20. If a plane comes with a dedicated DGFT switch position, it better be a dogfight insanity. That's what it was built for.
  21. I always have the wheel locked. Apply forward cyclic to unload the weight off it and taxi around. Unlocked wheel is horrible. Way too sensitive.
  22. "always the acquisition source?" Yes. That's the purpose of it. "How do you pick 1)what you are slaving" CPG sight select on the right grip. Only TADS for now, until we get FCR. "what you are slaving it to" always the ACQ source "the display next to your eyeball, the TEDAC, the PNVIS, the video on the MFD?" These are all TADS repeaters. You can see TADS image on the eye piece, on TDU and on the MFD video page.
  23. Yeah, the best way to break this down for me, was to think the slave button as the link between the ACQ source and sight. Selected sight will point to an ACQ source when you press slave. This can be a waypoint, target point or a point on the ground where Pilots or CPGs line of sight is currently pointing. That's what's meant as the ACQ source, not the device/gadget on the helmet itself. So when pilot sees something, you press slave to move your sight to that location and unslave it, so he can look away from that point, but sight will remain there. Lase and store the point and move the sight around. You can set the sight to follow the ACQ source from your own line of sight. So where ever you look, TADS as sight will follow.
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