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  1. Just installed OpenXR Toolkit (1.0.4 - latest) in DCS by means of OpenComposite FYI: not too clear in the tutorial, but be aware, (HP Reverb) (Mixed Reality Portal) OpenXR (Developer Tools) needs to stay on WINDOWS VR Runtime (that 'Fix it' notification if not), do NOT switch to SteamVR runtime in the SteamVR settings, F1 F2 F3 single modifier are default to DCS, use something else, or like me, check both CTRL and ALT Oh yes, DCS looks MARVELOUS Thx JABBAH & @mbucchia
  2. Vietnam overweight Huey's used to skate on whatever deck they were on until the forward speed (40kts?) made the blades grab enough lift. Not having a full tank helps.
  3. I think I see stick hard right on their roll-outs
  4. That HUD looks like an F-18 and that is one hell of a terrible approach, watch his speed, he is way too slow, watch the pitch, its 14.3, find where the W-waterline is, it's of the picture, watch the ball, he is way too high, see the bounce, he is not heavy, watch him pitch, he is pulling way too much for his speed, he is stalling and rocketing on afterburners (if he is that clever to do that). What he did was put the E-bracket wrong, because this pilot is a dim ass. Fun to watch though.
  5. I wanted to recreate my old Huey mission from the carrier force in rain and storm with 2.7. Rain stops, waves mediocre, atmosphere not apocalyptic. WTH happened?
  6. This is supposedly 'off topic' but TrackIR guys still have an advantage on server dog fighting, because their head movement is not 1:1, so a bit of 'cheating' evens the odds (not even, in dog fighting/ACM you need to predict the movement of the other aircraft, and scanning 5:1 whilst zooming makes this a lot easier).
  7. Trying setting up mission Iran F14B and Awacs(s), Jester will NOT show TAC Link when F14 is Iranian and Awacs is Iran/Russian A-50 Testing Joint Combined forces red/blue, still, ONLY USA/USA E3A works ?
  8. Returned after quite a while to FA18C and doing Case I training (MSFS & F14, installed fresh 2.7) and noticed when I in final break, gear down, full flaps, that trimming up with TMWH HAT binding, the E-bracket can be brought down as it is supposed to towards the 8 dgs on the bar, but that when one tries to correct back up again when needed, the E-bracket is stuck in the position it was trimmed down to. This was not the case as I can remember many months ago. // Complete fresh install DCS
  9. Solved, started without devices: binding files transfer, have to redo all my bindings apparently, bummer
  10. All fresh install 2.7 after continuous crashes in VR (2D OK) F.i. MSFS runs OK on this hardware. Don't know how to read log, see lot's of errors 'missing' etc? In particular when I try F10 map, 30 sec into flight 'case I recovery', after AP ste, TCN ILS set, HSI set, then F10, then boom, in F18, F14 crashes same (even quicker) dcs.log
  11. Old .miz? Open in ME and save, this would update the .miz
  12. Quite a while ago, trick is to hop from ME to 'prepare mission', option 'save changes' and load. F10 map mouse click on area where you're editing and do Ctrl-F11 for free camera there. Mouse wheel after click does pan and zoom, R_SHFT-/ & * are fast zoom. Regular slow zooms are too slow, but for very close. I had buttons on a separate input for all this. Fast Zoom is really fast, so you click real short. Remember what needs to be moved where, back to ME, reposition, repeat.
  13. Jabbers video You're supposed to see the figure 8 in the HUD in PLM? nothing
  14. According to manual and YT, Aim-9 sidewinder should 1. be in PLM mode when selected by Weapon selector switch, 2. can be switched to PLM by PLM button_Hold till target locked does neither 1 nor 2, 1. weapon selector to "G" in HUD, nothing moving in the HUD but the Aim-9 noise appearing (cooling ON) 2. I see the TV move its cross click right once, goes back to center and stays there other modes H/V/PAL work ? what am I missing
  15. I have a. F14 autopilot always on 'engage', which solves all the trimming b. have F14 autopilot Alt always 'up', and I toggle nosewheel engage button 'on' for all straight level stretches, pitch up down for altitude changes, and back to engage for the next straight stretch, no-brainer.
  16. I tried - (a) very bright light(s) 100W - , but I ended up with moderate lights (3) shining away bouncing the walls 210°, works better.
  17. Experienced also (same with F18 ). It's a bug with 'weight on wheels' is what I think, does not happen often, but who knows.
  18. True, but this might have weight in any argument, if only Jester would spot a / one (1) BVR bandit at 150 - 70 nm merging, if that one is not dead ahead, say 20 or 30 degrees off, for which the F14 was built to intercept. This one present Jester appears not to know how to scan properly. Which is more than just annoying, he is realism breaking stupid, that would get any Jester like real RIO thrown from the back seat in real life, I would assume. For that matter, HB should do the same to this one Jester, throw this one out, and HB needs to create us a better Jester, someone perhaps called Goose, who is more like the million dollar trained and qualified Real ones that occupy these seats, and who not only know their stuff, but are actually impressively good at that, knowing how to - always - radar spot a - new - bandit one foot beyond visual range at 2 or 3 or 4 o'clock, etcetera not just at 12 o'clock, which happens too often, and is annoyingly dumb.
  19. If auto sweep starts at .44M which is around 350kts at sea level, the reasoning might perhaps be that 'they' considered flights arrive in -tight - formation, and would have their wings moving around the established 350kt, which was considered undesirable, not just for looks, then if you would change the procedure approach speed to a slower speed that would make the 'problem' of these moving wings only worse, one could also up the procedure speed, but then all recovering aircraft types would need to up their speed and still you would have wing movements in F14 flights, or you tell the F14 formations to lock their wings aft because 350kts is exactly about the speed which is where this is considered safe heading for the fantail break and voila, problem solved. And if it happens to look cool, that is just more money.
  20. It makes sense, as I think to remember procedure, in that you are expected to be besides the boat from the initial at 350 kts 800ft.
  21. If I'm low on fuel / doing t&go cercuits, I raise flaps so to have more miliage.
  22. ' .. As for the AIM-54, it had active terminal radar and good anti-jamming capabilities, so it was tenacious about attacking something. ..' ' .. “The final version of the F-14, the F-14D, was a better fighter and strike fighter than the F-15C and F-15E, in one aircraft. If you take a snapshot of time and compare the capabilities of the F-14D from 2003 (OIF) until its retirement in 2006, the jet had capabilities that were unrivalled. Here is a short list: Digital Flight Controls with DLC; Wide HUD; Mach 2.0+; GE-110 motors; APG-71 high power and long range Medium PRF radar incorporated in a full MFD digital suite with a large programmable TID; IRST that could detect targets, including low observable aircraft, at range and provide with the new digital suite a tracking solution for the AIM-54C+ missiles ... '
  23. When these maneuver flaps are not stuck - yet - I see them auto-retract at ~310kts or so, they should never go kaput.
  24. There's something weird with these maneuver flaps. These work 1st time, but after, they do or they don't retract or get stuck out or don't extend. Not a high priority whatsoever, but I see these red stripes indicators, which is annoying, just a bit, that they're stuck. BTW I binded to TMWH throttle slider. Anyone else, or just me?
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