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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Please ED, love this module but I really wish we could disable the "red steering helper" from the special options menu.
  2. Okay, I tested again today and now everything seems to work properly. The difference is I set all independent flights to only two aircraft and gave them full fuel and weapons loadouts and they take-off and land properly now. With my own AI wingmen, I cut my flight down from 3 aircraft to just two, me and my AI wingman and that worked properly from a ramp start on the deck.
  3. I use "Stable Release" version of DCS. I noticed the other day in setting up a mission that AI wingmen DO NOT take off from the Tarawa. They, as others have stated here earlier, sit in their parking spaces and do not move. If I place an independent AI Section as "Late Activation" and "Start from Runway" they will do a vertical take-off but then hang there above the deck and not move any further. Kind of difficult to make a mission using AI and the Tarawa. AI wingmen and AI Independant Harriers work fine when taking off from a regular airfield.
  4. I was experimenting with the issue in the Harrier today. Here is what I had found...again, only in the Harrier. I've not tested the TACAN issue with any other fast jet module. First pic. I’m in the mission and I’ve set my TACAN setting on my Harrier to the TACAN frequency of the KC-130 including setting it to A/A. Notice no TACAN symbol but there seems to be a waypoint symbol which moves. I got to think this is a bug. The next two screenshots show nothing changed in my Harrier settings tracking the KC-130 except I switched from A/A to T/R. You see this on the second screenshot here and notice that TACAN symbology does now show up on the MFD. The last screenshot shows same settings but I wanted to check whether the DME distance figures show up on the HUD. They do. The way this is all going down just leads me to think it’s a bug but I really don’t know.
  5. Interesting...I've just discovered this myself with the Harrier. Can't seem to get the TACAN symbol to show up anymore, just a bearing but no TACAN symbol in the MFD and I know I've set things up properly in the mission editor and in the cockpit. Glad I'm not going crazy.
  6. Beautiful! First day purchase.
  7. Within your trigger, add something like "Alarm State Green" or "Weapons Hold." Something to get them to ignore their primary "Enroute Task." You can tell them to go to a waypoint like you did but you must get them to ignore the primary tasking like CAP or what-ever you have them set to. I'm not in the game now but IIRC, if you look at the first waypoint of your ENY fighters and its primary task is like "CAP" or something go into the advanced waypoint actions and look at the button for "condition end" and see if you can use flags or time to end the primary task. That plus your "Go to Waypoint" action should finally set them to go where you want them to go.
  8. Glad this issue has been reported. I would really like to be able to see the data on the airfields again with "Map Only" settings.
  9. Are you on "Stable Version" of DCS World or "Open Beta?"
  10. Yep, been flying with them. Pretty neat IMHO.
  11. These new pilot models, are they only in "Open Beta" or have they already been transferred to "Stable Release?" Anyone got a video of the new animations?
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