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  1. Just because those planes flew there historically, doesn't mean 100% of DCS community flies exclusively historical missions. As soon as you deviate even 1% from the 100% percent realism, all these arguments fall down. DCS is a sandbox, not historical conflict recreation tool. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'll buy any map that comes to DCS as that gives me more options/variety to make missions, but making your one and only argument "planes flew there in X conflict, that's why we need Y map" is childlish at best.
  2. I've only flown it for ~half an hour yesterday after the patch and I found it to be a lot less twitchy, especially in the yaw department. In all other regimes the Apache seems (to me at least) a much more stable platform than before. Some would say it got more sluggish compared to before the update, but personally I like the change. Haven't had any difficulties evading ATGMs fired at me when hovering while CPG is shooting, I could do all maneuvers I wanted in stable, smooth manner, transitions hover <-> forward flight were way more stable and had a lot less yaw oscillations... Also, I could kill all curves I had on my pedals, so that's nice
  3. From the changelog today: * Added trigger guard as option. See in AH-64D Special Tab in Options. So, this is sorted now
  4. RAM is there to be used, not to sit idly. If you have 16GB physical RAM in your PC it will work OK and game will create swap if needed. If you have more RAM it will allocate that instead of using swap. And recommended setting is recommended. Not "this is maximum that the software will take". You could play SP and you'll be fine with ~10GB usage. Go to a crowded MP server with bunch of units on the map at the same time and just watch the RAM usage increase. That is fine BTW, you want as much of the stuff loaded in RAM instead of your SSD or even worse HDD.
  5. I'd guess it's the way DCS is doing de/serialization of list type objects. Lists might get "scrambled", but there's nothing stopping you from rearraning them or copying list in an ordered manner in the file. As long as all the data is there and when deserialized in the mission editor it gets displayed correctly, you shouldn't be concerned if it turns out a bit out of order. Ensuring the data is serialized/deserialized in specific order is not worth the time most of the times. All those channels have their indexes in the square brackets so they should (haven't tested it) get populated in mission editor according to them. So even if they are shown here like this, that doesn't mean they are going to be shuffled in the actual radio presets.
  6. Probably just SSL certs expired, nothing to really worry about
  7. CMWS sees a missile launch and it warns you. It doesn't know if the rocket plume at the back of the missile is from a friendly or enemy aircraft. That's why it's important to call your shot before you shoot so if you call "rifle" and then your friendlies CMWS starts yelling, there are good chances it picked up your launch. This is working as intended, not a bug.
  8. It works, but if you are on some MP server than it might not allow outside views so that's why it might appear not working as there is a mission setting to disable outside views.
  9. By coincidence I've found that it's impossible to use cursor click to activate robbie tank on FUEL page. When cursor is over the text it doesn't highlight. Other buttons are clickable as demonstrated in the track. When clicking the L2 button on MFD frame (by mouse or using the bound action on my cougar MFD) it works without an issue. On FLT page, same issue with -w- action on L5. Clickable with mouse and button, but not with cursor. I haven't been able to find another action that's unclickable, but there might be more. unableToClickWithCursor.trk
  10. Ah, sorry guys. For some reason I thought it was actually included in the latest hotfix, but I gave the changelog another look and found out I was mistaken. Don't know what happened Yeah, I understand the complexity and seems like I've seen it somewhere and took speculation for granted. Will watch out better for that next time.
  11. Just want to ask question to make sure I understand how it's supposed to work before I assume it's a bug or something else. Yesterday I have flown with my buddy in the Apache and we wanted to switch seats. I was in pilot, he in CP/G seat. So what we tried to do was for him to leave the seat, I switch to CP/G and then he joins in the pilot seat and we have effective position switch. For this to happen I landed the bird to minimize the issue of desynced flight controls. The issue I had was when he vacated the CP/G seat, I couldn't switch to it. I have verified that the controls for occupying the seats are bound (default keyboard bindings) but it didn't help. Is switching seats getting disabled internally when someone other joins in? That would be the logical explanation why I couldn't switch.
  12. IIRC it's if you WAS weapons on collective, only collective trigger will work. Same as if you WAS weapon on TEDAC grip, only that trigger will work. So you can't WAS weapon on collective and then use TEDAC grip trigger to fire whatever you selected.
  13. I'll try to chime in to why people want trim reset from a gamer perspective. I know we are getting it, I just want to offer my clarification to people why is there a need for this. Now, as far as I understand it, IRL you press trim, move cyclic where you want it to be, release trim and it stays there. Now, when you want it trimmed somewhere else (anywhere else in the cyclic range of motion), you repeat the procedure. Here is a critical difference between IRL and DCS. In DCS this is not possible (full range of motion being the key here). To demonstrate, here is control box indicator with me sitting on the ground with everything in neutral position. Now, I'll trim cyclic somewhere in top left quadrant. You see the X where the trim was set. The issue is if for demonstration purposes I now want to trim my cyclic in the center of bottom-left quadrant. This is not possible. I have pulled my joystick down to the physical stop, cannot move it further, and you see that in game I can only retrim cyclic somewhere around the middle position in pitch. So If I want to trim my cyclic I would have to first retrim it somewhere in the middle and then retrim it again at my wanted position. There is no possibility to retrim in-game cyclic to any other place in the original range of motion, we can do it just in the square region around the trimmed position. (You can see in screenshots just how far down and right I can go with my physical controller) This is the disconnect between IRL and DCS and why I believe a lot of IRL pilots are wondering why we gamers need this. This is a limitation of how controls are interpreted in game. As we don't have controllers that stay in place like they do IRL, in games that's "faked" by moving the center position to wherever we pressed trim. Downside of this is that this basically removes the full range of motion. Trim reset, however fictional and unprecise it is, is a way for simmers to get back that full range of motion quickly, rather than trying to guess where the central position is, trim it there and from there trim what we wanted in the first place. Yes, there is a possibility of a wobble or a sudden pitch/roll motion if you don't predict correct cyclic position when you press trim reset, but I bet it's far better approach than what we have now. Yesterday I crashed because I was trimmed for fast forward flight (was wanting to see how fast can I go) and when I wanted to slow down, I got into trouble as my physical controller was pulled all the way down, but in reality I was barely centering the stick in DCS and it took me a bit to remember that I trimmed and I need to correct it it resulted in fumbling to get trim to central position, retrim from there and down in flames I went. If I had trim reset, I'd mash that button, get in a bit of a wobble, but I would have full range of motion in the cyclic and I could have gotten out of the situation.
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