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  1. I'd vote for augmented reality where you can see your real life simpit along with DCS in VR. I would guess 5 years until that happens.
  2. This just starting happening to me. I found one suggestion about lowering preload radius which seems to help. If it happens again, I will try using the memory trim feature in Process Lasso on the DCS process. In the past, this has helped with similar problems, which I think are memory related.
  3. @FupDuck The setting is called Image Scaling in Nvidia 3D settings. I followed the video at the beginning of this thread and that setting is available on the 1080ti with latest drivers.
  4. I can confirm it's supported (and seems to work) on the 1080ti, but NIS doesn't seem to work with VR unless the SDK is built into the game. This is "competitor" to NIS which I use with very good results https://forums.mudspike.com/t/openvr-fsr/12743
  5. This is what I do in Voicemeeter: Set A1 Hardware out to your SBX7 Set A2 to Mobo sound for Buttkicker In DCS, Set output to Voicemeeter VAIO3 In SimShaker, Set output to Voicemeeter AUX In "Virtual Inputs", direct VAIO3 to A1 and AUX to A2
  6. There is a screw inside the grip that gets loose and needs to be tightened I've had this happen twice. Used loctite the second time.
  7. If I recall, reinstalling target/drivers seemed to help, but I always had that problem. Hated it. I got rid of TARGET long ago. If you can do basic scripting, FreePIE and vJoy works great for me. One script for all planes.
  8. You might want to do a DCS repair. This is a good tool for helping with that:
  9. This is a good resource for tuning. https://vr4dcs.com/2019/08/03/tuning-videos-diy/
  10. I've had mostly failure, but some success with these sort of repairs. Depends on what is wrong with it. I'd start by looking for any damaged parts and determining if the card gets any power at all. If you have a multimeter, you could start by checking the fuses on the board. This could be a start of a new hobby for you. Replacing tiny SMD parts like those fuses is easy with a quality soldering iron with a sharp point and tweezers. If you can narrow it down, you might find an easy fix online for common problems with that card. https://www.eevblog.com/forum/repair/trying-to-fix-a-dead-rx-580/
  11. There is a setting in options also to force mirrors on at start if you check it.
  12. Not sure about Gremlin, but I know that FreePie + vJoy can do that and a million other things. I switched to that from Gremlin and never looked back. I attached the script that I use. Doesn't have multiple keyboards, but you can script that. It's not bad dcs_pie.py
  13. I'm doing the same thing. If your zoom jitters around in TrackIR like mine does, put a curve on the zoom axis. Also, have you checked out Helios for second screen exports? It's amazing for that.
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