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  1. wait.. what...?! The only way to use this HMD is through steam? DCS d/l content says "wont work with steam"... So after $500, I' confused. Can anyone share how to setup with world 2.x? Brett
  2. Is there a compatibility Matrix for DCS products / Worlds / Steam? I just got the Thrustmaster A10 HOTAS setup and new VR helmet coming this week. I received the holiday sales email blast from DCS and now.....what? What goes with which? The breakout of different worlds, aircraft and platforms leaves much to be desired in the way of figuring out what is what. May I suggest an example of simple matrix: Worlds and Steam or not to Steam at top, mods and jets/planes at left. simple x for what applies...
  3. Is the only VR headsets supported VIVE or Oculus? What about the newer Mixed Reality setups? (like the newer Samsung unit).
  4. After all the putzing around.. it messed up my activation... trying to activate again...... Automatic activation failed. If you have no Internet connection, you can perform the activation by other means. Failure reason: Connection to the activation server failed. Please try again later. To obtain an error report and send it to product technical support, press the corresponding button. This is why DRM in itself is a failure!!! you can't authorize / authenticate... you can't deauthorize... C'mon DCS.. answer my support questions on the DCS support tickets! #9798 - trying to activate #9782 - trying to deactivate.
  5. The issue is the whole PC needs to be restored, as my SSID are messed up due to a server redo (along with HD failures for that server). Because of this..other applications on my PC don't function correctly, so I just restore my image... But I loose this activation if I jsut wipe and redo.. and I'm trying not to.... Also.. 4th day now with no respose from DCS.
  6. I could try that, but I'm afraid I'd loose another activation and will ED recover (restore) the two I'd lose if things go wrong ?? Prior posts I've read suggest no and I'm screwed for activation/deactivation does my firewall need to be reconfigured for the process? I find it weird that I can run my Domino server on various ports with no problem, but SF activation cannot connect to the internet.
  7. I'm running and protect is: v date: 07/21/11
  8. argh! :wallbash: so much for that idea! thanks cichlidfan
  9. I have done that. "No license for deactivation found...".. (*but it is activated!) I think the pdf was from 1.0.. I found it and d/l, as it's actually called: DCS-A-10C_Install_Guide_EN.pdf I think the problem is from the inablity of the program to use the internet to activate. (yet there is nothing wrong with my connection, obviously since i'm posting) so I had to go the the starforce site and enter info provided by support. My game activated...and I haven't played it since. So something happened at the home from where i have to reinstall this computer and I can't.. because I have to deactivate first!. I've been waiting since friday. They say I used one activation back in march, but I have no recollection of doing so. So now I wish to recover my 2nd activation before I reinstall the machine and can't. ... stuck in pennsylvania.....
  10. I guess that's part of the problem, as my page 9 is about TGP and modes. and i swear to you. the pdf is the exact same name as you suggest. So i end up going to protect.exe and trying to run deactivation and it will not give me a hardware code!...so wtf? 3 days now I've been trying to uninstall the program correctly so I don't burn any activations. And guess what..no reply using the DCS support link either..... Just F awesome. I'm trying to go by the draconian crap rules enforced by starfarce and I'm getting no where! Ive even gone here.... http://www.star-force.com/support/users/deactivate/ gee whiz ED.. what is wrong with this picture? If I buy the disc at best buy.. do I still have to use starfarce? If I buy thru steam...do I still have starfarce imposed?
  11. I need to reinstall my PC, and i need to deactivate my A-10c.........so great. How in the hell do I do that? I enter in my serial number..but it won't deactivate unless I provide a hardware code. (WTF for??) anyway..how do I deactivate so i can redo my PC? (and how do I activate..since..again.. I'll need a hardware code to activate)
  12. ah yes.. the ever gratuitous sky shot..
  13. ..all this was predicted a few years back... M$ got pressure from hollywood/big music to do this because and decided to try to position itself to make some $$ from it while doing so.... Quite probably M$ is also getting a few bucks for doing so... (but this is a guess) I hope this fails miserable.. but I just don't see it... Most of us here..really do understand the ramifications here.. but for the rest of the population(s).... they just don't care if they're being "lead about" or not and just won't get it, until it's too late.
  14. just a side note... for the amount of cash you dropped on the 32".. a 24" monitor would be within that same price range...(a few have component, dvi, vga, and hdmi all in one). which should solve both your pc and tv needs if your willing to accept a 24" widescreen ($700 - $1500 avg)
  15. The spec say HDTV compatible... that usually is a indication of upscaling... but 720p resolution should work..since that is close to it's native resolution. My ATI Control panel has that option to turn on in the available resolutions... What happens when you go to 480p? Besides the fact everything will now be large.. will text now become very clear? If that is the case.. the it's the TV and it cannot handle HDTV resolutions generated by a computer properly. Remember.. a TV signal is dramatically different than a Computer Video signal and things happen between all the different manufactures... I too also considered a large sceen tv in place of a monitor... but get coming accross the 1368x768 native resolution issue....and remembered by 50" HDTV issue...... So I opted for the monitor I got... The only other thing I can say is check out projectors....
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