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  1. Just wondering what you're trying to achieve doing that, or is it for experimentation purposes? I've only had one direct vertical 0 speed auto demonstrated to me in the Cabri G2, and at 500ft we gained a little bit (40kt ish) of fwd speed to do a normal auto landing.
  2. -camera -4.074853 0.052607 -19.386041 -cameradir -0.534395 -0.197791 0.821767
  3. Many RL pilots don't see them either...
  4. Throttle #00179 bricked this week after 11 years of flawlessness ! trying to get in touch with TM support.
  5. Think my hotas warthog throttle just died so i can get this collective
  6. https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/first-german-tornado-to-pass-through-life-extension-programme-makes-maiden-flight?fbclid=IwAR1lfz0gK1hu4XxPe0wMMas9Fe6tqTHAQrjtqdDNH9t2wOo7cQVmjUNCncc Out of service in 2030. Not long to wait!
  7. The water looked shallow enough to wash the tyres!
  8. Land in the water then fall through the water and lake bed 5BgG-10zLIk
  9. The helicopter just slides.. cargo ship.trk
  10. Landing on the west side of the dam, fall through the world. dam.trk
  11. Thanks, stuff like that gets lost in a 17 page thread.
  12. Yes I was just thinking the same. Heading is good for long legs, o'clock is good for picking up people. Did a sling load mission, was a bit lost where exactly to place the cargo. I guess just in the boundary of the hospital? Used "nearest bases" to make sure I was at the right place then waited until I got the wind check before placing the cargo. Worked fine.
  13. Is the server down or do I need to update to latest openbeta?
  14. Yes exactly! Made a box for it, going to screw it to the underside of the desk. Still waiting for a few bits to wire all 3 up before doing that
  15. Aaah so that's what they are called! I'll get some for v2. Version 1 will get stuffed in a box and left as long as it works :)
  16. So I got everything soldered, with one encoder working perfectly and it's great! But need a couple more of the riser block circled in yellow. Does anyone know the technical name for them? or where to get some? Can't see them for sale on the Leo Bodnar website but I emailed them.
  17. Aaah I'm not on the latest openbeta, that should fix it!
  18. Hello everyone, as a newbie to electronics I'd like a sanity check before going and soldering things. Current plan is to solder everything circled in the image, looks correct? Project will be for 3x ELMA E37 connected to Leo Bodnar breakout board, which is connected to BU0836A. Encoders will be used for the GPS, selecting radio frequency, heading dial/autopilot stuff etc. First mistake happened already, thought the encoder had 5 pins but it's 6. So more cables are needed :doh: Get the soldering done, then work out where all the wires go..
  19. Same thing, thought last week I searched for "SAR" and it filtered it, but now it isn't there. Can connect by IP still.
  20. This sounds great, can't wait to try it!
  21. Negative; A quick google search brought me this http://www.copters.com/pilot/autorotation.html "While the collective is being lowered, the nose of the helicopter has a tendancy to pitch down. The pilot needs to use aft cyclic to prevent this. Allowing the nose to pitch down creates two problems: it tends to reduce RPM because it decreases the amount of airflow through the rotor disk, and it tends to increase airspeed, usually far above the range you want to use while autorotating." I wonder if you doing cyclic forward at the start of the auto is losing rotor RPM so you don't have enough rotor RPM stored to trade for lift near the ground. I haven't flown a gazelle, but I do fly a 3 bladed + fenestron Cabri G2.
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