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  1. Same here. Anyone have workaround for it or we should wait ED to fix it (if they ever consider to even to fix it)
  2. Talking about 9G.... can you pull 9G right now in DCS at least 10 sec without blacking out ?
  3. Furthermore IF you somehow manage to shoot one down, the kill never counts. You have to make sure its destroyed. I shot few gazelles in GS server with 9x and got no score because I only damaged them not untill it destroyed completely. It somehow different from other helos. It actually damaged and managed to land then the player simply resloted and respawned. Send them 2 missiles next time.
  4. https://www.hardwaretimes.com/latest-gpu-market-sales-indicate-that-nvidia-indeed-halted-rtx-30-series-production/ There you go.....
  5. Don't hold your breath for it. I know it sound pesimistic but if I read it right, ED just began aware of the problem yesterday or few days ago? Roll back to previous version is one of the solutions I can think of right now if you still want to play DCS. For me the huge let down is missile (120) performance. I stop playing DCS for now. Good thing is there's always "another sim not to be named" to play, so I still fly gents... hehehe
  6. You'd have better chance getting their attention on the Russian forum. Make a thread there (in Russian ofc) to state the case
  7. AFAIK FC3 is considered done, finished. No additional feature other than support for fixing bug here and there. So yeah we're pretty much stuck with what we have right now. Ofc I'd be happy to be proven wrong about this. I'd wait for DCS HiFi F-15C. It will happen eventually sooner or later. They're running out of fighter (teens series) to be modeled.
  8. This! So please ED and HB.... make it happen.
  9. Lol... I know you're reguler player on GS. Why don't you just observe inside its tacview and count how many AIM-54 fired by player that actually hit.
  10. It seems Phoenix is also affected. Tried in SP against it and with little maneuvering it was trashed.
  11. Oh my...... I should see this thread before updating so can do some backup.
  12. Couldnt agree more. Hornet is one of sexiest planes ever exist. The OP should see again the X-32 lol.
  13. Why it should be a male. I want my AI pilot be a female named like Jane or Jenny lol
  14. Well you can buy ssd as an early upgrade. When you finally do full upgrade your comp later then the ssd still very much usable. Trust me an ssd helps alot reduce the stuttering and makes the DCS faster loading.
  15. Do you use an antivirus? If so, try to exclude whole DCS folder in your realtime AV scanner. In my case it helps reduce the stuttering that I can barely notice. Good luck
  16. You mean by DCS complained is you didnt pass the IC and got kicked out of the server? If so there's workaround for this problem somewhere on the forum that you can search. I used to use this trick but I found that I no longer need the kneeboard and couldnt be bothered to mod it everytime ED release the update. Good luck.
  17. From my experience in MP with lot of units 32Gb is ok for now with almost all on max setting. I have 32Gb of RAM and in some MP session like in Syria I've seen it ate almost 30GB so you cant go wrong for 64gb.
  18. Oceandar

    DTC Mod

    I've tried it just now and it worked awesomely. I wish I had some coding skill to make it works for Hornet and other modules. DTC is really needed IMO.
  19. Oh I personally really recommend it. The price is affordable IMO. Its relatively easy to use (I'm not English native speaker and still have many eror on grammar when writing as you can see now hehehe ) It makes DCS much more enjoyable particularly if you have F-14 and AIRIO. It feels like having real human RIO back there. I wouldnt want playing DCS without it.
  20. Awesome skins. Cant wait to use it. Thanks alot.
  21. I'm no expert about how radar works but can give you few advices about the gameplay in GS as I reguler player on this server. Build better SA by monitor your RWR and SA page and do not fix on one target. Play your own game and not fall into their game. If you cant track the bandit flying low around the mountains then back off and extend. Bait them to the open area where you can easily pick them. Against Red fighters with EO you also want to becareful with ET. Zoom the contact looking for smoke trail or as hornet now able to track incoming missile you can evade early, pop some flares or trolling him by shooting down his missile lol. Good luck
  22. The obvious thing is ofc air to ground radar but in recent Wag's video we can see it already implemented in internal build and we may have it soon (I personally not eager to have it as it showed in Hornet AG radar its hardly usefull and I've been told RL pilot only use it to track thunderstorm to avoid it) . The other thing that quite obvious is the DED some of its function still missing.
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