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  1. Found this on another thread as I was having the very same issues - now I can control YAW much much easier. i.e. I do much less movement with the pedals now that I understand the logic of the stability system. Basically I was fighting the Automatic Heading Hold - without realising it was there. It is always on under the conditions below, and it is slow to compensate for drift, leading the user to use input, when they should leave the pedals alone. "Heading hold won't engage unless the aircraft yaw is < 3 deg per second and less, < 0.1 inches from the trimmed position, and ground speed is <40 knots. There is some other logic as well based on what, if any, attitude hold mode is engaged, but those are the big ones. Heading hold is a heading hold, not a "stop turn" autopilot mode." Nate
  2. Anybody have or see an issue where the Main Map in the Liberation GUI is just blank white? same happened to me with 3.0 so I stayed with 2.x, but now 4.0 is having that same problem. Works fine when I try it in a VM I have on the same PC though. Very odd. EDIT:- For others who might encounter this..... Maptiles are loaded from the internet now in v3.0 onward. "Its Always DNS" Simply Toggling my DNS ad-filter (Pi-Hole) brought it to life, can't find what it was actually blocking, but it 's working now regardless. (Thanks to Malakhit for the hint.) Nate
  3. Same issue on the G1 also. I Find looking to the side when it begins, makes the SteamVR background come though, so I don't have to stare are the Flickering. Should really be an epilipsy warning about this too. Nate
  4. I've been using this since I discovered it on Reddit a few weeks ago. It fixes my main gripe with my Reverb G1 in providing better colours. But the leap in detail was a very unexpected bonus. Can't use VR without it now. Nate
  5. Anybody got a working link for this? Nate
  6. Yes indeed - looks much better now! Thanks for hearing us. Nate
  7. That's a good analysis of the layout issues. It's incoherent at present. Nate
  8. I'll Echo others - too much wasted space on screen. Nate
  9. I had that when I didn't have the correct modifier in the modifiers list. Nate
  10. Ahh - I would settle for this ^^^ I'm actually surprised at how annoying the lack of bore-sight is to me. It's really trivial but I hate it :) Nate
  11. Crash asking for NVGs in South Ossetia Pirates mission (and probably others, didn't test). -Start mission and ask ground crew for NVGs = crash Nate
  12. Heheh I think I should have worked the OP better... :) Is that a "Certainly" for "am I wasting my time with a 2070 super?" or "will a 2070super let me enjoy VR in DCS albeit with lowered settings?" Nate
  13. I'm planning new build + Reverb - am I wasting my time with a 2070 super? looking at a Ryzen 7 3700X w 64gb 3200C16 and a 2070 super. I'm Thinking along the lines of a 3080Ti eventually but for now to get up and running will a 2070super let me enjoy VR in DCS albeit with lowered settings? Edit:- 64gb is for home labbing VMs for work etc. Nate
  14. I get that if I wake my PC from Sleep - It lags every 10 seconds. I can only run DCS after a fresh reboot. Actually now that I think of it , your problem does sound like something kicking off in the background like windows defender or windows update. Nate
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