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  1. Looks like it's gonna be a Blast!!!
  2. Nice shots!!! You guys had an F18 week ago last Sunday come by ,I was over on the Saltwater range when it came over.I see the F5's are gone now to at the NE side of the rwy.
  3. The best place for a noob to start is at the beginning. FC3 has a wide array of aircraft with great flight models and wpns with EZ keys to work with from there you can fly just about any type of mission /training that you need to get up to speed. Jumping into a HIFI Aircraft from the start is like info overload too much to think about and no time to enjoy the ride. Jumping into a noob server and or a training server is key for they are more forgiving than one that has a server full of full-time Hunter/killers that will always ends bad for the new guy...Every aircraft in FC3 can be in the air in just mins. If you jump in the Deep end of the pool and you can't swim that's on you but if you take the time to learn to swim the water is cool and deep and you will enjoy the ride choose the right aircraft at the right time. Also, learn to use comms most servers have discord or TeamSpeak that you can jump into and ask for help most of the noob/training will be more than glad to help. FC3 is the best buy for any NOOB!!! But you need to put the time in...
  4. In Discord Go to settings, the lil gear on the lower left side look for overlay and click on it the setup is in there..hope that helps
  5. If you do a Lil leg work there are 3d printed gimbles out there for sale.
  6. Sorry to hear of his passing R.I.P.
  7. I have A/B cockpit{F16} plans in CAD form. PM me if you want a copy.:thumbup:
  8. Killer job :thumbup::pilotfly::joystick:
  9. I would go with the FC3 most bang for the Buck as far as Aircraft. If you have just the P51 then go for the Normandy pack and stay true to what you were flying.:thumbup::pilotfly:
  10. A10 Aday at the Beach Seen this today :thumbup:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkVcl8Reekk
  11. Great Job!!! :thumbup::book::pilotfly:
  12. And so another Brother goes home Gods Speed My Friend. RIP.
  13. And another great job!!!!!:book::thumbup:
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