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  1. Exactly. I thought of using those triggers to check if people bombed the part of map with certain bomb, but on testing it was obvious it won't work. Trigger just checks if the bomb/missile is in zone. Now, there's nothing bad with that as I'm certain there are uses for this type of trigger, but I'm 90% sure that mission makers would appreciate having a trigger "BOMB IMPACT IN ZONE" (Missile and rocket too, or make an encompassing trigger that works with all munition types) which checks if the bomb/missile/all other applicable types has made contact with anything in the said zone.
  2. Haven't managed to check the controls yet, but on Mi-24 part of the changelog it says this: Might it be the same for George?
  3. Hmmm, while reading this it dawned on me that I happened to experience this sudden pitch-up "issue" just about when I was to cross a threshold a lot when coming in to land on Qeshm island rwy 05. In our group we had a campaign where I had to land there 4 times and out of those 4 times at least 2 times I got this pitch up movement. I'll try to do couple of landings there to see if I can reproduce it in a short track as I know without them it's next to impossible to find the reason for this.
  4. Oh, that totally slipped my mind. Yeah, I can see how that can be an issue. We'll try to reproduce it on a clean mission and see if we manage to catch it.
  5. Hi. Yeah, I did that so not everyone can mess with them. Access granted to you, hope they help. If more information is needed, let me know and I (we) will help as much as we can.
  6. Yesterday buddy and I were flying, he was CPG and I was in pilot seat. After startup, he was entering new waypoints and after entering WP3 he was trying to select it IIRC and then we both got the DCS Crash popup. Attached are logs from both of us (dmp, trk and log files), track is not too long, crash happens after 16 minutes. Note: After the crash, we both restarted DCS, did the same startup and he entered same waypoints, and after manipulating them for a bit we didn't crash, so we couldn't reproduce it in a shorter one. Hopefully this was one-off thing, but here are the files in case you manage to track down the issue. Track files are 6 and 7 MB each, so I'm going to upload tracks on my google drive instead as I can't upload them here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rgtrhT76P97PrLuOtjwl0iOiKZfZzmd7?usp=sharing
  7. You are missing Marianas and South Atlantic maps, they both add nice hit on storage. Just to keep that in mind
  8. When you select IR Mavs, make sure you have them selected for 3 minutes continuously. If you interrupt that at any points, you interrupt the cooldown of the seeker and will have to start again. After 3 minutes of them being selected, seeker will have cooled down and you will get RDY indication
  9. As pilot, press 2 to go to CPG seat. As CPG, press 1 to go to pilot seat. Ofc, only works in single player, can't switch seats in multi player yet. Also, RTFM helps with these kind of questions.
  10. Yep, that's correct. That's what I was taught and in DCS these two methods never failed me. Now, before any purist grabs pitchfork, I understand that every airforce does things a little bit differently IRL there may be even some airframe specific procedures but honestly for DCS purposes I'm fine with what I wrote so far. IRL it gets a lot more complicated and it's a lot more dynamic than what we have here so why make things harder for me when it doesn't have to be like that. As multiple people mentioned here that IRL Hog uses QNH only, I'll start using it in a Hog too when I see that using SAS is making my weapon employment go bad.
  11. What I've been taught and it worked for me in DCS perfectly is following. If I can enter QFE, I use that for landing/takeoff purposes only as it's easier to fly pattern when altitude readout says correct info. If I can't, then I use QNE for landing/takeoff purposes. That way when I touch down the altimeter will read airfield elevation, so I just add pattern altitudes to that. Everywhere else, I'll be using SAS for my pressure setting. This hasn't failed me ever in DCS and from what I've gathered IRL it can get a tad more complicated
  12. That is how it works. In case the airfield is high above MSL, you might not be able to set the pressure setting low enough to get QFE. That's just how the instruments are made. Same thing will happen to you if you fly on Nevada where most of the airfields are high enough so you can't set QFE. In that case easiest thing to do is to set a pressure setting (QNE for example) and make a mental note what the offset is. For example altitude readout is 850ft, but you are on the ground. So if you do pattern at 1000ft AGL you fly at 1850ft and you are fine.
  13. Yeah, of course. That's all I can ask for While I do understand that I have to select the same slot again, that is not really intuitive in the heat of the battle. What is instinctive that if I opened a window I didn't mean to, I either "X" it or press cancel and that will unfortunately kick me out of the seat. Not a "game breaking" issue, but a rather one annoyance that happens with clicking something fast without thinking.
  14. @Flappie @BIGNEWY Hey, sorry to tag you guys, but I wouldn't want this to get lost in the forums pages without even getting off-the-bat estimations is something like this plausible or not. I have no idea how complex this is to implement in the current codebase, but if this could get looked at by any dev and decided is it worth the time or not would be really nice. At least then I know should I hope for something like this in the future or just learn to be extra careful on clicking.
  15. Scroll to the bottom of the site
  16. Here's how I've done it. Red brackets were 3D printed, second image is test fit to make sure it all works together and third is final fit. Through those holes in the brackets M4 screw goes through and screws in the metal inserts placed in MDF board. UFC is being held by screws going in from back side into the inserts in the UFC bottom plate while MFDs are screwed directly into MDF using wood screws.
  17. In the meantime you can help yourself with this https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds Basically, this adds bunch of these missing switch options to the controls screen so you can bind them to your preferences in regards to your simpit.
  18. I've made a custom holder. Cut MDF plate to fit UFC and 2 Cougar MFDs around it, screwed all that to the MFD and then attached 3D printed bracket to the MFDs so it can be mounted on my desk.
  19. What you are asking @socra823 is something that doesn't exist currently but has been requested number of times. No luck so far, but making new post about this every now and then at least shows that there is an interest for such thing and hopefully will make it on EDs radar eventually
  20. Check latest changelog null
  21. In A-10 you just re-enter either LAT or LON (no need for both) or MGRS (whichever is quickest to you) and it will pull-up the correct elevation. No need to enter new waypoint, just scroll to the waypoint in question and re-enter coordinate. But yeah, I guess this is not helping you in F/A-18...
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