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  1. Hi - Since the addition of the ACLS Link-4 system, you now need to click D/L twice to turn Link-16 on/off.
  2. Hi - please could you attach a short track showing the issue. Thanks
  3. Hi - Moose and CTLD are loaded in the .miz. Can you remove them, and then check if the problem persists?
  4. Ok, thanks. can you try it in a new mission? see if it works. Its a really odd one - we never saw this once in testing.
  5. can i just check that you have the supercarrier module installed?
  6. Odd one - i can not replicate in a new mission, but i can by taking control of your track file. Reported to find the problem
  7. Replicated and reported - Thanks
  8. Hi, Can you check which WAS bind the CPG is using? Collective or handgrip? Thanks!
  9. The shaking is a bug releated to having turbulence in the mission. We have it reported. Thanks!
  10. I had something very similar happen to me last week - again with a complicated, long and therfore usleless track. I am trying to replicate in short track. If anyone else manages to grab one, it would be appreciated.
  11. When adding the racetrack option, it has to be between 2 waypoints. Racetrack orbit can not be added to waypoint 0.
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