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  1. Voted for the Viggen, it really is something a bit special and not something you often see in sims.
  2. I'm torn beneath the ADV and the FRS.2. As has already been pointed out the Hornet and Falcon have been done to death, plus it would be great to see a dedicated interceptor like the ADV in a simulator. It hasn't been done well since Tornado! by Digital Integration in 1993.
  3. Can anyone direct me to the latest patch for Lock On Gold (purchased in the UK)? All of the download pages on lockon.ru and lockon.co.uk/index.php?lang=en appear to be blank.
  4. At first I assumed Sleek must be American perhaps and not comprehend the English colloquial slang that is "jerking off".
  5. Who are Eagle Dynanics? =) Seriously, very good site, will come in handy.
  6. The big video would have been fantastic if it wasn't for the lousy soundtrack drowning our the roar.
  7. I was under the impression that it was already released on CD in the CIS, and would never be released on CD in the west?
  8. Why because I and everyone else is getting tired of people cheating? This is what I said "It's pretty sad that they have to cheat CAUSE THEY SUCK!!! Practice you bunch of dumbbutts!!! maybe that will help you. you people ruin the game for others that want to have a good time. Go somewhere else and screw around like that with all your buddies. If I took the screen shot I wouldn't have blanked out the person's name. I would of let everyone see who he/she was." So how did I have it coming ? I was telling the truth and the truth hurts. We have seen enough of people cheating, these people aren't dumb. I guess that is the only why they can win and that is sad!. When I forst started flying this game I wasn't that good. It took time and practice and now I can get a few kills on-line. So please explain that to me Haele? Thank you for proving my point :wink:
  9. As petulant and inciteful as DeathAngelBR is being 169th_Cali certainly had it coming, his first post in the thread was hardly an example of eloquence and maturity, and not something you would normally associate with a person 'flying the flag' of an online squadron so prominently.
  10. Fair enough, there are some people like Hungarojet who seem to cheat all the time, but there are others who spend so much time modding and swapping about different mods that they forget they are using one when they go online. Its an automatic "click click click" and you are off, the pit is the same and externals are locked on most servers so you'll never know. It just doesn't register until you check the debrief yourself. I've been up a few times with inadvertant mods before, everything from Shepski's real weapons mod to the F/A-18 mod and a few others to boot, and people have been very polite in pointing out that I'm using a mod. I log off, restore my backups and log on again, no problems. The forcing of the servers files onto the client is something some of us think is much needed for this reason. Not everyone is a cheater, some people simply forget they are mid-mod.
  11. That is a hugely presumptuous and very probably vastly inaccurate statement to make.
  12. (EDITED) Yes..And the SO CALLED SH3 CD1 image is apparently 643MB in size where as the actual program is somewhat bigger than that (approx 2GB according to the SH3 forums). Also, considering the game has only just gone gold yesterday and has not actually been released yet, would you care to take a guess as to how the pirates got hold of it? Considering what their community is like news of any leak would have hit the forums very quickly. The game is being released on DVD only BTW. No multi disc CD version is planned at the moment. And I've seen no mention of Starforce on their official (Ubi) forums whatsoever. The CD images for SHIII will be a late beta build. Which also may not have had copy protection initially before it was released on P2P.
  13. As far as a "universal" flight model goes is it a truely generic one for non-flyables made flyable or is it simply the Su-27's one? Sounds like quite a fun little tweak for the occasional blast, I'm glad ED put this in given the popularity of model swapping. So will all of the afterburners line up and the likes and all the correct loadouts be available?
  14. The rebadged and reboxed thing was a euphemism, it being sold as a full package in the CIS by 1C is what I was referring to. Copied from the LOMAC website:
  15. I'm getting the sticky bug, but with no profiling software on an MS FFBII.
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