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  1. Can confirm, sounds awful and painful.
  2. Sorry I'll clarify my post. This was 5 minutes after takeoff, I had plenty of fuel. Engine seized and did not windmill like if I were to run out of fuel.
  3. Happened to me for the first time last night. Recently I had only flown the Dora on Aerobatics and the WWII Damage Model servers without issue. Cold start on the Aero, Air start on WWII Damage model. Both I'd have MW50 on and be able to fly however I wanted without issue, never managed to accidentally kill the engine. Last night I was flying on Storm of War, cold start, 70% fuel, warmed up the engine and took off (MW50 enabled though I'm not sure if the server had it filled or not tbh). Flew in formation after being airborne for about maybe 5 minutes, temps were perfect, rads were auto, was maybe 2K meters altitude, and ATA was around 1.3 to 1.4 though it was probably less. *CLUNK* engine seized and I respawn and take the A8 instead without issue. Engine was running for maybe a MAX of 10 minutes.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it was never possible, I'm just saying that I never managed to pull it off (literally :D). I was always able to keep a balance of stability and agility...but now the whole plane feels sluggish in maneuvers over 300kph. Before the change I always picked the 109 over the 190s due to the 190s loving to enter snap rolls when a wing stalled and not feeling as nice to fly. Post patch I've stuck with the 190s because the 109 just feels neutered.
  5. I've owned the 109 since it was first released, and I've never managed to break a wing off from over-G. I did immediately notice the stick pull when I was flying and immediately felt like the plane wasn't as aerobatic as I had remembered as originally felt like it was the easiest out of the 3 luft planes to dogfight with.
  6. I've found that it's almost impossible to dogfight like I used to (Since the 109 was released) since they changed the stick forces. Plane seems noticeably sluggish in flat turns even at 300-400kmh .
  7. Ran into the same issue just a few minutes ago playing on the GAW server. Hit the ground for a nice landing and tapped the drag chute button. Nada. The other day I accidentally did it in the air and saw that it had indeed deployed.
  8. Same thing is happening to me on the DCS aerobatic server. I'll be flying, have it on autopilot hands off, and it'll just crash to desktop with no error. Crash log attached. dcs.txt
  9. Glad to see that it's acknowledged. Was online last night in MP and took off from Stennis in an F18, flew about 2NM in front of the Stennis, went to external views and could still hear the F14 on the deck at idle over my F18 in full AB. Was pretty amusing.
  10. Lol you called it. It's fixed.
  11. Maybe the fix made it into today's open beta patch?
  12. Still the same, no difference at all.
  13. It worked in the past for me, for the longest time, then stopped. It's definitely hard to read and I have to strain my eyes to read the tiny text even on a 1440. Sad that this small, but important, quality of life fix doesn't seem to get any love.
  14. Since was in open beta (And now Stable) I noticed that the scale UI option does not make any difference to the text size of the UI while in game. Has this been reported? This issue makes it difficult to read anything when you have a high resolution display.
  15. SRS or Teamspeak over Discord. I refuse to adopt Discord, and will not play on any server that requires it.
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