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  1. Its not that High, Rotorheads also has high number of units and doesn't happen, It may be something related to the Draw function? Or might be something else, but please set it in top priority, not beign able to play the game due to the lack of UI is very bad...
  2. It was said that it was not made due to DCS limitations.
  3. That problem was fixed almost a year ago (?)
  4. Nada de eso, yo me he tenido que comer el clickbait y saltar el video hasta el punto clave. Simplemente, es un 120, que derriba a otro 120 porque se ha cruzado en la LOS. Osea, es espectacular y puede quedar muy chulo, pero hacer un video de 5 minutos con clickbait en foro y en YT... Pos bueno xD
  5. Hello, new to the Huey. Each time I hop on a Huey with the hardpoints unmounted, half my helo is painted with matte paint for some reason, is this fixeable?
  6. Give me more info in the JF-17 issues, since It looks like you might need help, I know is not the thread, but it will confirm if it's due to user error or need a repair or something Cuando puedas dime que te ha pasado en el JF-17, desde luego es un avión en el que hay que saber lo que haces
  7. Hey @Flappie! Any update about the number 1 issue? We can expect something for the Monthly Open Beta Update?
  8. Basically the title. I would love to have the ABRIS on english to... Basically understand what's on the ABRIS lol. But I would also love to have Rita on it's main languaje, since I think it's better than the english translation. Does someone knows anyway to do it? I don't mind editing luas!
  9. And with mods? Is there a way to have Rita on Russian but ABRIS on English?
  10. I will try it, looks nice! Love the Mi8
  11. To fully enjoy the Jeff, I recommend you some nice curves, like 45/50, this is to have some precise lower inputs. Have fun! Is one of the best without doubt, nice purchase!
  12. Thanks for the explanation! Keep up the good work! Lovely module
  13. The thing is, if you DON'T own or set the module to remove the gunsight, it will mount it ON EVERY L-39 If it's your server, and you have the Gunsight removed, it will remove it. If you enter another server, without the owner having the L-39 configurated to remove the gunsight, it will mount it overriding the Special settings of the user
  14. I must say that I think we are forgotting that the JF-17 had the Block 3 introduced this month, so it might be the update for the IRST and the HMD? Even tho, that nose is different from the JF
  15. Still hoping it get fixed I guess. Auto chaff/flare still not working it seems.
  16. Of course we should, it would make things a lot easier!
  17. There is a version that carried RWR, and Radar, and Flares/Chaff, it was called C101DD, It sold an amazing amount of 0 units, hence, the project was cancelled and I think it only exists one on Airbus factory. And, the CC variant carried a chaff/flare dispenser, but I think it was more a testing thing, anyway, it would be nice to have.
  18. This is not true. AIM9M and Magics are FULL ASPECT. If you shoot the missile with the pipper zeroized, it will track perfectly on a front aspect. But, it won't give you tone. So, they're usable, but without the sound
  19. +1 This thing should have been fixed YEARS AGO!!!!!
  20. I'm not an expert on the topic, but I guess it is real, since every system that is forbids you should have a button to disable it. For example, the F18 has the Paddle that overrides the G-Limiter, here I would say the have the autorization override in case the systems fails for some reason and doesn't let you shoot (IRL Wise). Launching an ER while Jamming shouldn't be an issue, it should let you shoot since it launches on Home On Jam (HOJ)
  21. Because... You are moving with the helo. If you move, the radar detects you, you have 5 big things in the Mi8 turning and making sound on the Radar. That's the explanation
  22. That's not true, don't say things that are not correct. Since more or less a year, notch gate is added to the JF. And it works as intended. If the JF-17 pilot changes the settings of the radar, it can maintain a couple of sweeps the target on the radar.
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