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  1. No you havem't missed anything ! Just finishing of the landing lua's on her and she is next , propably this evening
  2. Its uploaded just waiting for it to appear now !
  3. Atlantic Conveyor ready to go ! Despite my best efforts , just can't seem to get the lua to work properly with the AI . Placements work for single and multiplayer flights however the AI either refuses to fly or tries to land in werid places . Jus finishing off the files and will upload tonight ! 6 Harrier slots ( All 6 on main deck) 4 Helicopter slots ( 1 back of ship and 3 on main deck ) Will update abit later if any bugs but this is going to be the most I am will spend on it for now since Razbam will supposedly be releasing it as part of the SA Map ... someday ...
  4. Setting a trigger zone above the main island on the Mariana's Map and requesting scenery removed trees causes DCS to crash when attemptin to fly mission. Same triggerzone and triger anywhere else on map works without issue.
  5. I see there is a new option where when activating hand controllers you can choose whether or not they can interact with the throttle and stick. However despite being ticked on or off , the throttle and stick on the hotas go dead while hands are activated which is not usefull as hand interactions are mainly for knobs and switches . When hand controllers are on , throttle and stick should still be usable
  6. Quick update : Real life demands mean some weeks i work alot on these and other have to be away but today real life stops for abit and so back to completeing this
  7. Sold me on this one Love older carriers ! Will add it to the list d Well quick side note - the AC is on it's way soon , It is a simpler model so didn't take too long to make ! We can still have some fun until RAZBAM actually decides ..
  8. Weird glitch again ... .. put this file in the shapes folder and overwrite the old one . This will make the Atlantico use the Ocean collision model (Which is the same) . I tried it and dint find any problem with this file. NAM ATLANTICO.lods
  9. Thank the heavens ! Drove me crazy ! Super happy it worked Will now get on to getting the weapons work !!
  10. Have spent the day rewritting the luas. When I deleted or my mods , i had the same problem on and off though . Some times it worked , others it didnt .. Some weird conflict in the coding howerer i re-wrote the code so it should work now as i have tested and ensured aswell.. Please try and tell me Download the updated version in the user files here : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318835/ I think this should work now , let me know https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318835/
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