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  1. Thanks for the update, I'm moving along on the campaign just now. Still couldn't defeat those F5s though, my A2A/ACM is crap. Lol.
  2. What an immersive, challenging campaign! I'm working on Mission 8 - The Batillus. To pass I'll need to improve my A2A game, but with regards to getting to that point the HARM headed for the SAM Search Radar on the west side of the island has missed 2/4 times. The SEAD hornets have 4 HARMS a piece but they both fire one and RTB. Will you please increase their weapon release quantity so if the first one misses a second will increase my chances of mission success? Thanks for reading, Ice
  3. there is a similar problem that's existed for years with the targeting camera slew for the SU-25 modules. When I go to slew the Gazelle TV reticle, it will only move in the direction of the flightpath of the helicopter, so I have to make sure I'm manipulating the cyclic to point the chopper so it moves in the direction I want to slew the reticle. This seems very silly and not what crews would experience in real life. It would be nice to have it move like the F16 or F18 or all other TPOD/ FLIRs but I know those modules get the attention because they are big sellers. The campaigns for the Gazelle are nearly unplayable. It takes active pause just to be able to target effectively, which also acts as a pseudo-autohover because that feature is working intermittently. And isn't reliable in gameplay.
  4. This is exactly what I do to make fine adjustments to the ground-stabilized reticle. It will move in the direction you want it to as long as the frogfoot's flight path is in that same direction. Now this seems like a bug to me. I've noticed that the slew for the TV/IR camera on the SA342 Gazelle does the same thing. I know that's Polychop-Simulations deal they need to work out. But if they can solve this issue for the Su-25 modules, perhaps they can solve it for the Gazelle too.
  5. something about keeping the N2 rpm at 95%? But irl, would it be the pilot that adjusts the throttle?
  6. Hello, to whom it concerns, please observe the twist grip throttle on the collective when it is raised, while the engine control levers are in the maximum up position. I've attached a track file. You'll see the throttle being twisted in the decrease direction while the collective is raised. This doesn't occur when the engine control levers are in the standard (halfway- if you will) position, but when full aft/up the throttle is decreased, and you can even see it on the controls indicator-the purple bar at the top falls. I checked, and nothing on my controls HOTAS or keyboard is mapped to the collective throttle, so it's not like my left throttle axis is moving it and I just unaware. Is this abnormal? An_Mi8_throttledown_whilecollectiveup_onmaxctrllvr.trk
  7. I'm training myself to become a no-look keyboard wizard with this VR headset. Home is just two keys up from the up directional key, and the ten key with the nearby Rctrl and Rshift modifiers is for everything from keying in and selecting radio freqs and coordinates. With the numpad 5 freed up now I'm all set
  8. the Home key is what I've used for view centering all through my years of using Track IR, and I'm thrilled I got it to work with VR instead of the numpad 5 key which I use for punching in coordinates. It doesn't conflict with any other key, because I always use a modifier like RShift or RCtrl with Home to do a Throttle Idle or something like that.
  9. thanks, you know.. I should've given myself a fighting chance and tried to set it when I found that slot empty on my UI layer, I figured that since that slot in the keyboard column was empty the setting wasn't the one I was looking for. However, just like you said, that helped me set it. What a lifesaver, not having to worry while punching in coordinates with the 10 key now.
  10. Hello to all concerned, I'm running the Quest 2, which took some browsing to set up right, but now it works for me adequately with DCS OpenBeta in VR, even in Multiplayer. What I'd like to do is change the keybind for the view reset to center from the Numpad 5 key to the Home key. I would really appreciate hearing if anyone has found a settings page for that.
  11. sounds good. If you want to check out my mission it's here: UH-1 Scenic Flight - Marianas (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  12. yeah, I'm thrilled. It only works when there is an audio file as part of the radio transmission item. Check this out I placed numbers after the decimal on the Freq and it did in fact work with the ADF compass direction finder set to about 355kHz. Thanks Flappy!
  13. I tried all 3 .miz from the thread, the last one I have questions about, but the first two worked fine. The morse code from the beacon.ogg spelled: CTLD CIRIBOB is it absolutely necessary to include an audio file for the zone beacon to work?
  14. In this latest .miz you posted @Flappie I was unable to get the 35.2 FM signal, and the base you made is covered by trees. The first two files in this thread work fine though. The beacon is active and the localizer tracks both the cow zone and the moving AAV vehicle
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